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  1. @FBTC Raphael-BROh I didn't know about that. I have never seen that texture problem. Also I didn't hear from my friends or other players.
  2. @FBTC Raphael-BR You may need to fix your graphic card driver.
  3. @solong Did the game freeze when it was auto-saving? If yes, I have the solution.
  4. That's horrible. And thank you for the information. I'm not able to have more hard drives I'm using a laptop, and external portable hard drive is slow and sometimes causes weird problems.
  5. @Carrera18 Hmm, what do you need him to do? @novice That would be a good idea. I have one ban but it's a mistake, and I find it hidden from my profile if I don't login my account.
  6. @GGF MD But according to my experience, "hardcore" rammers won't get "hardcore" punishment. They normally receive a 3-day ban, just like "normal" rammers. I used to report some rammers with really bad behaviors, and I stated at the end of my video saying that "they should receive heavier punishment because they are staying on the road, keep trying to blocking more others", but useless, still 3 day.
  7. First of all, I'm not talking about bans; I'm talking about reporting instead. Normally I don't report if he apologizes. What about you guys? And what about in other cases? For example: A driver is blocking the road with his trailer. You stop at the road side and try to persuade him not to block, but he doesn't do anything. Then you warn him that you are recording and you can report. Now he moves and clear the way. In this case, will you report? Personally, I don't think all admins are doing a good job. Some of them may not read through then make the decision. And I think they should give more details about what situations should be reported.
  8. Ingame report system is USELESS! Record and report!
  9. I did that a couple of days ago. I just simply reinstalled TMP client to the same path.
  10. I actually spend more on Single Play mode.
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