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Coloured License Plates

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Has anyone tried to do the same for drv plate driver and passenger? I did it, half to half. Other players do not see this.


vehicle_drv_plate_accessory : _nameless.a672.1ae0 {
 text: "D:<color value=FFFFFF11>SEREGA"
 slot_name: 0
 slot_hookup: 0
 wear: 0
 data_path: "/def/vehicle/truck/mercedes.actros2014/accessory/drv_plate/plate.sii"




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No matter what frustrations you might have, shouldn't use the term Chinese to represent foreign words, it is rude and immature of you.

If you decrypted the file properly, the pile of text wouldn't be foreign. 


An updated version of the SII_Decrypt can be found here: 


Once you're done, do let me know if this decrypter file works so that I or the OP himself can change the link and provide updated information.

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 Ex - GM & FM (S.E.A)

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On 5.11.2017 г. at 8:51 PM, Yasteni said:

hi i try to delete the |france but when i relaunch my save it don't work and i havnt any lisence plate (i learn to have this lisence plate : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1131726173 ) and i want to don't have country in the side of the plate thanks for help if u know :3


You need to have that part, you can't remove it. Best you can do is use "|switzerland", since the front Swiss plate is blank, but the rear one has symbols on both sides.


On 28.11.2017 г. at 2:21 AM, TheGamer_500 said:

Wow, no answer to my question. I don't understand. anyone got a translater? I decrypted the file, opened with notepad, and everything is foreign


I'd try that updated decrypter (I'll update the post with it now) and/or redo the part of the guide where you change the save format and make sure the game saves with the new format.

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