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High Beams at night


Do you turn off your High Beams for incoming trafic in the Night?  

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  1. 1. Do you turn off your High Beams for incoming trafic in the Night?

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20 minutes ago, Zenn. said:

Heya @Mogebear!

yeah, I turn my high beams off if there's oncoming traffic, since I got some more than ususal on my truck. :LUL:

Are you doing it aswell? Since you got some lights on your bullbar too 😄

Yes, i turn my off too. But this isn´t my truck, its just an online pic haha

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1 hour ago, chaotic-control said:

It is my pet peeve when people don't turn off their high beams approaching me, especially when their truck is plastered with lights.
I always give them a long flash, and sometimes people get the clue and turn them off 😂

I couldn't agree with this quote more! 🤣


I will always turn my high beams off if there is incoming traffic and appreciate others that do it for me too! :HaulieLove:

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Guest Rebeloutlaw22

As for me I generally will turn my high beams off when I see somebody coming towards me but depending on the type of traffic that is ahead of me and the type of road conditions that I'm on I might leave my high beams on. However I don't have the front of my truck lit up with lights I literally just have the standard headlights which have low beam and high beam and then I have four little high beam lights on the grill. Something I have always wondered though is does the high beams actually affect other people's vision because for me I don't see a difference

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I find it more immersive and challenging to have them on and turn them off when someone comes in the other direction.


But it would be great to limit people from adding more than 3-4 high beam lights on their truck. It's just stupid, unrealistic and very annoying for others when people drive with all of them On.

You either have 3-4 max or the system prevents you from turning them On if you have more. Would be great 🙂 

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My pleasure to reply it 


In fact , I cannot screct my final answer . maybe we should communicate with different situation

When I am driving , high beam wont be turned on in mostly times, in anothor case , I will turn it on when no drivers who are going towards to me or in front me . but in sometime I will use it to get more players' attention.


Best wishes

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