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  1. Really like the look of this new truck, but yeah the fuel is fairly weak. But overall I enjoy using it and it’s nice to have something new to drive
  2. I like the aesthetic of the city lights at night, very cool looking
  3. I still think The Mandalorian is one of the best series on Disney+, really enjoyed the new season too. You don’t need to know much about Star Wars to watch it either
  4. Saw the game back in 2013 in a YouTube video by NerdCubed, and that got me interested in it
  5. Been wireless since 2016, never needed to go back to wired
  6. These are for sure some good ideas, I hope at some point in the future they will focus in on some more game mechanics and making the game feel more challenging overall.
  7. Yeah this is what I was thinking along the lines of, would make sense to me. Thank you for clarifying the team structure too!
  8. Heyoo, Silentninja thnks for the follow ❤️ 🙂 

    1. SilentNinja939


      No problem, thank you too! 🙂

  9. For the base map, road to asia, EAA and the red sea are quite fun. For standalone, Project Japan and Grand Utopia are still some of the best imo
  10. Yeah while I hope they can keep it going until all states are done, it is probably a big ask
  11. Do you think SCS will cover the entire US 1 state at a time? I was thinking that states like North and South Dakota could be grouped together as 1. And even smaller states like New Jersey and Delaware could be grouped up. I know they have bundles for the DLC on Steam such as "Northwest Bundle" but it would be cool to see them release some states together.
  12. My very first city back in 2015 in the demo was Aberdeen. Then when i bought the game, I picked Zurich because it's near quite a few nice roads.
  13. One of the roads connecting Washington to Promods Canada is a fairly fun route, I like the hill climb aspect of the area.
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