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Community Answers

  1. Whilst it would be nice but so far there's no way to remove previous commands from the console (history).
  2. Temporarily turn off your antivirus software. More info on how to do this is listed here by a staff member helping someone who's had the same issue as yourself.
  3. Don't have a girlfriend but instead I do have a wife of eleven and a half years.
  4. Hello, let me guide you to this: §1.2 - Ban Evading - 90 days Creating or using another account to get around a temporary ban. Evading a permanent ban will result in a permanent ban on all accounts. Attempting to remove ban evidence to get out of a ban. If the evidence points that you have evaded a ban, staff reserve the right to ban you again without notification. Evidence for ban evading cannot be disclosed due to it containing confidential server-side information. In short when your first account is serving a ban whilst you can technically use the second account it will be more than likely flagged and be banned too (most likely perm banned or given a 90 day ban)
  5. Promods 2.66 is available. (not on TMP though)

    1. Almira xeltz.

      Almira xeltz.

      could come this weekend

  6. iPhone 14 Plus in Product Red (had it since it came out, waiting on the iPhone 15 though.)
  7. You need to be a patreon to be able to have the cargo available to deliver it, hence why you're not seeing it. More info on Patreon is here if needed: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=16310284
  8. If ghost mode lasts longer people will more than likely abuse it skipping through traffic even more than they do now. Increasing it is a bad idea.
  9. Hello the strobe lights you want will be found in this DLC pack https://store.steampowered.com/app/558245/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Special_Transport/?curator_clanid=4419325 Regards
  10. Disconnects you in what way? from the server or has your trailer been removed?
  11. Implementing a /unflip command seems utterly pointless as ETS2 (F7) and TMP (/fix and/orF7) already have a feature which works very well. Just use F7 like everyone else and maybe drive more better so you'll not flip over in the first place.
  12. The Englishman

    Time Ghost

    What you could do is do /disconnect in chat which will (obviously) disconnect you from the server, to which then you can move around freely and have more time to park somewhere more safe for you and other players when you choose to rejoin the server (via launchpad.)
  13. It'll probably get reworked on when they've finished with Germany, the city might get a little touch up here and there but yeah that part of the road will be changed for sure.
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