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  1. I think the Scania S handles better. It feels like the steering is more direct. The Volvo FH 2014 feels like it floats. But I wonder if that's because it's an older truck? But the Volvo might have a better dash layout (even if the Scania has a modern nice one)...although I dislike that the Speedometer is in KM/H, but you got the digital speedo. It's just hard for me to internalize reference for KM/H, so I have to keep MPH available. And I don't want to drive a Right-Hand drive truck...... I do plan on buying (I think) an older Scania when I play again. So I'll have to mentally compare it.
  2. Found in the rules. And just to clarify things. 1. Is it ok to depart with double/triple trailers out of Kirkenes (as long as you don't enter the Kirkenes Quarry Road)? 2. For the Kirkenes Quarry road, is there any point (off-peak time) that double/triple (I'd assume never triple), would be allowed down the quarry road? Thank you.
  3. Makes it more realistic for me, is my POV. I could see if removing cars/buses got rid of trolls, but it won't. I don't use them, but I don't see the harm in having them. And this is just my opinion, your opinion is your opinion. Although I could agree with the sentiment if cars were majority used by players, rather than trucks. And everyone spent time driving cars rather than trucking.
  4. Regular because the digital feels weird, and messes with my head. Same reason I don't use the HUD gps, it's too distracting. *Although a good point is that you maybe just don't "look" at your digital mirrors, and instead keep looking at the road as that other person said. For F2 mirrors, I use none.
  5. 80mph 124km/h *Although I might switch it up cause its a little fast for the scale (I just like knowing I'm optimizing my time more than if I was doing 65 for example), but some stretches definitely 80mph.
  6. Realize (or know) that I've read the entirety of in-game rules, yesterday. Know for sure what you are talking about, before you just attempt to be correct. "Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. Failure to adhere to the respective road laws, and signage, and local lane closures represented by smart signs (see §2.7) may result in a punishment. Traffic lights and stop signs can be ignored if no other users are in the immediate area." And pay attention to what I said "If the rules stated that all traffic rules had to be followed at all times, then they'd have a good point." These traffic rules do not have to be followed at all times. I'm not arguing opinion, I'm stating fact.
  7. Initially I like the idea of AI Traffic, but I think I like the idea more on the basis that it will encourage players to go anywhere in the map versus only the most popular areas. The reason I don't necessarily like AI Traffic, is that it kind of negatively impacts my driving style. Which is a little more "careless" when people are not around and a lot faster than AI Traffic will drive, and I can't be so "careless" if AI Traffic was there that I'd have to constantly worry about it. Although I think with SCS' Convoy, it's a necessary thing. And will hopefully revive the servers to what they once were. Yes, you can use Mods in convoy, but I'd think AI traffic is a bigger reason. In the past I liked AI traffic more, but as long as I see a few players on my journey, I really could care less. But I think without AI there will continue to be journeys where you see no other players; so it's a "double-edged sword." And it especially sucks if you don't live in Europe, cause I tend to play on the more off-peak hours since the servers start dying down around 5pm Eastern Standard Time? And the Americans really don't play either game on TMP, it seems. IDK if that has to do with 'Convoy' and them choosing to play that over the relatively dead servers, or what?
  8. Just to defend you. I do not like the "you choose the wrong game" mentality; I think it's toxic. People seem to be in the camp of forcing people how to play. If there's no one around it doesn't matter how you play. I completely understand following lights, or stop signs when players are around. That makes sense. You can do both. People say "it's a simulation," but IRL you can go as fast as you want. I don't like the speed limits, I think there shouldn't be any; besides the popular roads or cities, since that makes sense. My mentality is that it's a game, just don't disrupt the players that do want to take it more seriously. I drive 80mph everywhere, but that's not in Sim1 of course. No matter the speed limits there will always be trolls. And people don't recognize no driving game is like ETS2 or ATS; "my way or no way." Just mad because people aren't playing the game like they want them to. I understand being mad at trolls, but you can drive what people call "reckless" and still follow all rules when needed. If the rules stated that all traffic rules had to be followed at all times, then they'd have a good point.
  9. This is why I specified "Through Highways" which just happen to go through the city, but you're still on a Highway; just that the highway happens to be subject to the city speedlimit for some reason. I am generally against the speed limit, though that's a different argument. Whether Sim1 or Promod (which I play on), the Speed Limit should stay consistent as long as you are on a physical highway. If you are going through a city physically, then I think the city speed limit is fine to apply. It would have to be implemented with discretion used, because sometimes the city speed limit is appropriate. This is what I mean by "through highway"
  10. Having just spent 350k on a Scania S, I really don't know. The Volvo I have yet to buy cause of the older interior. I am a sucker for the modern trucks. But when I get the money together, I'm buying a Volvo, and then I'll really know. But I'll say one thing that Scania is FAST. Just wish I had the Mighty Griffin pack because that grille is kind of ugly and I get why almost everyone paint matches it. The Volvo grille seems less ugly. It's why my Scania is gray, so the grille looks color-matched. Have to wait on that sale.
  11. Typically I just take a job from the town itself, then make it down the Quarry Road (or vice versa). It doesn't pay well at all. I'm just wondering what you do? I do see players just going down with empty trailers, I figure they are then trucking out of there further away.
  12. Yeah, now looking at it further it was definitely something unrelated. Just was easy to think it was the tool, seems like the game. Loading saves is just weird, keeps freezing my game.
  13. Unless I use this tool quickly after launching ETS2, it just freezes my game when I try to load my quick save.
  14. I think it should, but- There are tools and tools that I use to save-edit my trailer/truck fixed. And since I like to play somewhat realistic (since unrealistic is boring), I will only fix part of my truck that was damaged incorrectly.
  15. I think this would revive the servers, to what they used to be. I'd assume everyone else plays on Convoy rather than TruckersMP (because of AI Traffic) and that's why it dipped. Or the ability to add different mods; which would be different, but- Anyway, I didn't get to really play during that peak time (and if I did, I only played ATS at the time). *And I don't even necessarily like AI, but I do think it would boost player counts significantly. I'd be for putting it in SIM1 or basically every server. Or maybe the secondary servers, at least initially.
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