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Introduce yourself!


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New here? Tell us a bit about yourself! Say anything you want just keep it clean. :)


Let me start.


My name is Stuart, I'm from the UK and have been with the multiplayer modification since nearly the beginning. I've had nearly every rank within the team as was part of the original BETA team for the multiplayer. I hope to here till the end. :)



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Hi there!
Well ... i'm Pieter (also known as Pizza), i'm Portuguese & Dutch and i'm in the ETS2 MP team since 6 February 2014 (was in the Beta tests too), i can speak fluently Portuguese and i think English too, i can also speak a little of Dutch AND i'm learning some Polish (don't know how this will end up xD ). Anyway, i'm a in-game admin, i try to do as much as i can and the best i can :)

PS:I like Scania, Volvo, Volkswagen, Pizza and Girls!  :D



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Hi, My name is Craig, I am from the UK and joined the team in August 2014, I took the role of Admin-In-Game on 28th August and have been playing ETS2 then started playing ETS2MP soon after finding it through Google. I have recently taken of the role of Community Manager ENG. I am 100% British but am slowly and I mean slowly learning French and German, I am also a teamspeak junior Admin, so I am very busy. I also have 2 children and 1 on the way, yay. I hope to continue to support the MP for as long as I can as well as helping the other Admins out.



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I am an ex-community manager and Game Moderator. All ban request via pm will be ignored and must be sent through the proper channels.

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I am Thumbthrower!! I speak fluent French and English so if I can help in anyway I will try !^^ I am currently doing a History degree in the middle of no-where ,at Limoges University(France). I have been a member of the multiplayer community for a while now.. 


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Hello everybody,


I'm Franckypoolplayer,


Country : France

City : Versailles, near to Paris

Age : 33 years old

Job : store manager in the mobile phone shop at Paris for more than 10 years

Hobby : Blackball pool (ex 8pool) , music, sport, game


I'm also Junior Admin in Teamspeak French channel since 3 month


I play to ETS2 since 6 month,


Ingame name : #UP ~ Franckypooplayer [FR]

Ingame team : #UP Union Pacific


I also plays BF4, Minecraft, C&C Générals, Farming Simulator 13/15, ....


small presentation finished, I hope to see you soon in the game.


Best regards


Franckypoolplayer  :)

UK : Many of my friends wanted to be good at pool. I preferred to be lucky, it's much easier :D

FR : Beaucoup de mes amis ont toujours voulus être de bons joueurs de billard, j'ai préféré être chanceux, c'est beaucoup plus simple :P

Serveur Teamspeak : ts3gh.eu     > > [ T.F.B ] Francky [FR]


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My name is Ryan, I'm 19 and I come from Scotland and I'm a long time player of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the Multiplayer.

If anyone wants a drive or needs any help just message me!


See everyone ingame!




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Proud ST Trucking Member!

If I've helped you, Click the "↑ Icon " to show your feedback!


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