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  1. Linow

    Road to Simulation

    Thank you for this change of direction. Our previous simulation server had a problem where even simulation players wouldn't want to play on them because they didn't want to drive alone, personally I feel this is a good way of uniting everybody. I have been here for a long time and had my fair share of trolls independently of server type, and although limiting their speed isn't gonna solve everything because this issue isn't so simple, it certainly will help minimise damage and disencourage them a lot. We achieved such a level that people often said "you only play on EU2 if you can tank damage costs", such conformity was surely doing wonders for the community. Better yet, we have people making money on YouTube while driving recklessly, making everyone think this type of behaviour is funny and/or acceptable. I suggest everyone who hasn't played ATSMP yet to try it out and see what a healthy community looks like, nowadays I spend way more time there but with these changes I might come back for ETS2 too. As for the "if you wanna play simulation, just play singleplayer" argument, why don't you play singleplayer with g_traffic 0 and no speed limiter so you can fly around every corner at 150 km/h? See how unfair this is?
  2. Only mods using the original game files are allowed, so new models aren't allowed. Of course editing your save is also allowed if everything is within rules.
  3. Right now I'm torn between the Actros MP4 and Volvo FH16. At least until something new arrives and changes my mind.
  4. Not allowing them everywhere is the right move for now, like a test. If one day they decide whether or not to allow them everywhere, this first step should be taken in mind as a deciding factor. For now it's up to everyone roaming with them to prove they are capable of behaving. Could you imagine 380 players pulling HCT trailers on C-D right now? lol
  5. Might happen in the future, but definitely not on 1.34 as we know their vehicle team has been busy with both MAN TGX Euro 6 and Renault Range T. Considering what Carthoo said here I would guess 1.34 may include the new MAN. Renault is another problem because apparently you need to deal with three different companies when licensing their trucks so I don't expect it very soon.
  6. Well, if I remember correctly they said they considered making two different games but discarded this idea in favor of having a bus dlc. The reason was they wouldn't need separate teams updating each game, so neither game would fall behind on new features.
  7. Hopefully we get the big WoT update including VTCs, which I'm hoping will work differently from managing your offline company and maybe introduce a realistic (or harder) economy mode. Multiple deliveries at once would be nice too.
  8. 19 Dec 2013 according to Steam, but only 449 hours played as of right now. It is my 4th most played game.
  9. Usually in-game reports for what I'm certain admins will be able to observe, website for everything else. I'm always recording while playing and consider it a good contribution on creating a better envinronment to play. It's important to make everybody who's ruining our trips accountable.
  10. Happy Birthday TruckersMP! I found my first recorded video playing the mod, 4 years ago: It was uploaded on Facebook, that's why the compression is so bad. I actually remember logging on the second the mod went live, and almost immediatelly after I managed to do so they had to fix something sync related. It felt really great to have experienced something I waited for years, ETS2 multiplayer was here despite a lot of haters claiming it was fake.
  11. Linow

    ATS Screenshots

    Typical Oxnard #EDIT I'll include my truck
  12. I remember when I first started playing this game years ago, installing 1000hp engine mods and damaging every trailer I took. By the time ets2mp first alpha came I was a better driver, but still would drive fast. Now I can't drive anything beyond 480hp, just enjoying the music and giving way for our hurry drivers. But yes, it is infinitely better thanks to all admins, we appreciate it!
  13. Linow

    I Bought GTA V

    Few options on high, mostly very high. Some screenshots from today: Edit: Since I'm using 16:10 aspect ratio, it may look weird for people who aren't used to it.
  14. Linow

    I Bought GTA V

    I'm enjoying it
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