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  1. You'll need to contact the ets2map developers, not ETS2MP devs.

    1. Trucking Canadian

      Trucking Canadian

      There are snow phys I think...They said they put the mod on a medium diffuculty for the snow.

    2. JellyBreath


      I've had absolutely zero physics changes.

      I've actually increased rain frequency, lowered braking intensity and lowered trailer stability in an attempt to make it feel slippy... :/

  3. You notice how your truck has two tanks? One is a reserve.
  4. LKW Logistics is hiring! Visit us on teamspeak at ts3.bctransportation.co.uk

  5. LKW Logistics GmbH is hiring! Join here: http://lkwlog.net/register.php or visit us on teamspeak at

  6. Are you able to log into the ets2mp website? If so, try copying and pasting your email into the client.
  7. I'd use this if it were available for iOS and worked on MP.
  8. I'm on about your guys forcing their way onto a slip road after missing the runoff. ;P
  9. Judging by some of the driving I saw in the video, I'll stay way back from your company convoys. ..Especially if we encounter a slip road/Junction.
  10. Norton is useless, uninstall it and install something that actually protects your computer.
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