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  1. Happy Birthday! ??

  2. Happy birthday :)

    1. RufneksBey


      iyiki dogdun kardesim 

  3. Yeah I was asking about SP, forgot to specify. But thanks, I'll keep looking around and see if I can find them. Just wanted to ask in case SCS had disabled them from the WoT Contracts since I couldn't find any even after visiting multiple cities that were mentioned in the email
  4. Does anybody know if it's possible to do the Special Transport DLC cargoes via World of Trucks Contracts?
  5. Happy birthday :) 

  6. Added a German translation for the software list, thanks to Zelcrum for the translation! If anybody else has any translations for the list, feel free to share them and I'll add them to the topic!
  7. So I visited Rotterdam earlier today...


    1. Empirekicking


      that's nothing lol

    2. FirestarteR93


      139 reasons to stay out of Rotterjam

  8. Congrats TMP team! That is one amazing milestone!
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