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  1. With so many other city and ferry options, I haven't been to Calais since 2016.
  2. My friend had a Skoda once, until he realized he actually needed a car.
  3. My favorite is the MAN TGX Euro 6 Followed by Scania Streamline
  4. I think Cuba would be fascinating. All that 16th century architecture in a tropical setting, and the traffic would be vintage 1950's automobiles.
  5. I've been an active Truckers MP player since 2014. I've seen ups and downs, but this recent drop off is obviously due to SCS releasing convoy mode. With convoy now being mod compatible in 1.42, Truckers MP will be hard-pressed to regain any semblance of it's former glory. I've been around here long enough to see this community go through rough times at the start, only to eventually find it's footing and become a home for ETS2/ATS lovers. I will remain faithful to TMP until the end, but, convoy mode is freakin' awesome! Edit: I had to add this. The main reason I will always be here, is the outstanding staff and those super awesome events they organize.
  6. Depends on what truck I'm driving and what I'm hauling. Some trucks don't like going above 1800 rpm's, so I keep it at 95. I will, however, drop my speed to let someone get past me if we're travelling the same speed, before they inevitably slam into me.
  7. My company (CR England) nominated me for trucker of the month!

  8. Anyone else wonder why you can't repair your truck in your garage? 🤨

  9. Today is my 1 year anniversary as a real life truck driver! 😀

  10. US election is upon us. Please, remember to vote.

  11. Remember, for maximum game enjoyment, always run red light, pass the line of trucks on the left at high speed, and wait until the last second to make the turn right in front of someone else.

  12. It is what it is. If it wasn't what it was, it would be something else and not what it is.

  13. Mods and admins. Please do a better job of reviewing before judging

    1. Aestrial


      Perhaps you can send me a direct message with a little more information on this? It's important to us that decisions are made after proper and fair reviewing, and rest assured that anything to the contrary will be investigated fully.

    2. -Tomukas-


      Dear @Blue Dog


      Talking about such topics on the Forum will not change anything. Please do not disturb the forum with such topics because if you want to petition a complaint about a staff person you can use our system called Feedback.

      You can find a link to our Feedback system here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback


      Thank you so much for your understanding :=)

      //Status update locked.

  14. Get the cheese to sickbay!

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