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  1. Happy Birth-Day My Friend <3

  2. (GER)easyrider18


    ich auch
  3. (GER)easyrider18

    0.1.1 R3 Alpha

  4. (GER)easyrider18


    Don´t forget write a steamID or his name!!!!
  5. (GER)easyrider18


    screenshoots are no proof!
  6. (GER)easyrider18

    "easyrider" staff?!

    O.k. Lol Closed.
  7. (GER)easyrider18

    "easyrider" staff?!

    Sometimes I wish you can be an Admin for one day and when you do somethink falshe I will create a Thread like this here maybe than you know from what I speak.
  8. (GER)easyrider18

    "easyrider" staff?!

    Hello, correct be cool! It was a kick maybe it was falshe! It is very difficult to be fast and correct. Maybe it was a bug that I saw you on road. Maybe it was falshe but every admin makes anyone a falshe kick. Next think is I don't abusing my power! When the kick was falshe sorry, but you can write me via PM too.
  9. (GER)easyrider18

    Need help: Banned - I did nothing! Please Unban me

    Sorry for mistake unbaned!
  10. (GER)easyrider18


    Servus, so lang du dich nur selbst beleidigst . Ich pinn es mal an wenn keine nachfrage herscht wird es halt wieder geändert.
  11. (GER)easyrider18

    ETS2 Gold Edition Steam 4.45€

    Have all this things! But thanks for this good link!
  12. (GER)easyrider18

    Autosave in Multiplayer isn't working

    At me it works!
  13. (GER)easyrider18


    Hello, fully correct what he wrote. The best think would be when you do it like he said.
  14. (GER)easyrider18

    Introduce yourself! (Deutsche Version :D ) (Vorstellungsthread)

    Name: easyrider18 (Patrick) Alter: U 20 Wohnort: Österreich, Niederösterreich Hobbies: einige Sonstiges: Bin bzw. war TS3 Admin. Weiters betreue ich auch die Leute hier im Forum bei Fragen, etc. und moderiere es. Ich bin auch noch In-Game-Admin (was ich da mach werdet ihr ja wahrscheinlich wissen) Ich spiele auch: LandwirtschaftsSimulator 15, und einige weitere Simulatoren Ingame name : (GER)easyrider18