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  1. Happy Birth-Day My Friend <3

  2. Smalltalk

    ich auch
  3. 0.1.1 R3 Alpha

  4. Reporting

    Don´t forget write a steamID or his name!!!!
  5. Reporting

    screenshoots are no proof!
  6. ets2 command line

    me too but when you use ESC than there´s no intro
  7. Not permanent ban at first time

    correct closed.
  8. NCZ on Mannhein Parking Lot

    That's a other subject I will write Rootkiller for this thread.
  9. "easyrider" staff?!

    O.k. Lol Closed.
  10. "easyrider" staff?!

    Sometimes I wish you can be an Admin for one day and when you do somethink falshe I will create a Thread like this here maybe than you know from what I speak.
  11. "easyrider" staff?!

    Hello, correct be cool! It was a kick maybe it was falshe! It is very difficult to be fast and correct. Maybe it was a bug that I saw you on road. Maybe it was falshe but every admin makes anyone a falshe kick. Next think is I don't abusing my power! When the kick was falshe sorry, but you can write me via PM too.
  12. Need help: Banned - I did nothing! Please Unban me

    Sorry for mistake unbaned!
  13. "Save ID"

    Rejected There was much before!