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  1. Merry Christmas to you all! Joyeux noel a vous tous!

  2. Gosh Bono, I'm letting them know it's Christmas time buy bringing the children in Paris some presents from Aberdeen, okay !?

  3. Don't worry we separate the players who sometimes jump a light when it's safe to do so or who go maybe a little bit too fast (we all do that some times) and those who play robot wars (ahh childhood memories!!)!
  4. Maybe, just a test to use EU#1 seeing as that is where the most sim / proper drivers drive (I don't know about the US server sorry). The rest can use EU#2. Maybe use the massive parking lot (or the Scania testing ground when the Scandinavia DLC comes out ) to test the new drivers.
  5. a little bit of Christmas spirit

  6. Can't put up with watching Arsenals absolute rubbish performance.... Euro Truck here I come!

  7. Le parking de Mannheim a été reouvert par SCS !! #thanksObama
  8. GREAT NEWS guys!!! I don't know if you have seen but the Mannheim parking area barrier has been removed by SCS !!! Thank god that they are a good company and not EA! =) (source :http://steamcommunity.com/app/227300/discussions/0/619569341054848922/)

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    2. Atzuuh


      Err what's so special about that barrier??

    3. thumbthrower


      It was going to make us change where (or stop) the large multiplayer meatings took place.

    4. Sixshot


      #ThanksScsSoftware/Obama anyway cool

  9. Est-ce que même les roast-beefs convertis sont bien venus ici ?
  10. This forum is nicely set up!! Well done to it's creators!

  11. I am Thumbthrower!! I speak fluent French and English so if I can help in anyway I will try !^^ I am currently doing a History degree in the middle of no-where ,at Limoges University(France). I have been a member of the multiplayer community for a while now..
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