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Weather on or off?


Weather on or off?  

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  1. 1. Do you play with weather on or off?

    • On
    • Off ( explain why)
    • Doesn’t matter
  2. 2. Do you like to drive in the rain during the day or at night?

    • During the Day.
    • At night.

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I stick with 20% chance of bad weather (g_bad_weather_factor "0.2"), I only wish there was more types of rain or weather types in the first place.

Rain at night can be a pain and visibility is big problem, just like in rea llife.

Also, synchronized weather in TMP would make a whole lot of difference, with weather fronts that would affect large areas or even whole continent.

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Well for me, if i play on TMP,  i will turn the rain off as it will increase my fps with vision of driving sight as i vote for "daytime driving". If im playing alone in Ofline, i will try my best to make my game most realistic ever. I usually set the rain to 25-30% just to sometime i gotta challege my driving skill.

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I remove the rain. I like to drive during the day, because I can visualize the landscapes of the game well. At sunrise and sunset the game is very beautiful.

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Playing in clear and sunny weather gives me more pleasure. The fact that the game attaches great importance to the beauties of nature can reveal visually extraordinary landscapes. After not being able to see them in a closed and dark weather, I feel like I continued on the road blindfolded. ?

And although the rain graphics in the game are magnificent, the physics errors it creates for the vehicles are too many. I can slip and crash like sliding on ice. That's why I can say that the rain is a little overwhelming for me. ?

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It's really unpleasant to play at night in the game when it's morning in real life.But when it's night in real life, driving at night in the game is amazing.


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