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  1. Happy birthday bro 😉🥳🥳🥳

  2. 🥳 happy birthday 🎉

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday buddy! 🎂

  5. When you see a truck on the side of the road. Do you move over or do you stay in the right line? I always move over when I see a truck on the side.
  6. I like that I can go to other city’s, drive with friends and meet other player from other country’s
  7. My favorite snack is Little Bites party cake muffins.
  8. I like Eddys because it small and you have to back up from the road.
  9. My favorite trucks is Freightliner and T680.
  10. I like the idea they adding other vehicles to TruckersMP and not just Trucks.
  11. I like to drive half and half. Give the weather bar 50% of possibly. But I also like the season mods
  12. I like the season mods they let us use on TruckersMP. We just need to understand with winter mod physics to many reports and it holiday season.
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