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  1. Happy birthday to everyone that has a birthday today!

  2. I like to haul oversize loads, so I will have to say oversize trailers.
  3. What you favorite cargo to haul? Why? My favorite cargo is oversize because I love flashing lights and weight.
  4. I love TruckersMP. There always have events or convoys going on. You can talk to people you might never met in person. You can go places with friend and see the scenery. There might be some trolls on the road, but TruckersMP staff try’s there best.
  5. To meet new players that love to play this game and do events. TruckersMP events Staff know how to do events.
  6. When I play on ETS2 I would have to say the snow roads. It never snow where I live so I don’t know how to driver in the snow.
  7. I like when the weather is at 50% because I live in a state that don’t get a lot of rain so I love see the rain. I rather the rain come during the day because you can’t really see at night time.
  8. My favorite truck on Ats is the Kw T680
  9. I don’t use the voice. I always listen to music or I’m in the discord with members of our VTC. But if I had to pick I would say female.
  10. Yes, I always use mine blinkers because I like to role play.
  11. Happy birthday bro ????

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