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Found 51 results

  1. Greetings one and all! So I was just looking through the forums and an idea came to my mind - what do I actually enjoy about the TruckersMP community? And so now I'm here typing out this thread in hopes of you sharing your opinions on the community as a whole! What I enjoy about the TMP community: First off, I haven't been around for a very long time - as a matter of fact, it's only my 3rd month registered on here. But so far I've enjoyed every second of it (in-game and on the forums). One main thing I enjoy definitely has to be the helpfulness of the players! You can rarely find kind souls like these on other gaming platforms (at least from where I came from) which is what I think makes TMP so unique. Secondly, the nice drivers you see on the road - I have to admit, sometimes I mess up on the road, but it's the small percentage of drivers who let things slide and not vent their anger through vulgarities in the chat, and also the ones who constantly take the effort to honk their horns or flash their lights as a way of greeting other road users! Share your encounters & why you love the community! Now it's your turn to share your thoughts! I'd like to see what you guys have to say! Thanks for taking the time to read this thread, and I hope you have an excellent day/night!
  2. Old question...New version!!! Let me know: what are you doing while TMP is still at version 1.37 ??? Are you playing off? Are you playing 1.37 ?? Are you playing 1.38 ?? Are you bored???? Or like me, 1.37 and 1.38. May be waiting 1.39??? lol Or another option, come on, tell me !!! Let me know by reacting to this post. Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, A new Questionround is now! The Question: Why do you play Truckersmp and how long do you play?
  4. Best TruckersMP VTC choose from the Following: Prime Logistics Viva Trucking Valtox Logistics Forza Trucking Pries Logistics Spark Logistics RevGaming Red Line Cargo Fast Cargo true-blue vtc Thanks for Replying with your vote if you did!
  5. Do you watch Youtube video on another screen, watch a film on Netflix or listen to music either on Spotify or Live Radio. I tend to listen to Spotify or radio.
  6. I miss the winter mod It's so funny PS: I don't want to advertise my channel. I just want to show you;) Some like it, others don't ^^ Have a nice day
  7. Official Convoy TruckersMP23-08-2020 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 PS: I don't want to advertise my YouTube channel, just want to show it to you Enjoy Have a nice Day
  8. Heyo, Was ist deine Erfahrung/Meinug zu TruckersMP?
  9. Hello TMP, First of all thank you for giving us the opportunity to clarify our doubt. For me the main important question rolling on my head is how can I join the TMP Development Team that is those who develop the building , maps , addon and does those updates from 1.35 to 1.36 like that. What is the minimum requirements to join. Do we need a college degree for that. On what other things we must be expert in order to apply for that Team. Do we need to be an full time worker if we are applying for it. Do we need to relocate to specific countries for that?. These are my doubts. Thank you for your patience. I hope I can get an answer for this.
  10. Suggestion Name: Car &Trailer TMP Skin Suggestion Description: Add two variants of the TMP logo for the car, one that makes admins stand out i.e blue reflective outline of the logo for GM & Yellow or orange for Escort, trailers have the default logo possibly with a simple colour selection! Any example images: No Why should it be added?: It would look better on the car ( excluding the colour selection option on the car for obvious reasons ) & would make a nice addition for trailers in convoys & for photos!
  11. Suggestion Name: Ranking system Suggestion Description: An automatic ranking system witch is based on in game hours and TruckersMP punishments and witch atomatically adds ranks witch gives you the ability to, for example: drive a car or the ability to use specific paint jobs or chassis and trailer types. A system with for example the ranks: rookie, beginner, experienced, no damage, professional, expert, admin, Any example images: See attached file Why should it be added?: A better organised game
  12. Hallo, im Folgenden werde ich dir zeigen, wie du deinen TruckersMP Account löschen kannst. Bedenke dabei bitte: diese Aktion wird deinen Account permanent löschen Feedback Tickets und Bewerbungen werden auch gelöscht, da sie persönliche Informationen enthalten die Editing Logs werden auch gelöscht deine Banns, Appeals und Reports werden bestehen bleiben, da sie keine privaten Informationen enthalten und sie als Beweis dienen die Game Server Logs werden eine Weile bestehen bleiben und werden eine Weile später gelöscht wenn du einen neuen Account erstellst, werden die Banns trotzdem bestehen bleiben dies ist eine permanente Aktion und diese kann später nicht mehr geändert werden Wenn du fertig bist, starten wir! 1.) Logge dich auf dem TruckersMP Account ein, den du löschen möchtest 2.) Nachdem du eingeloggt bist, bewege deinen Cursor über "Account" in der Ecke oben rechts; klicke auf "Profile" 3.) Klicke danach auf "Settings" auf der linken Seite des Bildschirms 4.) Öffne die Account Settings 5.) Scrolle nach unten und klicke auf "Account löschen" Vergesse nicht, die Aufgabe zu lösen und dein Passwort einzufügen. Viel Glück und Liebe Grüße, NeonLeon TruckersMP Support
  13. Is there away to move my mouse of one screen and move it onto another without leaving ETS2/ATS for example move from my screen running the game and go onto google or discord. I'm not talking about dual screens. I would like to keep the game running on one screen thanks sgtharley5050
  14. I see someone user have a image in their TMP bio but don't know how they did it as I can't see a option to do it, How can I have a image/ GIF in my profile bio, thanks sgtharley5050
  15. Subject: Repositioning of moderators in the ets2 online game (Truckesmp). Suggestion: Unfortunately, the positioning of moderators or admins on the highways that connect Calais to Duisburg is very predictable making it easy to circumvent rules and hinder other drivers in other regions of the game, so I come here to make the following suggestion: I suggest a moderator of the truckersmp stopped on this route from the Calais to Duisburg highway and another moderator or admin, running around the map observing to see if any funny guy will try to disturb the other drivers. This admin or moderator will be able to blitz to reduce acceleration at different points on the map. Those who are in favor of this idea please vote for YES, who are against please vote for NO! Thank you for your participation! Assunto: reposicionamento dos Moderadores no Jogo ETS2 on line (Truckersmp). Sugestão: Infelizmente, é muito previsível o posicionamento de moderadores ou administradores nas rodovias que ligam Calais a Duisburg, tornando fáceis as regras de burlar e atrapalhar os demais motoristas em outras regiões do jogo, sendo assim como aqui a seguir a seguir: Sugira um moderador do truckersmp parado nesta rota da rodovia Calais para Duisburg e outro moderador ou administrador, rodando pelo mapa observando para ver nenhum engraçado tentando atrapalhar os demais motoristas. Esse administrador ou moderador, poderá fazer blitz para redução de aceleração em pontos diferentes no mapa. Aqueles que mais favorecem essa ideia por favor votar no SIM, ou seja, mais contra por favor votar em NÃO! Obrigado pela participação de todos!
  16. Здравствуйте, возникла проблема с игрой и видеокартой. Когда захожу в одиночную игру Euro Truck Simulator 2 температура держится 65-69 градусов (на максимальных настройках) Когда захожу в TrackersMP (при таких же настройках), то температура сильно начинает расти и достигает даже 75 градусов, а при сворачивание игры, игра ломается (не может развернуться) и видеокарта греется до 85 градусов! Помогите. видеокарта RX570
  17. Hello Forum ; It may be easier if the lamps in the picture are installed at the same time. EforTrans | YoungCaptain - Respects -
  18. Suggestion Name: FMOD Mods usable in TMP Suggestion Description: Using FMOD Mods while playing on TMP. With the current improvements (FMOD) it is in my opinion very desirable to make some selected FMODS available on TMP. I am thinking, for example, of Robinicus and Kriechbaum. Why should it be added?: It will be a great addition in Multiplayer driving to have the sound of Robinicus and or Kriechbaum. They are both very popular in the community and are used very often SP. Please give me thumbs up to get FMOD Mods available in TMP.
  19. scania green ligat permission? permission or ban? scania green light permission or ban?
  20. سلام . از اونجا که خود شرکت اس سی اس اعلام کرد که آپدیت ۱.۳۵ یک آپدیت بزرگ بوده و تراکرز ام‌پی هم با وقفه تونست لانچر رو با ۱.۳۵ فیکس کنه . الانم که اوکی شده باگ های زیادی توی چند نفره هست که ورژن های قبلی این باگ ها رو نبود. از شایع ترینشون بالا رفتن تریلر ها در باربری هاست . . . شما این عملکرد تراکرز رو چطور می بینید؟؟؟
  21. My worst moment would properly coming off the C-D road and getting my trailer caught on the edge of the road fences, with about 20 trucks waiting behind you.
  22. Porque o Fórum é tão morto?(Parado) eu entendo que as pessoas ficam mais jogando do que vindo aqui mas sei lá, é tipo muito morto.
  23. Start the TMP, login prompt error el: next InitializeSecurityContext failed: Unknown error (0x80092013) - OEOUpoiu-binAE+
  24. So first i wanna say Hi. I am having the issue here where that i can start ProMods for TMP but once i joined the server and im in-game ready to drive so wanna get a cargo job to haul. But once i select to start a job i get the msg: your trailer is too long and could not be spawned safely with out taking damage (and so trailer does not spawn and job is automatically set to pause) I have tried this by now over 25 times selecting jobs with trailers of various lengths and types but the issue remains. Would be nice if some1 can help me figure this out. More info i do not have ATM about the issue but i will see if can find some.
  25. https://pastebin.com/Sc9kHxZB (crash.log) Thanks :c
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