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  1. Hey, Bij mij komt het ook voor dat report niet geaccepteerd worden omdat ze al geband zijn voor die reden. Ik maak redelijk veel reports waarvan de meeste wel geaccepteerd worden. Vaak als er iets gebeurd op C-D zijn daar meerdere mensen bij betrokken en dan krijg je dus ook meerdere reports. Als je iets meer afgelegen rijdt is dat niet zo en dan is de kans dus groter dat ze wel geaccepteerd worden omdat jij de enige betrokkene bent. Daardoor kun je weer meer reports maken.
  2. Tried to make some kind of 3d effect with my truck. A Mercedes-Benz Actros "2573".


    1. Ediin


      Cool. Some more work around the top there and it should be perfect. Also have some sort of background instead of the black if you're using it as profile picture for example. Could be some landscape but completely gaussian blurred, will probably look nice!

    2. Kerstens Modding

      Kerstens Modding

      Yeah, you are right. I will do the same thing but then with an other truck, and even more precise.

  3. Wat ik heb gedaan is Plays.TV gedownload. plays is een programma dat automatisch je games opneemt. ook kun je bij plays een soort opslagmanagement instellen. dit houdt in dat je instelt dat je 75GB ter beschikking wilt stellen voor video's. wanneer die 75GB is bereikt, delete plays automatisch de oudste video's. wanneer je geramd wordt in-game doe je /pinfo {speler id} vervolgens kun je bij plays een bladwijzer plaatsen. als je dan je game afsluit is er een stuk van je video geselecteerd. als je dan op "upload to plays.tv" klikt upload hij het geselecteerde gebied. wanneer hij klaar is met upl
  4. I've downloaded the mod and extracted it to see what is inside of it. TruckersMP disables all mods before you go into multiplayer. so i guess this one will be disabled as well. That is why i think it doesn't even work in MP. I haven't tested it but i am 95% sure it doesn't work so i think you won't get punished as well because if you play MP no mods are enabled. Here are some rules for mods in MP: Here are some mods whitch wor in MP: https://ets2.lt/en/?s=+MULTIPLAYER I hope this is enough info.
  5. TruckersMP disables all of the installed mods. Some mods however still work in multiplayer because the path of the modded part still exists. the only type of mods witch work in multiplayer are mods where no parts are ADDED to the game. so if you want beacons on the grill, a mod allows you to put them there, but those are still the Original beacons from the game. So no parts where added. Your mod expands the cabin accessories DLC. so when those parts dissapear because the mod is being dissabled by TruckersMP, the path doesn't exist anymore. i hope you understand it. if not, here is a list with
  6. Maybe it is posssible to take some random pictures from you own screenshot folder. that way you don't have to download pics everyday. the only thing you have to do then is make some screenshots
  7. I don't mean those specific ranks. that is just an example of a ranking system.
  8. Suggestion Name: Ranking system Suggestion Description: An automatic ranking system witch is based on in game hours and TruckersMP punishments and witch atomatically adds ranks witch gives you the ability to, for example: drive a car or the ability to use specific paint jobs or chassis and trailer types. A system with for example the ranks: rookie, beginner, experienced, no damage, professional, expert, admin, Any example images: See attached file Why should it be added?: A better organised game
  9. The first thing i think about is the autosafe.
  10. i think the propblem is fixed. if there are any new problems i will say it directly
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