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Found 47 results

  1. MilitaryDude

    Militär (Military)

    Hallo an alle, Ich spiele seit 1 Jahr und ich finde man sollte auch, dass Militär einführen. Ich habe ein paar Paintjobs schon probiert und ich finde man könnte Dunkelgrün LKWs und Autos mit Blaulichtern verwenden. Das Militär hätte Recht auf Abfragund von Fahrern und Recht auf Straßensperren. Schlägt den TruckersMP machern vor, sowas zu verwirklichen, weil krin programmieren nötig wär (Nur Rechte auf Blaulichter also Polizei). Wenn ihr auch sowas wollt unterstützt mich. Ihr habt mich leider nicht verstanden ich habe es anders gemeint. Also Blocken ist ein Blödsin weiß ich aber das die Polizei autos nur für die GM sind dass weiß ich auch. und das Militär müsste nicht einmal Blaulichter haben das war nur ein Vorschlag weil die orangen langweilig aussehen. das militär würde (wenn es es gäbe) nur "Secret Cargo" aufpassen also dank dem neuen Uptade 1.32 in dem es TRailer gibt ohne etwas wirklich zu fahren wären es z.B 4 Militär "Piloten" und 3 Militär LKWs Also Bitte denkt noch einmal nach falls Ihr irgendetwas noch wissen wollt ich werde auf diesem TS3 Server für Text chat online sein :" " stupst mich an und ich werde kommen. MfG MilitaryDude
  2. For example: Changing "detail_model: "/vehicle/truck/skoda_superb/car.pmd"" to "detail_model: "/vehicle/ai/lancer_x/ai.pmd"". Suggestion Name: Allow AI models to be used on Skoda. Suggestion Description: Basically allowing players to change the Skoda's chassis models, lods and collisions(and shadows) to that of an AI car's chassis. How this can be done besides save editing is having different chassis in the shop under AI cars and have every ai car model available for player's to use. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Allows for more variety for types of cars to use, some of the AI cars also have police and scout versions which can be useful for admins and CC.
  3. alekexe

    Car savegame modding

    When the rules updated I have actually read them and found out about car modding. I decided to try it myself today, used Car Modification Guide from Forerunner(which is btw great) but I got in a weird situation. Even though "It is permitted to save edit default trucks' paint job on cars", which I did(I used Volvo FH16 Paint job A), I get kicked out of the servers because of invalid accessory set is detected. Am I in some gray area? Did I mess up with modding? What can I do to fix it? Please share the fix and explanation with me, it would be greatly appreciated. :))
  4. [TPH] SP Gaming

    Monster Cars

    Suggestion Name: Renew Cars powers. Suggestion Description: So as I said on the title. Monster Cars. because when a car hit a truck. the truck take lot more damage and it even fly or push by the car even at the low speed. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: It's very weird that the cars are stronger than the trucks. when a car cut you and you had collision your truck go crazy. It will be very helpful to all truck drivers . because it really damage our trailers. . so I hope it will be renewed. it really annoys me . Thank you
  5. plinio_lisboa


    Nome da sugestão : CAMPING para carros ! Camping and cars with caravan: There are cars and caravans in the game. Currently its use is to pull caravan trailers. But the game map has many unused Campings points. The idea is Development structure the campsites to make them accessible only one of the automobilis with car + trailer, and other vehicles suitable for the location. How to make? Delimit a polygon, based on non-existent campgrounds today (but blocked in the original game for trucks and cars). Permited access only to vehicles on following settings: Car, Car + caravan trailer. Camper. What should you have at the campsite? An XP reward awaits you at the campsite. You must complete the internal missions at the camp site to earn XP. How useful is XP Tour? Each camp has an XP value that serves as points to acquire vehicle driving skills. These skills are: Animal traveler. Cargo Traveler. Tourism Traveler. Traveler of machinery. Traveler company. Each skill releases a specific type of new car trailers and loads. - Animal traveler - Horse of trailer: transport of horses. Load horses between farms in the map game. Origin of load: farm - Destination: farm - Cargo Traveler: Utility trailer: Transport loads of cement bags, construction tools, Concrete mixer , between logistics company and construction sites. Transport of loads hay and tools farm for farms. Origin of load: Company logistic - Destination: construction sites. Origin of load: construction sites - Destination: construction sites - Tourism traveler - Travel Trailer: Trailer (Caravan) is only allowed to explore the campsites on the game map. The source of tourism charge is always the player's garage. But any location can be the point of origin for your destination. The destination will always be a campsite on the game map. - Machinery traveler - a) Boat Trailer: Transport of boats and jet skys among marinas in the map game. Origin of load: Company logistic - Destination: marinas. Origin of load: marinas - Destination: marinas. b) Machinery trailer : Transport of lawnmowers. Fate will always be the farms in the map game. Origin of load: Company logistic - Destination: Farms. Origin of load: Farm - Destination: Farm Company Traveler - Towing concession trailer: Loads a trailer from a truck brand to a truck store of the same brand. Exemple: Trailer loading brand of trucks Volvo merchandsing. Trailer origin: Volvo Truck Shop. Destination: Mechanical stations in town without a Volvo truck shop. Destination: Fuel stations on the game map. Mission: Working time at destination: 10 minutes. Rule: Only 1 player at a time in target areas (Mechanical Workshop, fuel station). Where to buy the trailer: Buy at Volvo Headquarters. The player has to travel by car and buy. Game logic: The same thing should be used for all other brands. What to do not camp? So to acquire and execute all the challenges that each new trailer allows, in each campsite the player must perform these missions: - Mount Tent. - Make scrrenhoot of the landscape. - Stay for at least 10 minutes. - Optional: listen to MP truck radio. All campsites to all vehicles? No! Trucks and their trailers are prohibited. Each tourist region must have 3 types of campsites. What are the types of campsites? 1 - Camping Caravanas Exclusivas: cars + caravan trailers. 2 - Exclusive Camping Campers: Campers. 3 - Free Camping: car, car + caravan trailer, caravan. How to zone the game map? The map would be divided into tourist regions. Each region has a total number of campgrounds. In each region must have at least 1 camp of each type, called previous. What are the tourist regions? The proposed tourist regions are those that show the map of the game ETS2 and its DLC's , until data acts 10/01/2019. As tourist regions are: ** Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark. ** Alpine: Switzerland, Western Austria, Southern Germany, Northern Italy. ** Atlantic: Belgium, Holland, Most of the territory of France, Most of the territory of Germany. ** Mediterranean: South of France - Mediterranean coast, Most of Italy and in future Iberia; Portugal and Spain. ** Danubia: Most of Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary. Future Romania ** Baltic: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Part of Russia. Any sample image:: Yes. Why should it be added? Because this would give more utility to the car licensed for the ETS 2 game. It would allow for a diversification of activities and missions, breaking the current monotony loads with the caravan trailer. It allows exploring the game map from another perspective and enables spaces today without use, although they are cenicos and with great potential. It makes sense to have car and trailers with active campings that allow access to buy other types of trailers. Future Developments: Trailer transport: Bob Cat. Bob Cat: The machine is a load with many destinations: Load between construction companies. Load between farms. Trailer transport: motorcicle. Motorcycle: transportation of motorcycles from petrol stations to mechanical stations. IMPORTANT: Only by visiting all the campsites and acquiring XP in each place, it releases a type of trailer. And each trailer, allows new loads and destinations. .
  6. Hi Everyone; Today I'll show you how to get the caravan trailer. Firstly after you get the car come to "Free Work". Find the "Caravan" trailer here and set the GPS. Then follow the GPS and perform the trailer connections. Trailer with Car is Ready! Note: This trailer is completely legal but only for Car. Best Regards.
  7. 20DeWalt

    More cars

    Suggestion Name: More Cars Suggestion Description: I want to “suggest” adding more cars in the game, like a new SUV, Minivan, Pick-up or Van. Any example images: Why should it be added?: We truckers don’t have any choice when we want a car to get to places. Plus by adding Vans a new type of job could be added.
  8. Can you use trucks or do Jobs on the EURO servers 3 and 4? I see so little people on there sometimes I feel be safer to drive on thoes servers are truck or trucking jobs aloud on said servers??
  9. Scurvy

    What do you drive?

    So what does the community of TruckersMP drive in real life? I drive a VW Amarok as a work vehicle and daily drive but I also have a Ford Escort Mk2 for "recreation". This is the Escort when I first acquired it, stripped of all components. Here's the 2.5 litre engine that produces 227hp for such a small car. The cockpit has been fully upgraded to rally spec. This is the car as it stands today, it is my pride and joy.
  10. Twilight_Sparkle

    missing textures

    Game: American Truck Simulator Mod version: Version 1.31.2 Controller used: Xbox one controller Description of issue: Missing textures in scout cars. How to Reproduce: Buy a scout car from a truck dealer. Screenshot:
  11. [YouTube][LSPDFR]Favortv

    Ambulance and Fire Department

    Ambulance and Fire Department. Could it be cars? Yes and No ?
  12. Its_Chris_2003

    Do cars have forced manual traction now?

    So recently, I've been doing some caravan deliveries in my skoda scout. I have automatic traction/gear change in ETS2 settings so I was shocked to see that I had to be changing gear manually. I've also been into the settings and the traction/gear change option is greyed out. Is this a bug or is this part of the game? Because it seems a bit silly as I like to have automatic gear changes as I'm rusty on manual ones and when to change to be effective at accelerating. I did have a short break off TMP so it might've come out then when i wasn't playing. Thanks for any support given
  13. momito_2001

    Cars on v.1.31

    Hello, I just downloaded TruckersMP and I saw that there was previously a way to buy a car and it is said that you can buy it at any truck dealer but it does not appear for me. Were the cars removed for v.1.31? I appreciate any support!
  14. Toxic_Monster

    Police Cars

    Who is allowed to use police cars? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. This is rather strange, I've been seeing it everywhere. It's always "cars are an issue" blah blah blah. Just to lead you into this, cars are a good transportation to discover the map when you want to take a break from following the GPS, sure, you could do that with a truck, but is it really that great? Slow acceleration, forced to follow the truck limits, is that what heaven is to you? Sure, cars cause problems, but that's only how it seems to you. It's the driver, not the vehicle. Just because the bad drivers have coincidentally chosen the cars doesn't mean it wouldn't happen without cars. They're just as reckless, regardless of the vehicle. As for the car drivers, to improve your driving skills with the magnificent (totally) Scout Extra_D, try following the speed limit and increasing your breaking intensity to 100%
  16. OFFICIALIOS TAISYKLĖS PASKUTINĮ KARTĄ ATNAUJINTA: 2016 GEGUŽĖS 17 DIENA. VAIRUOJANT PER ETS2MP IR ATSMP TURITE LAIKYTIS EUROPOS IR AMERIKOS EISKO TAISYKLŲ E.G. http://www.travlang.com/signs/ - https://www.rickstev...ing-europe-tips - http://www.verbinet.com/driving Signalo spawninimas - Kick / Ban Turite samoningai naudoti signala. Slapyvardis - Kick / Ban Negalima turėti slapyvardžio tokio pat kaip administracijos ir pnš. Varžybos - Kick / Ban Darant kokais varžybas arba lenktynes. Ne ta kelio puse - Kick / Ban Važiuojant kita kelio puse prieš eismą. Užemimas - Kick / Ban Užemimas kokios nors arenos arba su FPS dropu ir pnš. Nešvankybes - Kick / Ban Nešvankybes netinakmi žodžiai ir pnš. Narių ir administracijos įžeidinėjimas - Laikinas Ban / Visam laikui ban Ižeidinėjatęs narius arba adminsitracija. Daužimas - Laikinas Ban / Visam laikui Ban Daudžote kitą fūra ar net kelias. Blokavimas - Laikinas Ban / Visam laikui Ban Blokuojate kelia ar pravažiavimą. Laužimas - Visam laikui Ban Bandote nulaužti serveri arba ką nors panašaus. Bugų išnaudojimas - Visam laikui Ban Radote buga bet jūs nepranešete apie jį. Blogas parkavimas - Kick / Ban Parkuojatęs populiariuse vietose ir sutrgdote eismą. Spawninimas chate - Kick / Ban Spawninate tokia pačia komanda . arba rašote tokį pati žodį. Netinkami modai - Visam laikui ban Naudojate modus kurie sukele crashus ir pnš. Naudojate politiko vardą - Kick / Ban Naudojate politiko vardą arba svarbaus žmogaus. Bano apėjimas - Visam laikui ban Kūriate kitą paskyrą kad apeitutę bana. Važiuojate be lempų. - Kick / Ban Važiuojate kaip tamsų išjunge lempas. Žymos vartotujoje - Kick / Ban Draudžiama pridėti žymų kaip "Forumo adminas", ir kitų pareigų tagus. Išėjimas iš žemelpio ribų - Kick / Ban Draudžiama išvažiuot iš žemelapio ribų, iškyrus normalios vietos kur yra kelias linijos ir kitkas, iškyrus jeigu žaidėjas officialus Adminas t.y pagr. adminas. Automobilis su priekaba - Kick / Ban Draudžiama traukti krovinį su automobilių. Tai atrodo keistai ir iš ties galį sukelti beatodairiška vairavimą. (Nauja taisyklė) Automobilių Piktnaudžiavimas Pilot Paint Job - Kick/Ban Draudžiama apsimetinėti žaidimo administratorių naudojant pilot paintjob. Atkreipkite dėmesį: Norėtume tik 2 bandomuosius automobilius už konvojaus, priklausomai nuo konvojaus dydžio. (Nauja taisyklė) DESYNC EXPLOITING: Bandoma naudoti desync siekiant sukelti žalą kitam vartotojų sunkvežimis draudžiama. PINGO PROBLEMOS: Jeigu tavo pingas bus didesnis negu 650ms tai busi automatiškai iškickintas. Pasisvainimą (Autorius:VavelOnline): Tai labai paprasta Howto vadovas apie tai, kaip aplenkti (ir aplenks) tinkamai. Pirmas dalykas, kurį turėtų žinoti yra DESYNC. Iš esmės, tai, ką matote ekrane, ne visada tai, ką kiti žaidėjai mato. Tai gali sukelti (netyčia) kalimas daugelyje situacijų. Siekiant kovoti su tokio poveikio, čia kai praktinė informacija, kad jūs visada turėtų laikytis. WHEN OVERTALKING: - Pradėkite savo lenkimas, kai yra bent 60m nuo priešais jus sunkvežimis (visada galite patikrinti atstumus per <TAB> klavišą). - Buvimas linija. - Kai jūs patikrinti, kad kitas vairuotojas yra 100m už jus, jūs galite pradėti lankstymo atgal. - Kita vertus, jei matote, kitas vairuotojas paversti savo šviesas, arba išgirsti jį Honk 2 trumpus kartus, tai reiškia, kad jūs galite užlenkti saugiai iš jo požiūriu, net jei nesate 100m į priekį. Tokiu atveju, tai malonu padėkoti jam, naudojant kairės-dešinės-kairės-dešinės Mirksėjimo signalą. Atkreipkite dėmesį, kad Geismas paprastai būtų naudojami IRL, bet negali būti vertinamas dabar į MP žaidimą. KAI BŪNA PASISAVINAMĄ: - Būti juostoje. - Važiuojant 110 km/val greičių, jeigu reikia leiskite kad aplenktų jūs kiti vairuotojai. - Turite būti mažiausiai 60m ir naktį įjungti lempas kad matytute kiek liko iki kito vairuotojo. Tikiuosi visi laikysis taisyklių ir bus mažiau avarijų ir kitų nesąmonių. KITI UŽRAŠAI: Administracija turi teisę išmesti iš žaidimo arba užbaninti, jeigu mato kad jūs sugelete gresmę serveriuii arba žaidėjams. Mes klausiam jeigu jūs esate užbanintas, o ne rašyti asmeninį pranešimą personalo nariui. Mes netrinam narių paskyrų pagal prašymą. Mes tik galim juos užbaninti visam laikui. Jeigu jūs gavote visam laikui ban ir susikursite nauja paskyrą tai bus Bano vengimas, Jeigu yra įrodymų kad turite teisę apeiti bana administracija pasilieką teises jus užbaninti be atsiklausimo. Author: TheKizaKa Source: TruCkDr1V3r: http://forum.truckersmp....-in-game-rules/ Translations may differ from the original version of in-game rules. Please keep in mind, that our admin's decisions are based on original English version.
  17. slowlori

    Where are cars allowed?

    I was wondering on which servers cars are actually allowed. I know that they are prohibited on EU1/EU3 and allowed on EU2. What about the other servers? I don´t want to risk a ban so I thought I´d ask first. Thanks in advance!
  18. soifased

    Qual a função dos carros no jogo?

    Para que sevem os carros no jogo? Desculpem a ignorância, mas perguntar não ofende..
  19. Suggestion Name: Duisburg traffic flow improved Suggestion: The Duisburg road should be a one-way as showed in the image, this should help traffic flow and not let anyone get in in case their in carrier mode yet this also keeps the large amount of traffic in the game. I think this is a major improvement and should be implemented into Europe 2. Note: Please check the image before commenting. I might have miss-wrote so do check the image to get a better understanding. Any example images: <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DCZV-V2XkAUnMt9.jpg"> Why should it be added?: I love traffic in TruckersMP but I am always scared of being rear ended, slammed into, brake checked, or hit when ever I am in my Carrier profile. But I figured out a way to improve the traffic flow in Duisburg and it keeps the large amount of traffic but without people intersecting with each other and without having to mod/change the base game! Q&A Q: What if I have traffic offences on? A: People who have traffic offences on should stay on the correct side of the road or they can turn traffic offences of in the game play settings Q: If I was about to turn into a drop off point but missed it what should I do? A: You will have to go around again, you wont have to exit and re-enter Duisburg. Q: How will I know witch way to go? A: In Duisburg there's a average of 50-100 vehicles, if every vehicle were going one way you can check witch way the traffic is flowing. Or a admin who is monitoring Duisburg can get a Scout vehicle and park in direction the one-way faces. Q: If there is a accident and one lane is blocked what should I do? A: You don't need to overtake. Just go into the other lane since it's a one-way!
  20. Mod Version: Version Used: xBox 360 ControllerDescription of Issue: When you press G while driving, it says You cannot do that, firstly stop your Truck, instead of car.Screenshots / Videos: None
  21. benfoss2001

    BMW Cars?

    Hello, I enjoy the car game play massively and i was wondering where do i get a BMW Car, I have seen them driving around. Many thanks
  22. 9Etihad5

    Zmiany w przepisach dot. aut Scout

    Generalnie chodzi o zmiany co do aut marki Scout. Wypuszczenie ich na serwery było trochę głupim pomysłem. Dlaczego ? 2/4 mp to są trolle, dla nich to jest mega radość bo mogą wykorzystać to i jeździć w miejsca gdzie jest dużo ludzi. Rozbijają się po zakrętach, lecą ile wlezie i wpadają w innych właściwie celowo. Z zwykłego symulatora zrobił się typowy Need For Speed czy chociaż TDU2 . Moją propozycją jest wpuszczenie Scout tylko na serwer EU1. Nic sie nie stanie jak se pojeżdżą na ograniczniku. To będzie dobre rozwiązanie bo przy 110 da się wyhamować i kontrolować jazdę. A tak jak lecą 240 km/h to wlatują w innych i jeszcze się z tego cieszą. Proszę @mwl4 aby wziął mój pomysł pod uwagę. Ten symulator powstał po to aby się wspólnie bawić a zamiast zabawy jest fala nerwów Rozumiem że to jest gra i trzeba niektóre szczegóły brać pod uwagę Ale na EU2 i EU3 jest dużo ludzi i tam nie ma ogranicznika. Tylko jeden minus to są właśnie te Skody bo dla trolli jest to okazja aby wkurzyć innych i tworzyć zbędne korki jak na landówce, Rotterdamie, Calais i Duisburg. Nie wiem jak zespół Truckersmp ale to tylko mój pomysł. Proszę aby wypowiedziały się osoby co zgadzają sie z moim zdaniem.
  23. Hello guys i propose to all of you giving your opinion of this statement !! Police cars in online yes or not and why?
  24. Welp, sadly this has happened to me...This is not what I see everytime I play ETS2MP. Pretty rare... Was gonna enjoy my day playing MP but yeah... was trying to act chill... Hopefully these kids can get a longer ban, since this was done as a "gang" How did this start ? Well one of his friends was parking on the road. I horned for a second and overtook him. They all of a sudden his friend got pissed and rammed me and calls me an idiot... At 0:23, I did block them so they can prevent any further damage to my actual truck and they can stop ramming me. I also have the video before this if anyone wants it. I tried communicating with them but they simply ignored me, probably because they were scared since they were talking before. Take note: I already reported the users, the thread was to show the rarity of this occurrence Anyways yeah, enjoy...
  25. Why can't we have more than one car? Will we ever get more?