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Found 59 results

  1. A big part of the immersion factor in video games for me, especially simulator games like ATS, is the sounds. In my opinion, the vanilla ATS truck/engine/airbrake/engine braking sounds just simply aren't good or varied enough. I love the available mod packs for singleplayer and for a long time i only played singleplayer for the sole reason of interesting trucks and acoustically pleasing sounds. But the urge is strong for me to play online and interact with other people on the road in order to enjoy the experience fully. So im asking the community if there are any Multiplayer applicable sound mods to help me improve my experience. I understand new truck models are much more difficult to add in since everyone would have to have the same ones, but i have to imagine sounds would be easier to mesh and layer over each other so players using sound mods would still be heard using the stock sound by non-modded players, but to them it would be their modified file. Kind of like the early Forza games with DLC cars, the players who didnt buy and download said cars would just see a blacked out base model VW Jetta when in reality it would be a race spec touring car or something like that. Just a thought, i know nothing about coding or programming, so feel free to clarify, but im in no way saying anybody is being lazy.
  2. Suggestion Name: Remake/update §3.4 - Trailer combinations* Suggestion Description: It is only permitted to use a trailer combination which is default within each game. (I think: Maximum 2 trailers) The maximum length of any trailer combination must not exceed the length of the longest default combination (Makes me now think: triple trailers allowed, if length is within HCT) But, ofcourse, if you look at the trailer comibnation picuture, then no, triples aren't allowed I'm not using triples, but I've reported alot and they've been banned for it. (Maybe, because of the confusion in this rule) Yesterday I wrote to a player in-game, that triples are illegal, he answered: They are not, look up the rules I checked the rule. And I was like: He's right, atleast, with his trailers (Because they're shorter than HCT (3 short/small trailers)) Today, I found an answer from support on a forum post: It is allowed to take double trailers anywhere on the Map. Base map as well as ProMods map, there are no restrictions. However, Triple Trailers are not allowed at all. So you' might need to add: Triples are NOT allowed, AT ALL on ETS Why should it be added?: Then nobody that reads this rule can be confused. If they can, well, I'll be ready to report whoever I find. And then they'll just learn it that way Best Regards General18
  3. Hello! This summer i was on a trip in Europe. Friend of mine took a funny picture of me in this old bunker from 1950. I then later set it as avatar on steam and yesterday i got permanent banned because of this picture. In my appeal the admin wont explain what in my picture is violating. He is referring to rule §1.5 but wont explain what in my picture is violating this rule. In have now changed avatar since i want to be able to play. Its just a funny picture of me, please judge for yourself and explain to me what is wrong.
  4. Merhaba Arkaşalar şuan 1.35 rmultiplayer da 750 beygir (750HP)mod yasak mı ?
  5. Suggestion Name: Beacon Script - Enforcing Rule Suggestion Description: Just a basic script that turns off beacons if there is a certain amount of playing in a radius. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I think this should be added because many people still use beacons in high populated area's which is against the rules which also causes lag for other players. How I think this would work, is by a script detecting the amount of players in a radius (same type of the tab player list) and when it gets over and certain number, it turns off the beacons to reduce lag and to also keep the player from getting kicked/banned. I would think that the number 30 would be great for the script to turn the beacons off, the number is not too low or not too high, just perfect Not only that this is reducing lag, it also enforces the rule. If you wish, you can make it so in the TruckersMP Launcher settings, there can be a part so you can turn the script on or off because most people like to have beacons on and sometimes the script may turn off the beacons even tho there is not one near you but still saying a high number on the player list from a convoy far away. Another good idea adding to this idea is that it will put a message on your screen saying that the beacons have been disabled. For Example: "[CONSOLE] Beacons Turned Off Because Amount Of Players!" I do hope this idea gets into ETS2MP because it will help many people (hopefully) I have used the search option, nothing came up for the term *beacons* which is to do of what I said above I'm not good with idea's but this could actually be a good one
  6. Suggestion Name: as the titles. Suggestion Description: Hopefully Staff will be add some TruckersMP rule changes or exceptions. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: At present, the Ramming provisions, Blocking and Reckless provisions must not break the rules under any circumstances. But I hope this rule has changed a bit. At present, the Ramming provisions, Blocking and Reckless provisions must not break the rules under any circumstances. But I hope this rule has changed a bit. In order to reduce troll users, even stronger punishments are required, but even if the intentional one is seen in the evidence video, the punishment is limited to only a few days. In addition, at the time of the damage, the victim is very stressed. If a blocking action is found, such as if the user is "intentionally" blocking the way, we can't get out. In particular, during Team Trucking, you can't go to the workshop by pressing F7. Because if you go to the workshop by pressing F7, there is a lot of inconvenience because you will leave the existing route. Returning to the main point, TruckersMP's staff actually said that the punishment was reinforced, but the enhanced appearance is invisible to the user. This offer may not be accepted, but I would suggest only one. Victims who have been harmed by the abuser would like to have some exemption from the conflicts they have committed against them. For TruckersMP staff who checked this offer, you can tell them to go to the Arcade server. However, most TruckersMP users prefer servers that can crash (You can see the population ratio of Arcade and Simulation servers.). The purpose of enjoying the simulation is to experience the feeling of driving like a real thing and to have fun in such games. The story is getting too long, but one of the TruckersMP users wants to make a simple change from the user's point of view. We would like to thank the TruckersMP staff for reviewing these matters. I wish you a happy day.
  7. قوانین عنوان شده در زیر، شامل قوانینی است که تمامی سازندگان و همچنین اعضای شرکت های حمل و نقل مجازی می بایستی از آن پیروی کنند و عبارتند از محتوا الف) قوانینی که توسط تمامی اعضای شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی رعایت می گردد ب) قوانین مربوط به رویداد شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی ج) حساب کاربری شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی الف) قوانینی که توسط تمامی اعضای شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی رعایت می گردد الف-1) پیروی کردن از تمامی قوانین رسمی تراکرز ام پی به عنوان یک عضو شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی، شما موظفید تا قوانین اصلی تراکرز ام پی رابه طور کامل رعایت کنید و تنها محدود به قوانین زیر نمیشود قوانین خدمات گسترده قوانین درون بازی قوانین ویرایش سیو بازی شما میتوانید تمامی قوانین تراکرز ام پی را به زبان انگلیسی در اینجا و همچنین ترجمه رسمی آن را به زبان فارسی در اینجا مطالعه کنید الف-2) کارمندان شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی می بایستی به سایر بازیکنان احترام بگذارند صرف نظر از این بحث که شما عضو چه شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی ای هستید؛ شما باید به سایر بازیکنان احترام بگذارید و به توهین به آنها نپردازید در صورتی که کسی به شما یا شرکت شما بی احترامی کرد؛ به بی احترامی آنها با بی احترامی کردن جواب ندهید. شما می بایستی آن بازیکن را از طریق قسمت ریپورت گزارش دهید الف-3) تمامی قوانین ترافیکی باید رعایت گردد شما نمیتوانید قوانین را زیر پا بگذارید. برای مثال نمی توانید از شرایط نامرئی بودن استفاده کرده و یا مسیر جاده را مسدود کنید تا برای اینکه همراه شرکت ماشین و یا کاروان شرکت خود در سرور عمومی بمانید در صورتی که شما در طول برگزاری رویدادی و یا کاروانی از سایر اعضای شرکت خود جدا ماندید؛ باید از این موضوع اطمینان حاصل کنید که تا رسیدن مجدد به تیم خود و یا برای رسیدن به تیم خود از تمامی قوانین اطاعت کرده و آن را رعایت می کنید برای مثال، در صورتی که یک کامیون بین شما و سایر کامیون های دیگر شرکتتان قرار گرفت، همچنین شما تمایل دارید که مجدداً با اعضای تیم خود رانندگی کنید، باید از موارد زیر مطمئن گردید برای سبقت گرفتن مکان امنی را در نظر گرفتید بعد از سبقت گرفتن از بازیکن و یا کامیون جلوی شما فاصله کافی برای وارد شدن شما به آن فاصله و قرار گرفتن پشت سایر اعضای تیم شرکتتان وجود دارد از تمامی قوانین جاده بدون اینکه حتی کوچکترین تاثیری در روند بازی سایر بازیکنان بگذارد پیروی می کنید ب) قوانین مربوط به رویداد شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی ب-1) مدیریت نامناسب کاروان و مزاحمت خودرو پایلوت خودروهای پایلوت اجازه آهسته کردن سرعت، مسدود سازی و همچنین کنترل ترافیک سرور و همچنین وانمود کردن به ادمین سرور بودن را ندارند. شما اجازه بردن کاروان خود به مسیرهای بسیار شلوغ آنهم از روی عمد ندارید. این مناطق شلوغ شامب شهر کالایس، دویسبورگ و جاده کالایس دویسبورگ می شود ولی این محدود به این سه منطقه نیست و شامل سایر مناطق شلوغ نیز می شود ب-2) رویدادهای شرکت حمل و نقل نباید سایر بازیکنان را تحت تاثیر قرار دهد ساماندهی و همچنین اجرای رویدادهای شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی مانند کاروان، نباید به سایر بازیکنان تعرض کند و بازی آنها را تحت تاثیر قرار دهد در صورتی که شرکت از یک یا چند راننده جدا شد و بین آنها فاصله ایجاد گردید، بازیکنان عقب افتاده می توانند برای رسیدن به تیم شرکت تلاش کنند (با اطمینان از رعایت کردن قانون) یا اینکه تمامی تیم شرکت به طور کامل در گوشه ای پارک کرده تا سایر اعضا به آنها برسند. تنها در صرتی که در محل امن پارک کنند و خلاف قوانین نباشد ب-3) داشتن یک شرکت حمل و نقل به شما مزیت نمی دهد برگزاری یک رویداد در سرور معمول به شما هیچ گونه مزیتی نمی دهد و حق شما برای استفاده از این سرور و جاده های آن همانند سایر بازیکنان به صورت کاملاً برابر می باشد از این رو، از اینکه تمام قوانین را رعایت می کنید نیز اطمینان حاصل کرده و در زمانی که ممکن است به سایر بازیکنان راه داده تا به مسیر خود ادامه دهند. همانند دادن علامت برای سبقت گرفتن درون جاده ها ب-4) حرکت کاروان می بایستی ایمن باشد برای مثال، در صورتی که کسی اقدام به سبقت گرفتن از کاروان کرده است؛ شما نباید مسیر او را محدود کرده و جلوی او را بگیرید. بلکه می بایست شرایط را برای سبقت گرفتن ایمن او مهیا سازید. همچنین بازیکنان در صورتی که شخص سبقت گیرنده در شرایط خطرناکی قرار گرفت می بایستی فضایی ایمن برای او ایجاد کرده تا از تصادف و خطرات احتمالی جلوگیری شود ج) حساب کاربری شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی ج-1) تنها زمانی شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی ایجاد کنید که دارای یک شرکت هستید در صورتی که شما شرکتی ندارید، و یا هیچ تمایلی به داشتن شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی ندارید؛ شما مجاز به ساخت شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی در سیستم ما نمی باشید ج-2) از مناسب بودن اطلاعات شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی خود اطمینان حاصل کنید تمامی قسمت هایی که در آن قادر به نوشتن هستید (شامل قسمت اطلاعات، قوانین و ...) نباید حاوی مطالب توهین آمیز باشد. این مطالب محدود نیستند ولی شامل مسائلی نظیر نژادپرستی، تبعیض جنسیتی، تنفر و یا تبلیغ یک جبهه سیاسی و همچنین شرایط غیر قانونی و نامناسب می شود. نوشتن مطالبی در رابطه با بی حرمتی به مقدسات نیز در این قسمت ها (باکس ها) مجاز نمی باشد ج-3) صاحبان شرکت های مجازی حق بیشتری نسبت به سایر بازیکنان معمولی ندارند صاحبان شرکت های حمل و نقل مجازی نیست باید به تمامی قوانین تراکرز ام پی وفادار باشند. و از همه مهمتر، این اشخاص می بایستی از قوانین روبرو اطاعت کنند: آنها نباید خود را جای شخص دیگری نظیر بازکنان، کارمندان تراکرز ام پی، شخصیت های سیاسی، مجری قانون، رهبران و یا هرشخصی که به نحوی بالاتر است. حال چه این مسائل در زمان رانندگی باشد، چه در هنگام استفاده از ویس چت، عکس پروفایل، اسم پلاک وسیله نقلیه شما و یا چه تگ درون بازی آنها. عکس پروفایل و تگ درون بازی می بایستی کاملاً درخور و مناسب باشد وبه هیچ عنوان نباید شامل محتوای نا مناسب و آزار دهنده باشد ج-4) لینک به صفحات با ادرس غیر تراکرزام پی هرگونه لینک صفحات خارجی که در صفحه شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی قرار می گیرد، می بایستی کاملاً ایمن و سالم باشد و به هیچ عنوان نباید به صفحاتی که دارای محتوای مخرب هستند ارجاع گردند. این محتوای مخرب شامل تمامی محتوا منجمله محتواهایی نظیر: ارجاع به صفحاتی که به فروش داروها و موادهای مخدر مرتبط می شوند، و همچنین سایر موارد غیر قانونی، پورنوگرافی یا محتوای جنسی، و یا همچنین مسائل غیر قانونی دیگر ج-5) نباید از سایر شرکت های حمل و نقل مجازی کپی کنید به هیچ عنوان شرکتی ایجاد نکنید به این منظور که از شرکتی دیگر کپی برداری کرده و مطالب آن را استفاده کنید. شرکتی که شما ایجاد می کنید می بایستی مخصوص شما باشد ج-6) متن ها و همچنین عکس ها می بایستی مناسب باشند تمامی مطالب شامل اسم، شعار و همچنین تگ نباید شامل فحش و یا استفاده از لهن زبان بد باشد. تمامی عکس هایی که برای لوگو و هدر شرکت استفاده می شود نیز نباید مناسب برای محیط کار (شرکت) باشد ج-7) عکس می بایستی برای شما باشد شما باید در این باره اطمینان حاصل کنید که تمامی عکس هایی که شما در شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی خود استفاده می کنید باید توسط شما ایجاد شده باشد و یا شامل قانون کپی رایت نباشد ج-8) تبلیغات نامناسب شما مجاز به پست تبلیغات در رابطه با استریم، رویدادها و غیره نیستید چرا که آنها مرتبط با تراکرز ام پی، یورو تراک سیمولیتر 2 و آمریکن تراک سیمولیتر نیست. این موارد در قسمت اخبار و همچنین قسمت داده های حساب کاربری شرکت حمل و نقل مجازی شما ارسال می گردد آیا این مقاله مفید بوده است؟
  8. Güvenli ve kazasız sürüş için önemli bilgiler çünkü çoğu kaza bu durumdan meydana geliyor. SOLLAMA KURALLARI; Sollama yapılırken öndeki araca ışıklı ve sesli uyarılar yapılır. Sollamanın en önemli kuralı "Sollama yapan kişiye yol vermek zorunludur." aman nasılsa sollama yapıyorum bana yol vermek zorundalar diye düşünmeyin çünkü sollamanın sakıncalı olduğu yerler vardır ki bunlar; Virajlar,Demir yolu geçitleri,Geçmenin trafik işaretiyle yasaklandığı yerlerde (bunu yoldaki çizgiye bakarak anlayabilirsiniz veya tabelalarda) ve hızı azaltılan yerlerde araç sollamak yasaktır yani benzinlik mola istasyonu gişe gibi yerlerde sollama yapmak sakıncalıdır. ASLINDA AŞAĞIDAKİ METNİN SADECE ÖZETİNİ GEÇTİM ÖNDEKİ ARACI GEÇME ( SOLLAMA ) KURALLARI : Sürücülerin önlerinde giden bir aracı güvenli bir şekilde geçmeleri için,geçişe başlamadan önce; a- Arkadan gelen sürücünün kendisini geçmeye başlamamış olmasına b- Önde giden sürücünün bir başka aracı geçme niyetini belirten işaretini vermemiş olmasına, c- İki yönlü yollarda karşıdan gelen trafik dahil,yolu kullananların tümü için tehlike yaratmadan geçiş yapacağı şeridin yeterikadar ilerisinin görüşe açık ve boş olmasına, d- Geçişin,geçilen araçlar için bir güçlük yaratmayacak şekilde ve araçların geçişine uygun durumda bulunmasına dikkatetmeleri zorunludur. GEÇİŞ YAPACAK ARAÇ SÜRÜCÜLERİ: * Geçilecek araç sürücüsünü ses veya ışıkla uyarmaya, * Sola dönüş lambasıyla işaret vermeye, * Takip mesafesi kadar önceden sol şeride girmeye, * Geçeceği aracın hızıyla geçme sırasındaki kendi hızını dikkate almasına, * Geceleri öneki aracı geçerken,yan yana gelinceye kadar yakını gösteren ışıkların yakılmasına, * Geçtiği aracı geriyi görme aynasından görünceye kadar sol şeritte ilerlemeyi, * Sağa dönüş lambası ile işaret vererek sağ şeride geçmeye mecburdurlar. GEÇME,GEÇİLECEK ARACIN SOLUNDAN YAPILIR. Araçların sağından veya banketten yararlanılarak geçmesi yasaktır. Ancak; 1- Sola dönüş işareti vererek yavaşlamakta olan araçların, 2- Görev gereği yolun solunda beklemekte olan geçiş üstünlüğüne sahip araçların, 3- Sol şeritte bozulan aracın, 4- Yolun ortasından giden tranvayların,sağındaki şeritten geçiş yapılabilir. Gidişe ayrılmış yol bölümlerinde şerit değiştirmemek şartı ile bir şeritteki taşıtların diğer şeritteki taşıtlardan hızlı gitmesi geçme sayılmaz. ÖNDEKİ ARACI GEÇMENİN YASAK OLDUĞU YERLER 1- Geçmenin trafik işaretiyle yasaklandığı yerlerde, 2- Görüş yetmezliği olan tepe üstlerinde, 3- Dönemeçlere yaklaşırken ve dönemeçli yollarda ilerleyen, 4- Kavşaklara yaklaşırken ve kavşaklarda 5- Yaya ve okul geçitlerine yaklaşırken 6- Demiryolu geçitlerine yaklaşırken ve demiryolu geçitlerinde 7- İki yönlü trafiğin kullanıldığı köprüler ve tünellerde öndeki aracı geçmek yasaktır. ***** HIZ AZALTILAN YERLERDE ÖNDEKİ ARACI GEÇMEK YASAKTIR *****
  9. Alter rules for ATSMP - Horn Slots I would this due to the fact ATS is a different game from ETS2 it should have its own rules at least regarding SAVE EDIT. The rule under; §3.1 - Save editing rules: The following save edits are not permitted on trucks: Duplicate accessories (including addon hookups), or multiple accessories of the same type, except for bars mentioned above. Using an interior from one cabin in another, this does not include steering wheels Using interior accessories on the outside of a vehicle Using exterior accessories on the inside of a vehicle Placing beacons on any slot that beacons cannot be placed on by default ---------->Placing large horns on any slot that large horns cannot be placed on by default<---------- Use of trailer or car parts on a truck Adding any part to a vehicle which floats away from the vehicle, regardless of hitbox Any save edit which adds an invisible hitbox {{---------->Placing large horns on any slot that large horns cannot be placed on by default<----------}} example images: I believe seeing it is a different game to ETS2 the rules regarding slots should be altered. as in my picture above there is no real reason it should not be allowed. This has nothing to do with double slots. it does not add any hit box limits and seeing its in an area seen in real life. it should be allowed. i actually copied this idea from a heap of IRL trucks i see every day.
  10. " Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. Failure to adhere to the respective road laws and signage could result in a ban." Is running red lights, driving over the speedlimit or not stopping at an stop sign bannable now?
  11. Guest

    Traffic light rule

    Suggestion Name: Traffic light rule Suggestion Description: Because this is based on a simulation game, I demand that a rule be issued to respective traffic lights, in any area. I have seen that they have certain controls on the game, such as limiting the speed, if possible, I would like the infractions of the game to be enabled obligatority. This is a simulator, those who want to collide have the FlatOut game and those who want to run have the TOCA 3 game. I hope that my proposal is considered, since I am a bit saturated making reports of bad players. Sorry for my anger... Why should it be added?: To avoid crashes, order traffic and take money when it does not respect the traffic light. Any example images:
  12. Suggestion Name: Improve the Truckers MP rules ( and stoping ANY kind of double standard / or unclear offence in the rules.) Suggestion Description: - - - 1) making EVERY'S rules be clear and final, that if someone break it ... will get ban. ( i hate the fact of feedbacking 3 situation at once ( coz actually you can only make 1 feedback at the time ) ( it concerning Trial Game Mod / Game moderator mostly* ). 2) the reason giving by the Trial Game Mod - Game Moderator are unclear / insufficient... and lead to a double standard rules.. ( ill explain it soon.. ) 3) if a Trial Game Moderator* - Game Moderator get caught at doing this should be meet and talk ( by upper staff rapidly ) and see with these person if they understand the rule appropriately ( * if a Trial game mod get caught he/she shouldnt take any web report until he/she become a full time Game Moderator to avoid any abuse or misunderstanding of the rules... )(that is a solution temporary to the problem. ) 4) Upper staff need to sit together and review everys actual rules and making them clear and with a one way direction and without ANY kind of double standard rules inside the rules itself. ( without any grey zone.. ) Any example images: THESE IMAGES are only used as reference and do not break the forum rules ( they got retouched to hide any name,or information that isnt needed here in this topic..)( ill explain my point of view of the situation and the rules that have been break.. ) https://imgur.com/a/N7rQZaP https://imgur.com/a/9G3Ck90 https://imgur.com/a/OFN0fkb https://truckersmp.com/rules Images : 1) §2.1 - Hacking/Bug abusing - PERMANENT BAN Using any kind of tool to change gameplay, including but not limited to using the in-game console, trainers or cheat engine in order to bypass the speeding limiter, to jump hack, no collision hack or anything similar. ( i think everyone(mostly) understand this rule in general ... but if the admin give as reason : ohh it only a ghost mode and just kickable offence * ... when the rules said it : perma ban ... that is a double standard in the rules if you dont make it. ( because some admin/ upper staff will see it that way, some other dont see this in the same way... kickable offence as reference when in fact it a permaban...) That is the second part of the report where thing get spicy ... (alot ) ... already rules breaking is bad but when you do 3 rule breaking meh.. i dont think you deserve a chance...( or i am a complet idiot that just follow the rules instead of breaking them.. my gameplay is different compare to someone else.. ) §2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking* Driving the incorrect way down a road. Overtaking or Undertaking in an area of extremely low FPS and/or in areas with large amounts of traffic, overtaking resulting in an accident or anything similar. This also includes overtaking on any 1 lane in each direction road where there is excessive traffic such as a traffic jam. Areas with a large amount of traffic are considered to be 25+ players. §2.5 - Inappropriate / Reckless Driving* Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, the wrong way, failing to yield, racing other users (except for the Arizona race track), ignoring other players and rules. Driving outside of the map boundaries. This includes spots inaccessible by normal driving unless the player has Game Moderator permissions. Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users vehicle is forbidden. 2) picture 2 is missing this information that i think was kinda obvious in the replay( that i have pointed out in the feedback.. ).. : Reckless driving / Ramming ( the green* truck behind me top right side mirror... you can easy see the hit.. and the truck front nose moving.. ) §2.2 - Ramming* Causing a collision with another user's vehicle or attempting to cause a collision with their vehicle. §2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking* Driving the incorrect way down a road. Overtaking or Undertaking in an area of extremely low FPS and/or in areas with large amounts of traffic, overtaking resulting in an accident or anything similar. This also includes overtaking on any 1 lane in each direction road where there is excessive traffic such as a traffic jam. Areas with a large amount of traffic are considered to be 25+ players. §2.5 - Inappropriate / Reckless Driving* Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, the wrong way, failing to yield, racing other users (except for the Arizona race track), ignoring other players and rules. Driving outside of the map boundaries. This includes spots inaccessible by normal driving unless the player has Game Moderator permissions. Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users vehicle is forbidden. 3) this report getting me a bit frustrated by the answer from the Trial Game Moderator ... because someone rules breaking and roll on the grass ( more likely racing on the grass... from my point of view but okai... ) it givin you the free ticket out of prison ???? O.o + he pushed someone that he just rammed with and use the CB ( actual Hot Topic) to call : Report ... 274 ... Report Report.. ).... §1.3 - Spamming or Abuse Using any of the report or communication systems provided on TruckersMP services inappropriately. This can include but is not limited to spamming them, reporting users multiple times with the same evidence and misusing the system for its intended purposes. Spamming forum/social posts or chat boxes with little to no content and/or useless content that adds nothing to a conversation is also classified as abuse. This can include but is not limited to the in-game chat, **CB radio **, horn spamming, our forum, support tickets, feedback tickets, appeals and reports. §1.4 - Reporting users The evidence you provide cannot be older than 1 month. Reporting users with evidence older than 1 month can lead to a ban from the reporting system. Using compilations, montages or anything similar to report is not deemed as applicable evidence as the age cannot be determined unambiguously. An exception is made when the video's only purpose is to be used as a private report compilation. The evidence you provide us must be available for the length of the ban applied, plus one month. Any evidence you provide must not be cropped, retouched or blurred in any way. Videos can only be cropped time-wise. Blocking, Ramming and Wrong way reports should have video evidence. Screenshots do not usually show the full story or the extent of the issue. Asking for a staff's priority with handling a report is not permitted. Reporting staff must be done through the feedback system. Spamming our report system with useless reports, reports using continuous freecam (Cam 0) to record or anything similar can lead to a ban from the report system. For some basic guidelines on reporting, please look at this forum post here. §2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking* Driving the incorrect way down a road. Overtaking or Undertaking in an area of extremely low FPS and/or in areas with large amounts of traffic, overtaking resulting in an accident or anything similar. This also includes overtaking on any 1 lane in each direction road where there is excessive traffic such as a traffic jam. Areas with a large amount of traffic are considered to be 25+ players. §2.5 - Inappropriate / Reckless Driving* Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, the wrong way, failing to yield, racing other users (except for the Arizona race track), ignoring other players and rules. Driving outside of the map boundaries. This includes spots inaccessible by normal driving unless the player has Game Moderator permissions. Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users vehicle is forbidden. For all 3 situation said above : §5.6 - Changing these rules TruckersMP can change these rules at any time given. If one of those rules does not apply anymore, the others will still do. By using our mod, you agree to all of these rules. You have no excuse that you didn't know about them. Why should it be added? : Now my favorite part the double standard rule applied by the Trial Game moderator - Game Moderator ... let have two exemple** : Double standards are unfair. ... A standard is a way of evaluating someone, and a double standard is two-faced. It's like having a rule that applies to some people one way and another way to others. Men getting paid more for the same work than women is a double standard. https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/double standard Another exemple : A double standard is a code or policy that favors one group or person over another. Double standards are unfair. If a teacher lets all the boys bring candy for lunch but not the girls, that’s a double standard. it is the same thing with truckersmp rules. ! some admin will ban .. and other will kick only... Why ??? i shouldnt be the one who got to answer ... But i have an idea.... because the rules arent clear enough on what is KICKABLE and BANNABLE offence.. and result in frustration in forum report/ in game report.. and i have to make feedback to prove my point on something that i know if i was doing this, ( after 1 year being on tmp i would be ban ) .. Thank you to those read this completly and some will not agree ... and i know few other will agree. it part of the debate... i wish too see a major change in the future by everyone involved in this : Trial Game Moderator-Game Moderator - Upper Staff - Players Thank you Kehox
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    Broken policies

    Hi there, I trust you are doing splendidly and enjoying the season. Suggestion Name: Review your overall policies by means of mentioning how the rules are going to be implemented EXPLICITLY. Suggestion Description: I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration with the current state of affairs, where a Game Moderator (from now on referred to as Admin) can do whatever he likes, whenever he wishes, because the "Official rules" are incomplete (i.e. the actual punishment, for breaking any of the rules, is not mentioned - thus this sort of "system of justice" is highly subjective, and likely abusive towards users who might be punished too harshly for their mistakes). I would like to mention some ambiguous rules which invite to unreasonable reactions from your Admins: - under the "§1 - Service-wide rules", "§1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind", is this rule: "Impersonating other users, political figures, Moderators or acting like someone who is more superior. This can be through the way you speak, sounds, your avatar, your license/interior plates, username and/or your game tag." From what the letter of the text says, one's ID (i.e. name, tag, plates, any text used to define one's identity) cannot INTENTIONALLY be the same with: another user ID, a political figure name, a Moderator ID (please, make sure that is very clear what an inappropriate ID is (i.e. ALL forbidden domains/words); anything else should not be considered wrong, unless specified to be so under another rule). There is no objective way of punishment mentioned for breaking this rule. As it is, the Admin may ask the user, via in-game chat "Y", to change his current ID, but the user might not pay attention to chat, might be in the middle of a maneuver in the traffic, might not be able to comply immediately etc., and then the Admin consider the user is defying him, thus applying a subjective punishment. A clear way to proceed in these situations should be stated under this rule (e.g. 1. Kick + reason + asking to comply; 2. use Admin command to change the user ID + restriction for the user to change his ID for a time). - under the "§1 - Service-wide rules", "§1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind", is this rule: "Avatars, usernames and in-game tags need to be appropriate and cannot contain offensive content in any way. Your name must consist of at least four alphanumeric characters or else it will be changed by staff." which is an addendum to the previous one, by mentioning the offensive content of the user ID (please, make sure that the rule strictly specifies what is considered to be offensive). And again, there is no objective way of punishment mentioned for breaking this rule. A clear way to proceed in these situations should be stated under this rule. There is a severe lack of objective judgement, because ALL RULES simply fail to mention the punishment for breaking them. Under the "§2.10 - How bans are issued", the situation is indeed disastrously as it encourages subjective/unreasonable/abusive actions from your Admins: "The first 3 bans issued are at Game Moderator discretion." Also, starting from 4th ban, every single rule becomes oppressive, as the punishment is equal and very harsh for breaking any of them, in a context where the first 3 bans are exclusively unfair/questionable/inappropriate since there is no mention of how the Admin MUST proceed against an user who broke any of the rules. This sort of "record" of the user's mistakes is extremely discouraging for the user and, in the same time, very "inviting" for the Admin to "feed on the user's corpse." This practice must be stopped immediately! Assuming every single rule has an official/standard punishment, breaking multiple rules at once will of course increase (cumulative, x + y + z, EACH ONE < 4 DAYS) the duration of the ban, but anything more than that is beginning to feel overzealous and aggressive towards the user; also, continuing with this assumption, the "appeal ban" system becomes useless, as there will be no misunderstanding of what happened and how the situation was dealt with. Any example images: Text is enough, thank you. Why should it be added?: Because you are doing it wrong. Because it is unfair for your users. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day and please do take care! Regards,
  14. Suggestion Name: Add picture of B-Double to §3.2 - Trailer modding Suggestion Description: Add a picture of the B-Double trailer combination to the rules in section §3.2 - Trailer modding. Any example images: We have these pictures in the rules: However, we do not have a picture of the b-double trailer in the rules of allowed trailer combinations: (EDIT 12/4/2018: We also now don't have the HCT in a picture) Why should it be added?: Avoid any possible confusion, and make it easier to explain the rules of what trailers are allowed.
  15. //Content temporary withdrawn by the author, further update on this topic will take place as soon as possible.
  16. Hello everyone Used to play a lot of ATS singleplayer now getting back ito the game on the multiplayer side since i have the bandwidth to support it. My least favorite part of the vanilla game is, and has always been the dull sounds implemented for every truck brand as well as engines in ATS (haven't experienced ETS). Likewise, my favorite part of singleplayer years ago was the amount of realistic and custom engines, trucks, and sound mods available. I realize visual mods aren't able to be applied to the multiplayer, it would translate to sketchy (at best) results for people viewing the assets without the same mod downloaded. No issues with that on my end. I do however want a clear and concise answer to whether or not there are truck sound mods available and allowed in multiplayer, such as engine, engine braking, and air brakes. Horns not so much i dont really care, but the constant roaring of a pleasant engine note would make the experience a lot more immersive for me tbh. Just wondering, and i guess adding my 2cents to discussions im sure have been had many times before, i just couldn't find. Thanks!
  17. Hello I'm Ultra. I played alot of TruckersMP in the last 2 years or so. It is a very fun game if you don't look at the griefers ;D. I'd like to give the TruckersMP Team a suggetion, which is AI Traffic in TruckersMP. I can see that this propably would be a problem, because the server needs to spawn Traffic not only around you but also on 4000 other Players at times. It would be also nice, if the Traffic is the same for everyone, so you can't see your friend drive through an AI bus in your screen, because on his screen there is noone. But maybe you guys give it a go and you manage to master this problem . The Pros I thought of are: +The world feels a lot more alive and diverse, which adds to the replayability aspect of your mod. +Because the Server has some griefers online, it could force them to obey more traffic rules to not constantly crash with an AI car. +The Trucks would also obey the Traffic Rules more. For example: People in cities often rush to their destination ignoring lights and speed limits. If you add AI traffic, then suddenly these Trucks have to obey the rules to not crash and earn their money. The Cons i think of: -A big chunk of coding maybe? -System and server Resources need to be tested on that, -There would be more Traffic jams in popular cities. (But also: Hey thats life, traffic jams happen) If you could add this at some point of the developement, it would be awesome ^^
  18. Suggestion Name: Update Rule 3 (Save Editing) Suggestion Description: Update the save editing rule to allow some additions. Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/s3KgppI Why should it be added?: Currently I believe that the rules are fine apart from the save editing rules. I do not agree with not allowing lights elsewhere on your truck. In real life I see it all the time and it looks really nice. I can understand beacons not being allowed, but the lights should. Above I put too images, one for what I mean in-game, and another of a real life version.
  19. Dear beloved players, Since we are facing some users being banned due to excessive save editing, most of whom are not aware as to whether they are following the rules or breaking them, or are confused about the rules, I decided to create this topic. I have met some of you in-game, some of you ask me whether your truck is obeying the rule sets we provide, I gentle tell you to remove or keep any item. In this topic, I want each of you that have any doubts, to take a screenshot of your truck or trailer and upload it here. Please don’t be afraid, none of the pictures sent here will be used against you. If you have doubts about your truck or trailer you can send it here, you will have the help you are in need of. Please use one of the following websites: https://imgur.com/ or https://prnt.sc/ or you can upload it directly into the message box below. This is important for all of you, so please don't hesitate to ask if you have any doubt, be it a simple question or not. It is better to clear your doubts than getting banned for something you were not sure of. If you have doubts if a mod is allowed or not in our multiplayer, please read this topic below, it will be a big help for you! MOST COMMON DOUBTS : Mods are now allowed only when the editing is not made by /home/access, other than that, it is allowed. What I mean... Customized addon parts such as steering wheels, light bars and similar are still permitted. But, following the allowed steps of course. And edited stuff with the default things of game, for example, you can use a Scania's sound in a Volvo. The editions that do not follow the rules, will end up being kicked from the game. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to ask! Sincerely, Nataliia TruckersMP - Community Moderation Manager ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to @ChrisPatrol , @marco6158 & @Forerunner for helping me sort this out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Translations of the main statement: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65201-save-editing-estou-seguindo-as-regras/ - Portuguese https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65216-save-editing-kurallara-uyuyor-muyum-tırım-kurallara-uygun-mu/ - Turkish https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65221-редактирования-сохранений-соблюдаю-ли-я-правила/ - Russian https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65203-save-editing-da-li-pratim-pravila/ - Balkan https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65238-save-editing-befolge-ich-die-regeln/ - German https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65233-úpravy-vozidel-dodržuji-pravidla/ - Czech https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/64988-save-editing-est-ce-que-je-suis-en-règle/ - French https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65637-edycja-zapisu-gry-przestrzegam-zasad/ - Polish https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/67957-editarea-salvării-urmăresc-regurile/ - Romanian *EDIT* Since Nataliia has unfortunately left the team, @Dziada will be taking over this thread, now with the help of @PsychicznyMajster.
  20. CUSTOM DOUBLE TRAILER ON ATS From what I read in the rules it seems like having a double trailer made from 2 45ft trailers it's forbidden. I would like to know the reason of that, because I really like this combination and it can't cause any more problem than the triple 28ft does because they are the same lenght. The double trailer made from 2 45ft long flatbeds and one single axle dolly. Comparing the lenght with a triple trailer made from 28ft long trailers and 2 single axle dollies. If there is any specific reason I would like to suggest to give a small adjustment to the rules and allow this very interesting setup. It is obvious that save editing knowledge is needed in order to achieve such a trailer and therefore there will be a very limited amount of players driving this setup but if it gets approved I'm happy to create a tutorial for everybody to learn from.
  21. Rules ? or Irregularities ?
  22. Multe probleme au aparut in comunitatea romaneasca de cand s-a lansat ATS si de cat cei de la multiplayer au schimbat clientul multiplayer pe 64 de biti. Am facut un video in care am luat si am analizat toate aceste aspecte si schimbari. SI regulile sunt explicate pentru ca multi nu stau sa citeasca.
  23. can i use mods from workshop for more xp, no damage and momey for fast lvl to a nice truck? Are the DLC at multi? How to start? I am a newbe in this game
  24. So I was sitting in the yard of a garage, front towards the garage, with a trailer. I checked the minimap and saw that there was no immediate traffic outside the garage, and proceeded to back out into the road. I was in good control of the trailer, aiming it properly towards the empty lane from which I was going to continue my journey. I was also in good control of the traffic situation, as there was none. Suddenly, I get kicked for "reckless driving". Look, I get it, I could've easily have turned around inside the yard of the garage, but why bother kicking someone in such a mellow and well controlled situation? I wasn't speeding, wasn't blocking, and certainly not being reckless. I got hit by others recklessly 3 times on my last journey, but no kicking occured in any of those situations. I see people ramming others on purpose in the entrances of pickup yards all the time without getting kicked. My questions here are as follows: Is this regime of randomly kicking on principle a common theme amongst moderators? Is it a common problem there may be some desynch in the network, leading to me seeing a completely different traffic situation than what the moderator saw? Should I always drive in fear of doing something wrong, even when I'm not?
  25. Poslední aktualizace 1. Října 2015 Následující je zákázáno: Formy urážek, vulgarismů Formy pornografie Avatary, podpisy, nebo pozadí profilu, které obsahují formu nudizmu, nebo formy sexuálního obsahu, můžou být smazány a uživatel potrestán. Formy diskriminace, rasizmu nebo sexizmu. Formy příspěvků, které porušují medzinárodní zákony. Formy příspěvků, které obsahují nelegální predmety, napr. drogy, warez a upirátěný software. Citování příspěvku nad Vaším, prosím používejte ^, nebo povězte "Souhlasím s příspěvkem výše". Napodobování člena staff, například avatarem, podpisem nebo nickem. Bumpování tématu více než jeden krát za 3 dni. Není dovoleno vytvářet témata nebo příspěvky: Které urážejí uživatele. Které obsahují url stránek které porušují pravidla. Které obsahují osobní informace o jiných uživatelích, to zahrnuje adresy, čísla telefonu, atď. Které obsahují sériové klíče a cracky, zahrnujíc jakýkoliv upirátěný software. Které obsahují agresivní chování. Které neobsahují nic důležitého. Které sa Vás netýkají. (Unban žádosti, atd.) Jejichž záměrem je zvyšování post countu. Které mají nadpis "Pomozte mi" nebo "Potřebuju pomoc!!!" Prosím, ujistěte se, že si prohlédnete fórum před tím, než vytvoříte vlastní téma. Opakovaná témata se stejným obsahem budou smazána a potrestána warning pointem. Prosím, taktéž se ujistěte, že vytváríte Váš topic do správné kategorie. Pokud nevíte kategorii, vytvořte ho v sekci Off topic. Pokud vidíte uživatele, který porušuje pravidla fóra uvedená výše, prosím nahlaste jej a uvedené téma bude prověřeno. My nevymazáváme témata uživatelů na vyžádání. Můžeme je jen permanentně zabanovat. Témata musí dodržovat formát, jinak budou smazána a jejich autor potrestán. Administrátoři Vás můžou potrestat, pokud to považují za vhodné. Podmínky: Avatary: Maximální výška: 200px Maximální šířka: 200px Maximální velikost: 50KB Podpisy: Maximální velikost: 150kb Blikající GIF nebo jiné blikající animace jsou zakázány. Rolovací GIF nebo animace jsou povoleny. Pokud podpisy nesplňují podmínky, administrce má povolení je skrýt. Pravidla mohou být měněna kdykoliv. Tím, že používáte fórum, souhlasíte s dodržováním pravidel a potrestáním v případě jejich porušování. Vytvořili: I<3VODKA and StuartD.
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