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Found 53 results

  1. A question about rules

    Can I do freecam+f9 on ETS2MP ? (Going freecam and summoning my car where my freecam is)
  2. Forum only Rules Help

    Hello truckers and management, I want to ask something about the forum rules. As we all know, it is not right to increase the number of messages by doing SPAM and ,f you read the rules, you know. Are comments deleted here? or Should I wait for a certain amount of time? Thank you everybody, good day and good game truckers.. Forum only Rules Here: §3.1 - No off-topic posting
  3. I wonder if it's against the rules of TruckersMP if I use DLC Unlocker in Steam. Will the MP mod detect the dlcs if I downloaded them and put them in Steam? Do I get ban for it on TruckersMP? Because it is possible in Steam especially if the game is not VAC secured.
  4. Beacon Script - Enforcing Rule

    Suggestion Name: Beacon Script - Enforcing Rule Suggestion Description: Just a basic script that turns off beacons if there is a certain amount of playing in a radius. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I think this should be added because many people still use beacons in high populated area's which is against the rules which also causes lag for other players. How I think this would work, is by a script detecting the amount of players in a radius (same type of the tab player list) and when it gets over and certain number, it turns off the beacons to reduce lag and to also keep the player from getting kicked/banned. I would think that the number 30 would be great for the script to turn the beacons off, the number is not too low or not too high, just perfect Not only that this is reducing lag, it also enforces the rule. If you wish, you can make it so in the TruckersMP Launcher settings, there can be a part so you can turn the script on or off because most people like to have beacons on and sometimes the script may turn off the beacons even tho there is not one near you but still saying a high number on the player list from a convoy far away. Another good idea adding to this idea is that it will put a message on your screen saying that the beacons have been disabled. For Example: "[CONSOLE] Beacons Turned Off Because Amount Of Players!" I do hope this idea gets into ETS2MP because it will help many people (hopefully) I have used the search option, nothing came up for the term *beacons* which is to do of what I said above I'm not good with idea's but this could actually be a good one
  5. Kicking time

    How can I learn my kick time? I mean when I am able to play multiplayer again? note: I am kicked because I made a pilot paintjob and I didn't know this.Please solve my problem
  6. Kreisverkehre

    Hallo Trucker, Ich hätte mal eine Frage, da ich seid kurzen wieder angefangen habe, TruckersMP zu spielen. Und zwar in fast jedem Kreisverkehr wo ich drin bin, fährt einer in mir rein. Aber eigentlich hat ja derjenige der im Kreisverkehr drin ist Vorfahrt (in dem Fall ich). Wollte deswegen fragen ob das hier anders geregelt ist. LG Goldkrieger
  7. Is this allowed?

    I would like to do some sort of "Virtual Roadside Assistance", like the insurance companies and truck stops do IRL. I would use a Pilot vehicle (with Pilot beacons, this is the closest I can get to one of the real life vehicles). I would help direct traffic (not trying to impersonate any admins, but rather parking off to the side and assisting people through via chat), and pull over behind stopped trucks on the side of the road like they would in real life. Is this allowed by the rules?
  8. Rule that needs updating

    This rule needs updating with the addition of double trailers in Scandinavia (and map-wide in ATS): "Only one full length trailer is permitted."
  9. Rule §2.20

    Hi there I've a question about rule 2.20: "§2.20 Doubles and triples: You are not allowed to alter the configuration of the double/triple trailers, only the default job configurations are allowed." What is meant with default? Aren't you allowed to change the way they look by pressing on the little gear button next to the trailer-picture in the selection menu? Aren't these also default, they are in the base game. If I'm correct, could you please explain why? I'm just curious. Thanks for answering my question in advance .
  10. Spelling mistake on the rules page.

    Hey, Was checking the rules page today. and came across a spelling mistake. I'm confident in thinking that this word is spelled with one 'r' and not two, please correct me otherwise. Kind regards, Jefferz

    Hi there Suggestion Name: SERVER WITH NO RULES Suggestion Description: change one of the exist server (for example server EU1) to no rules server with no admins and reporting system Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: because I see that its almost impossible to play seriously in this game, I cant deliever any cargo without damage been done by some other players who ramming me with no reason, or trolls who blocking the road using scout cars, they dont care about your reaction, they came into this game just to have fun by ramming and trolling, why not give them a dedicated server where they can do what they want, Im sure this will clean normal servers from them, because nobody want to be banned, If there will be a server without rules most trolls will go there
  12. Additional Convoy Rules

    Suggestion Name: Inappropriate Convoy Management Suggestion Description: Can't block traffic in any way. Why should it be added?: Because convoys won't follow the basic rules of truckersmp community. They blocking roads and disturbing to overtake them safely. The main reason bad current speed / gap between trucks. Hi admins and mptruckers community. I want to vote an additional convoy rules. Last evening I was at convoy where random player (not convoyer) has got 1 week ban only for trying to overtake the convoy. The reason I write it is: they didn't let him overtake. Convoys going with too small gap between trucks (around 20-60 meters) and won't pass others overtake them safely. In in-game rules I read: #Inappropriate Convoy Management Groups (And Individuals) which offer services such as piloting a convoy, or directing trucks during a convoy are not allowed to block, or slow down, traffic in any way, shape, or form. But to be honest people I played with won't hear anything about the gap between trucks when going in convoy. It was a reason I leaved 2 last virtual companies. Also I guess there should be something like "must to register" any convoy bigger then 5 trucks to take a look at it by admins. And as I wrote above, from admins which know the rules of leading a convoy. Please read it and join discussion how to prevent the insolent convoyers. Duscussion on General discussion forum:
  13. Suggestion Name: Overtaking Rule: Only overtake on the right one side Suggestion Description: Only overtake on the left sided lane when you are in continental europe and on the right sided lane in the UK. Any example images: none Why should it be added?: Its a very common problem that there are a lot of players in continental europe which are just overtaking on the right lane when you drive on the middle lane of the highway, and don't warn you with horns or lights. I personally nearly never watch into the right sided mirror cause in real life you shouldn't get overtaken on the right side and my mouse is very far away from me cause i am driving with steering wheel. f2 isn't an option for me too, cause it's unrealistic. So when i'm changing to the right lane from the middle lane i just activate my blinker and change the lane without watching into the mirrors, except when i overtook an other truck. So sometimes i crash into other trucks because they overtake on the right lane althrough the left lane is free.
  14. Newbie

    Hey there not sure if this is in the right topic but wouldnt let me post anywhere else. Would like to clarify some rules as follows: speed limits - are they a guideline or a must obey. (as had lots of people speeding past me when speed limit on gps and road says 31 or example) traffic lights - I assume people have to stop for these. - I have had people beeping behind me to go through or driving on the pavement to get around me. Many thanks chris
  15. Suggestion Name: The Exemption of the Non- collision server from the no racing rules Suggestion Description: This is more of a request to review the present no racing rule in truckersmp and maybe adding an exception to eu5 Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Well this could allow for a the emergence of different events to take place on eu5 thus making it attractive.
  16. Suggestion Name: Updated rules window Suggestion Description: Having a window popup with updated rules before selecting a server in game for players to confirm they have read the new/edited rules before entering game. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Just like when coming on the website and rule changes are made I think it would be more effective to show it in-game as well.
  17. Driving

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting that I have created. My name is william and I am from the United States of America. I like to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 because of several reasons. First off there is a large variety of trucks to choose from when you start the game. Over time once you get all the dealers unlocked you can purchase various ones to have something to switch to while playing the game. Second I would like to speak about the map. Yes when you first purchase the game you have the standard map which is quite large itself. ( much better then American Truck Simulator ) but anyways. If you happen to purchase any map DLC please get the Vi Va La France one first. I currently have all the map DLC's and I have to say driving is so much better and easier and actually more beautiful. Some of the areas that you can go are just outstanding in so many ways. The view is sometimes overtaking to where you just want to pull over and take some pictures. Third I like this game because of the large amount of players on here. Yes with a large amount comes with higher risks and the often getting cursed out or yelled at or honked at. However in general the game is fun and enjoyable to play. I noticed today while I was hauling a helicopter that as I approached an intersection there was a large convoy coming from the other side. Now I thought as it has happened often before that once my light turns green they are not going to stop and will run the light. Well I was wrong. Once my light turned green they came to a stop and allowed me to proceed as normal. It is a sight that you do not see very often in the game and it was nice to see the respect that was shown today at that intersection. As an American I have to get use to some of the roads over there and I also have to try and obey the rules as much as I can. Now with that being said what I am talking about it while stopped at a RED LIGHT can you still turn right even though it is red. Here in the United States of America we are able to turn right on most red lights but there are a few that will not allow it because of the obstructed view.
  18. More Police Cars!

    Suggestion Name: More Police Cars in EU2 (busiest server). Suggestion Description: I think there should be more Police and Admins in ETS2MP in general, but specifically in EU2, since it's the busiest one yet. Plus, I think some users should be allowed (maybe through an application) to utilize a Police Car as a Pilot Car for certain cargos or convoys, since I've been sort of attacked recently, rammed into and blocked by players, I think having a Police Car would scare the trolls away. I do know that admins have Police Vehicles but I've only seen one in my whole ETS2 experience. Maybe Admins could use undercover cars with blue grille leds or single siren, while these special users could use full Police wraps and lightbars. Players specialized with being Officers could respond to calls made with a certain command in chat and could help with solving small problems without reports having to be done all day and admins having to be called because "someone rammed me, boo-hoo". A whole Police "VTC"ish thing could grow from this, I know some people must agree with me that this could be interesting, maybe test it in a smaller server! I'm obsessed with the Police and have been a fan for years, so being denied using a Police Car in such game makes me sad. Any example images: Not really, attached is an aesthetic addition to the submission. Why should it be added?: For players' security, realism and immersion, maybe.
  19. Suggestion Name: Liquidation of the prohibition of "Security" tagSuggestion Description: On this thread, I will be talking about my opinion about the prohibition of the Security tag and why it should be removed.Any example images: N/AWhy should it be added?: Having a tag with the word "Security" shouldn't be a problem. Rules exist for the protection of all the drivers and to benefit said people. How is banning the tag "Security" benefitting to anything? There are obvious keywords that are and should be prohibited, including: Police, Admin and Mod. But why Security? There is no reason as to why Security is banned. People could use this keyword to create a tag that isn't harmful in any way. Some examples: "High Security Trucks", "Cargo Security", etc.. Infact, keywords themselves shouldn't even be a bannable offense, but what the tag's full name is. Thanks for reading.
  20. Suggestion Name: Display rules when you get to the login screen in the application Suggestion Description: You will need to scroll down and check 'I understand these rules and will abide by them' or something like that, the player must check the box and choose that they accept and then it will be removed, the idea is much like how the rules are displayed on the website except having the rules be displayed in-game may make some people think twice about breaking them. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It should be added as so to better inform and educate the wider community of the rules and their consequences, if the rules are clearly displayed in the game client for all to see then there is a lower chance of people wanting to break these rules. I've searched to see if this was already suggested but couldn't find anything. The rules are only displayed once and once they are checked as 'understood' they will not display again.
  21. Hello /help I need to know if I have understood this Rule correctly So if I have 4 bans -One in January 10th -One in March 10th -One in September 10th -One in December 10th (New Year starts) and I would get for whatever reason banned on the 11th January, this ban would be counting as the fourth then right? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but my English is semi-good and I want to make sure Thanks for all answers
  22. Suggestion Name: Notice of rule change on splash screenSuggestion Description: Addition of a notice when rules are updated or changed on the TMP loader, so that people are aware that rules have changedAny example images: should it be added?: To notify players that a rule change has occurred. Lots of players don't bother to read the forums, and will only read the rules when they initially sign up. Players that are then banned claim ignorance, or that the Admin are flexing their powers when the rules are changed, without even knowing that the rules changed. Adding a small text box to the launcher (if the launcher has its own updater) to notify of rule changes would help curb the issue of not knowing the rules, then the rule breaks will reflect back on the player not even looking at the launcher. EDIT: An additional option to this is to have a notice on the launcher to be aware of the rules, and that they may change without notice, with a link to the website / rules page. Also Edited the last line of why, so it makes more sense.
  23. Rules about Beacons

    In the rules it says that you can no longer use beacons at busy places, I guess because of lag? It also mentions Calais - Duisburg Road, can someone show me a screen shot of the road as I'm unsure of it. Also, wouldn't it be easier to just ban beacons all together? Saves having to change the rules regarding them constantly...
  24. New rules for Calais - Duisburg Road

    Hello! Suggestion Name: New rules for Calais - Duisburg Road Suggestion Description: Do not Overtakes in all Calais - Duisburg Road, if a person overtake, he can be report/rec or kick if a admin is present Any example images: nothing Why should it be added?: It's too dangerous to overtake in this road and can make some damage if you drive in this road This is my suggestion for this rules
  25. Rules - Question

    I just read the rules again, when I saw this picture: ..I wondered: Do you have to keep the speed limit? Because when it says "Users are required to follow the traffic laws of the respective country", I'm thinking of the speed limit on the GPS, when you're driving, and I see a WHOLE lot of players who's overtaking with 90-100-110 or even 120 km/h which can be absolutely dangerous when there's other players on the road. If the truck then turnes on the highway, the truck can get out of control and then crash, block the road or slam into another truck. So my question is: Do you have to keep the speed limit? Are you allowed to drive faster than the speed limit?