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  1. Hello truckers!!! Attention with the translation of the rules in Spanish and Portuguese as they are in disagreement with the update, especially about the ban period.

  2. ProMods 2.57 loggin SCS and Off line. Why do not loggin TMP???? (Error missing file)

    1. _sneaht_0810


      Hello @Mineiro Uai,

      I hope this answers your question:

      Currently, TruckersMP does not support promods version 2.57. You will have to use the 2.56 version if you want to play on our Promods servers. 

      Kindest regards,
      Stay safe!
      _sneaht_0810 | TruckersMP Forum Moderator

    2. Mineiro Uai

      Mineiro Uai

      T u very much


  3. I appreciated how you exposed the weight - kg / lb. To be more complete, @Granite, you should add a caption about the red and green squares, as: x squared - not applied v square - applied (my opinion). Thanks for your post.
  4. Hi guys!! The same goes for 1.38 x 1.39. Remember to change the correct values. Tested and approved by me since 1.36 x 1.37. I recommend.
  5. @loquilloW I tested and approved. I also used it with 1.37 x 1.38. Answering your question: The TMP launcher will inform you that the version is incompatible with the current version (if applicable) or will accept it if it is correct and go to the game. If it is incompatible, just run the .bat for the compatible version and have fun. Hope this helps.
  6. It's a great idea, but I would either change the truck image by the player's avatar or post both. @galantisCCWhat do you think of also posting UTC time ??
  7. If this compatibility update include the latested update of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (, why are we in ETS2 on TMP???
  8. In autumn, the trees strip off their old clothes, stop feeding the leaves they bring from spring and summer, which turn yellow and die, and let them fall to the ground, free themselves from the old, from what no longer serves them , than already weighs. Autumn is the season of liberation, from which renewal is possible. Autumn has arrived, so free yourself, transform yourself, reinvent yourself. Welcome fall!
  9. And downgrade ver


  10. Someone was loggin on TMP now???

    Have ver. and espected


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    2. Mineiro Uai

      Mineiro Uai

      but the version restarted was


    3. Mineiro Uai

      Mineiro Uai

      but the version restarted was

      Now its worked... t y


    4. MarkON



      Happy Trucking ?

  11. Hi, @Anriandor What you thing about this changes??? This is for you: Actualy: 0 to 24 reputationTruck? 25 to 99 reputationUnlicensed 100 to 249 reputationSunday Driver 250 to 499 reputationTrainee 500 to 749 reputationReserve Driver 750 to 999 reputationLocal Driver 1000 to 1499 reputationNational Driver 1500 to 2999 reputationInternational Driver 3000 to 4999 reputationVeteran driver 5000 to 9999 reputationDriving Instructor 10000+ reputationKing of the Road! As it is, it is very difficult to reach the levels (I see by the veteran players). So, thinking about this, and as a stimulus for everyone, I suggested these changes. Sugestion: 0 to 24 reputation Truck? 25 to 99 reputation Unlicensed 100 to 299 reputation Sunday Driver 300 to 549 reputation Trainee 550 to 699 reputation Reserve Driver 700 to 999 reputation Local Driver 1000 to 1499 reputation National Driver 1500 to 1999 reputation International Driver 2000 to 2999 reputation Veteran driver 3000 to 5000 reputation Driving Instructor 5000+ reputation Lord of the World! And you: What do you think about this????
  12. By the way, the "g_set_weather" and "s_interior_volume", can also be used in MP.
  13. @Brandon LogandiGood news, guy!!! The same thing to 1.38. Change every 1.36 and 136 to 1.38 and 138. Done. Enjoy it!!!
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