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  1. I agree. It was time ... Scania, DAF, MB and now Volvo.
  2. I am wanting to understand the situation regarding the speed limitation in TMP. Some say it is game, so the speed must be released ... However, others, simulator, to be realistic must have compatible speeds. I want to understand what the game player thinks about it.
  3. From listening so much: ETS is a game ... ETS is a simulator ... So, I decided to find out what YOU, the forum user thinks. Give your opinion. This vote will end on 06/30/2020. Thank you.
  4. Because I can read the code. It just changes the file name. You have 2 files: 1.36 and 1.37 that you will use as you need. Simple. But you are correct, it is necessary to be cautious about this ever.
  5. @Guest Aborjin How start a vote bar?? Can you tell me?
  6. Change it: Letters by symbols, reverse word, ..., be different, invent!
  7. Let me know: what are you doing while TMP is still at version 1.36 ??? Are you playing off? Are you playing 1.36 ?? Are you playing 1.37 ?? Are you bored???? Or like me, 1.36 and 1.37. Or another option, come on, tell me !!! let me know: react to this post.
  8. tic tac tic tac... more 3 days...Waiting kills!!!
  9. The real trucker drives ATS, others ... play ETS.
  10. Christmas is my favorite. Always Forward is most used.
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