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  1. I appreciated how you exposed the weight - kg / lb. To be more complete, @Granite, you should add a caption about the red and green squares, as: x squared - not applied v square - applied (my opinion). Thanks for your post.
  2. translate: "Terrible ... The same agglomeration as always ... with the bottleneck for the ferry leaving it becomes a game of patience to be able to disembark. Another sacrifice to be able to embark. Players want to leave or enter all at the same time. But the most incredible thing ... everyone wants to be there, including me. kkkk" I loved your comment, t u @JotaEme U can add one more, I!!! lol
  3. Simple, but beautiful. I expected more ... as a reference last year! T u by post.
  4. The port of Calais, as well as the city, has undergone some changes in this new version. Tell me a little more about your experience in the Port of Calais and in the city. Astonished? Disappointed? Indifferent, perhaps !!! What are your expectations regarding a new version: 1.40 ???
  5. So @seth_haveron... have fun with your Minecraft. Leave scania to us - real drivers - 180 km/h!!!!
  6. Have you ever thought about playing Minecraft ??? It is very slow and not dangerous for you ... If not, here is an incentive, you will like it for sure !!! lol
  7. Hello Restanho, it would be incredible to see this truck also on the EAA Map. Here's the tip. Visualizes running through Marajó, Porto Velho or even in Pantanal Matogrossense. Beautiful picture. Thank you, @kultrex.
  8. I would really like to see Ford trucks, especially competition trucks. Imagine driving on the roads with all that power ... It would be crazy !!!
  9. Which truck would you like to see on ETS2?
  10. Hi guys!! The same goes for 1.38 x 1.39. Remember to change the correct values. Tested and approved by me since 1.36 x 1.37. I recommend.
  11. T U, JM c u, @JotaEme. Thanks by ur reaction on this post.
  12. Here we are ...again!!! New version, olds problems!!! Let me know: what are you doing while TMP is still at version 1.38 ??? Are you playing off? Are you playing 1.38 ?? Are you playing 1.39 ?? Are you bored???? Or like me, 1.38 and 1.39. May be waiting 1.39??? lol Or another option, come on, tell me !!! Let me know by reacting to this post. Thanks!
  13. @loquilloW I tested and approved. I also used it with 1.37 x 1.38. Answering your question: The TMP launcher will inform you that the version is incompatible with the current version (if applicable) or will accept it if it is correct and go to the game. If it is incompatible, just run the .bat for the compatible version and have fun. Hope this helps.
  14. It's a great idea, but I would either change the truck image by the player's avatar or post both. @galantisCCWhat do you think of also posting UTC time ??
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