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  1. And downgrade ver


  2. Someone was loggin on TMP now???

    Have ver. and espected


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    2. Mineiro Uai

      Mineiro Uai

      but the version restarted was


    3. Mineiro Uai

      Mineiro Uai

      but the version restarted was

      Now its worked... t y


    4. MarkON



      Happy Trucking 🚚

  3. So ... I could see that for each 24-hour cycle in real time there is a 3-day (72-hour) game cycle - 3: 1. In this symmetry there is a constant repetition of the server time. Any player who logs into the server at the same real time will always find the server with the same game time. That said, let's go to the question: why maintain this symmetry (3: 1)? It would be interesting to break something like 2 1/2: 1 or 31/3: 1. What changes?? The cycle. Entering the server at the same real time, I will find different times on the server, allowing me to walk at different stages of the game day to the same real time as I log in. Give me your opinion: Do you always log in at the same time? Is the cycle change important? Would you like to play at a different time than the game? Tell me what you think. I appreciate if you react to this post. Thank you!
  4. From Oslo (NW) to San Giovanni (IT) - 3400 km, on ARCADE. Estimated time - 75 minutes. Media 45 km/h x minute Cargo: Cut Flowers
  5. I agree with you @Kuzey Tek1noğlu. In addition, Calais-Duisburg 90 km/h along the entire length of the highway.
  6. Mineiro Uai

    Traffic Lights

    I believe that there is a traffic policeman controlling the traffic light right when you're passing (kkk) ... Stay tuned !!! To avoid this problem, disable the traffic violation mode. You can do this and continue to respect traffic signs and rules. Nice trucking, guy!
  7. @SharpGlitter167Try to downgrade. It works.
  8. OMG!!! Flying cows !!! and there's one listening to a "cell phone call" or, may be, "cell phone cow"
  9. I agree with your position, it is definitely very sad a situation like this ... Some players have an extreme orgasm when making chaos: force, block, insult, ... What really bothers me is that these same players can do this in real traffic !!!
  10. Old question...New version!!! Let me know: what are you doing while TMP is still at version 1.37 ??? Are you playing off? Are you playing 1.37 ?? Are you playing 1.38 ?? Are you bored???? Or like me, 1.37 and 1.38. May be waiting 1.39??? lol Or another option, come on, tell me !!! Let me know by reacting to this post. Thanks!
  11. @AS SPED czeslawmuwiI want to know what it was like to drive for the first time in D-C. Tell us your experience! I hope it was unforgettable !!! Just insane???
  12. Hi, @Anriandor What you thing about this changes??? This is for you: Actualy: 0 to 24 reputationTruck? 25 to 99 reputationUnlicensed 100 to 249 reputationSunday Driver 250 to 499 reputationTrainee 500 to 749 reputationReserve Driver 750 to 999 reputationLocal Driver 1000 to 1499 reputationNational Driver 1500 to 2999 reputationInternational Driver 3000 to 4999 reputationVeteran driver 5000 to 9999 reputationDriving Instructor 10000+ reputationKing of the Road! As it is, it is very difficult to reach the levels (I see by the veteran players). So, thinking about this, and as a stimulus for everyone, I suggested these changes. Sugestion: 0 to 24 reputation Truck? 25 to 99 reputation Unlicensed 100 to 299 reputation Sunday Driver 300 to 549 reputation Trainee 550 to 699 reputation Reserve Driver 700 to 999 reputation Local Driver 1000 to 1499 reputation National Driver 1500 to 1999 reputation International Driver 2000 to 2999 reputation Veteran driver 3000 to 5000 reputation Driving Instructor 5000+ reputation Lord of the World! And you: What do you think about this????
  13. By the way, the "g_set_weather" and "s_interior_volume", can also be used in MP.
  14. @AspergerKid thanks for sharing your opinion. In particular, I only agree with topic 3. @XLondeRI believe that C-D will always be C-D, no matter what you do!
  15. 45th Parallel - done Gem State - done The Director - in progress
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