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  1. Howdy truckers! I'm Jean, and I believe many of you know me in the TMP community as the current VTC Leader of the ALLIANCE Virtual. My hobby is editing photos in my free time, and I plan to learn how to edit videos in the future. I hope you enjoy the content posted here
  2. Name of the proposal: Deactivate in-game chat during the journey Description of the proposal: I think it would be better if you could stop using the in-game chat at a certain speed, say 40 km/h or more. Any sample images: none Why should it be added? This should be added, because I keep noticing that many people who write while driving constantly drive into oncoming traffic and then lose control of the lorry and have an accident. Perhaps it would help if the chat was closed at a certain speed. Unfortunately, I don't know if that would be technically feasible. Please let me know your opinion on this topic, I would like to know what you think.
  3. “Sometimes all you need is a great friend and a tank of gas.”
  4. Hola, ante todo me presento, es mi primera vez escribiendo en el foro, aunque ya tengo algún tiempo entrando en él y leyendo. Mi pregunta es la siguiente; ¿En TruckersMP se lleva algún tipo de registro de los trabajos que se van realizando en ETS2, al estilo de TruksBook? Si la respuesta es afirmativa ¿dónde se pueden ver las mismas? Muchas gracias por su atención y espero participar más en los foros. Saludos!
  5. SALUDOS GENTE: Tengo una duda y quizás ustedes me la puedan aclarar: El doble trailer largo sólo se pueden hacer entregas en Finlandia? como para hacer entregas en general con ese enorme trailer doble en el resto del mapa dentro del Truckers MP. Muchas gracias.
  6. Buenas conductores como leyeneron en el titulo mucho de los jugadores no cumple con la reglas de mp específicamente la regla 3,7 sobre el dlc de cargas pesadas la regla dice: Los trailers del DLC de Heavy Cargo en cualquiera de los juegos solo deben estar en sus combinaciones predeterminadas. Los intercambios de carga con otros remolques están permitidos, pero estos remolques no deben usarse en combinaciones de remolque doble / triple que no sean las predeterminadas. El DLC "Maquinaria forestal" ATS se incluye dentro de este. Como dice la regla no se puede usar eso remolque en contaminaciones doble o triples y últimamente he visto a muchos jugadores usando esa combinación mas en la ruta mas concurrida del juego. aquí les dejo algunos vídeos de conductores usando este tipo de remolques. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyTJ3FKq7vM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Miohu9ZymeI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj7zEr_iMnU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cNTN8SyhUA Ahora se pregunta que tienen de malo andar con ese remolque? aparte de recibir un banear permanentemente también estimula que otros jugadores traten de crear: Aparte que la gran mayoría conduce por la ruta calais-dusburg (en la ruta del ban o también conocida como ruta de los noob) que como sabemos es la mas transitada de todo truckersmp. Haciendo que puedan causar problemas en la vía ya que esta combinación es algo inestable y fácilmente puede volcar en medio de la carretera y haciendo que el trafico se detenga. Muchos escapan de los moderadores mas ala cantidad de conductores que transitan en calais y dusburg. Me gustaría saber su opinión sobre este tema y como los moderadores podría resolver este tema ya que esto esta en aumento y la mayoría de los accidentes que pasan en la ruta de ban por culpa de estos remolque que es quedan enganchados o volcado en la carretera. Gracias por leer este tema y dejar su opinión que tenga un buen día
  7. Name of Suggestion : Refresh TruckersMP Login to the game ! Suggestion Purpose : To make the page more functional, to increase participation in players' activities, to provide more opportunities for VTCs. Suggestion Description : First of all, hello to all of you, today I would like to offer you a suggestion. I think that adding the VTC System and Event Page to the login page will positively affect the game, as indicated in the images below. In addition, with this feature, participation in the VTC System increases, participation in Events increases. In addition to these, if we specify on which server and in which city the active players are in the VTC Section (maybe ID), thus giving VTC users the opportunity to see each other. I prepared visuals for you: Image 1: This image is for users who are not in any vtc. For users who do not have a VTC, we can show vtc adverts in the vtc section and events on the Featured Events page. Image 2: This image is for users in a vtc. NOTE: You must be logged in before this feature works. I think it would be nice to move the login page to the Launcher, but according to the current system, the systems in these images can come after pressing the LOGIN key.
  8. -Suggestion Format: Event Suggestions -Suggestion Name: The Next TruckersMP Rally Championship Race -Suggestion Description: To the people in charge of TruckersMP: I want to first start by saying that I was accepted to be a racer in the first ever TruckersMP Rally Championship races. I didn't even get through qualifying because of a stupid mistake on my part. But I still had fun and was excited to be apart of it. I wanted to give you my ideas or suggestions for the next TruckersMP Rally race Championship in ATS. 1. I know this one is the most hardest of my ideas. Racing was very hard because people were inside you and you couldn't see where the road was and judge maneuvers properly. But, American Truck Simulator is not a crash simulator so any contact would be a catastrophe waiting to happen. 2. Make race tracks easier and then get harder as we go along. 3. The "flag man" at the starting line should have a mic because it was hard to judge it when it was in the chat. 4. Racers at the starting line should turn off their engines and lights while waiting for their turn because there was noise pollution and frame rate drops. I know there was some night racing, but racers waiting don't need their lights. 5. Send the accepted drivers the race track info earlier so that they can practice the tracks earlier than a few hours before. 6. And last but not least, car racing! Yes, let's try and race the Scout car. That could be fun and exciting. And if we do that, adding some race customizations would be great. Thank you again for making such a great event. Keep up the good work. Here's to more to come! -Any Example Images: -Why should it be added?: Because it would improve the event.
  9. Sizcede Sunucularda Admin Eksikliği Varmı?
  10. Suggestion Name serverizing the weather Suggestion Description In multiplayer, the only server environments that apply to all players appear to be day and night. It would be nice to server the weather and apply it to all players. In multiplayer, differences in weather between players can cause stress and cause discord between players, so it would be a good idea to manage the weather (snow, rain, etc.) on the server so that all players can drive in the same weather. How about having a separate winter mode server for players using winter mode? Europe 1 server has summer weather Europe 2 server has winter weather Alternatively, it would be a good idea to implement four seasons on one Europe server 1. Any example images - Why it should be added Vanilla's raindrop sounds are unrealistic because they sound like hail falling. Even if the truck windows are closed, outside sounds are not soundproofed, so I can hear the sound of rain outside even inside. The sight of rain falling is beautiful, but the sound of the rain makes it less immersive.
  11. Steam Guide | Steam Curator | Bulgarian Version | Steam Profile What will I see in this document? - Tips for tackling the most common technical issues in the game (ERRORS/CRASH). My problem is not written in this document, what should I do? - If this is true, send me your log and I will review it when I have time or write to TruckerMP or Steam (there I will also answer you). 1. "Error “Exected: ver 1.3x.x.xx" If you play ETS2 via TruckersMP, this error may be familiar to you. - WARNING !!! If you have the cracked version of the game, I recommend deleting it! - Check the version of your game, it should not have any beta versions if you want to play online! - Check if mod (truckersmp) is installed in partition: C:\ Make sure you have set the correct game folder (when it asks where ETS2/ATS is located 2. “can not create game process" Check out your version of the game (you can't play TruckersMP with Beta Version) Check your video card drivers. Try to open TruckersMP as an administrator! 3. I can not register in TruckersMP/TrucksBook!? You must have 2 hours of play! You can NOT play with the cracked game !!! You need to make your public profile: Steam > Edit Profile > My Privacy Settings and look these two things - "my profile | public", "Game Details | public" and uncheck the box! 4. Why the game kick me when I pick up a trailer? TruckersMP do not support Special Transport DLC, or you have a skin that is not yet supported by TruckersMP. To avoid this, just do not take a load that has an oversized load band. Example: Do not take those if you want to play online!!! 5. Steam - Error ...(look the scr) 1.Add the folder to "Exceptions" of your anti-virus program. Windows 10 - W. Defender - Open Windows Defender Security Center as described above. - Click on the Virus & threat protection icon. - Click on the link Virus & threat protection settings. - Scroll down to Exclusions and click on the link Add or remove exclusions. - he following page will open, click on the button Add an exclusion. and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder. NOD32 - Open your Windows ESET product[support.eset.com]. - Click Setup and Computer protection. - Click the gear icon next to Real-time file system protection and select Edit exclusions from the context menu. - Click Add and Browse (...) - and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder and click OK. AVAST 2. Once you've added the game as an exception to your anti-virus, run a Steam game file check. 6. “Euro Truck Simulator Stop Working” !? Here's the solution to this problem: A) If you have mods that are not from Steam: "Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod" -check them one by one!!! If you have Steam mods: Your account (you will see the right of your badges below) "Items in the workshop")> Subscribed items> Check out the latest mods and unsubscribe! 7. “The game filesystem failed to initialize" 1. Add the folder to "Exceptions" of your anti-virus program Windows 10 - W. Defender - Open Windows Defender Security Center as described above. - Click on the Virus & threat protection icon. - Click on the link Virus & threat protection settings. - Scroll down to Exclusions and click on the link Add or remove exclusions. - he following page will open, click on the button Add an exclusion. and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder. NOD32 - Open your Windows ESET product[support.eset.com]. - Click Setup and Computer protection. - Click the gear icon next to Real-time file system protection and select Edit exclusions from the context menu. - Click Add and Browse (...) - and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder and click OK. 8. Useful commands in Multiplayer /blockpm - Block or unblock private messages /pm <id> <message> - Send a private message to the player with <id>. /r(eply) <message> - Reply for last private message (sent/received). /(p)layers - Show amount of players online. /pinfo <id> - Get information about player with <id>, useful for reporting. /channel <id> - 0 => disabled, <1, x> => channels. /time - Show current server time. /(s)earch <name> - Find players by <name>. /(s)earch(t)ag <tag> - Find players by <tag>. /(h)elp - Display list of commands. Keys: [Y] - Open chat. [X] - Voice chat. [F9] - Toggle chat. [TAB] - Show near players list / settings / report ability. [F11] - Toggle nametags. 9. “microsoft visual C++ runtime library” Write "CMD" in search of programs. When you open the console, write the following: cd cs windows cd system32 bcdebit / set increaseUserVa 2800 10. How can I change the number of the truck? Login in World of Trucks - Select a region from the drop-down menu and write the number you want to your right! - You have to wait a while until the numbers are accepted by the game (try rebooting the game). 11. “Connection Error” - Download and install - Microsoft Service Pack 1 [x86/x64] - Add the "open as administrator" option in TruckersMP. - install the updates and you're done! !!!WARNING!!! if not work, look at the task manager for the background apps. 12. Allow Game Launch? This happens when you want to enter the game but you have forgotten to first enter/login in STEAM. 13. Unable to find any job SP/MP Go to My Documents\Eurotruck Simulator 2\profiles Open the config.cfg in the profile folder and open with Notepad/wordpad Look for uset g_developer "0" Look for uset g_console "0" Change the "0" to a "1" Save the file (NOT save as) Load your game and profile . Press ~ key Type in "uset g_force_economy_reset "1" Save your game and exit Reload the game and your recent saved profile Open the console by pressing the ~ key and pressing the up arrow Repeat step 9 but change the "1" to a "0" You should now get the "Game change detected" message Your economy should now be reset Useful topic? Ratings help people find this guide and supports similar content. The document will be updated soon! My guides on Steam: English & Bulgarian version. ^^
  12. TruckersMP Beginner's Guide _______________________________________ Welcome, new TruckersMP players! This guide will help you understand the basic rules of the game and teach you how to behave on the road. In this guide, we will not go too deep into the game process, we will tell you only the basic things that you need to understand. The official TruckersMP Rules are found here. _______________________________________ 1. Basic Rules of TruckersMP Respect other players : Always respect other players, regardless of their experience or level. We are all here to enjoy the game. Follow traffic rules : Always follow the traffic rules when there are players around you. Make sure to keep a sensible speed and follow the traffic lights and signs. Do not block other players : Do not place your truck in a way that obstructs other players. This can lead to punishment. Use appropriate language : Do not use excessively offensive or inappropriate language in chat. 2.How to behave on the road Be polite : Always be polite on the road. If you accidentally collide with another player, apologize. Keep to the right side (except in the UK, where it’s left-hand traffic) : In most countries, drivers keep to the right side of the road. Follow this rule to avoid collisions. Use turn signals : Always use turn signals when you intend to turn or change lanes. Maintain a safe distance : Keep a safe distance from other trucks to avoid collisions. Be patient : If you are stuck in traffic or waiting for your turn to load, be patient. Your turn will definitely come. 3. “The C-D Road”: Term used in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 (TruckersMP) to describe a place with a large concentration of players. On the C-D (Calais to Duisburg) Road, you need to be very careful. This road is usually very congested, so make sure to pay extra attention and follow the TruckersMP Rules. A map of the C-D Road. 4. Understanding TruckersMP servers TruckersMP offers several servers for different styles of play: Simulation servers : These servers are intended for more realistic gameplay. They have strict rules and speed limits. Arcade servers : These servers have no speed limits and are perfect for those who just want to have fun. ProMods servers : These servers use the ProMods map, which adds an extra dimension of realism with new locations and roads. (All DLCs are required). You can find out more about the different servers here and here. 5. How to avoid penalties Follow the rules : The simplest way to avoid punishment is to follow the rules. If you are unsure about any rule, you can always ask for help in the Discord or on the Forum. Use common sense : If something seems wrong, it probably is. Always strive to play fairly and with respect for other players. Report violations : If you see someone breaking the rules, you can report it, either in-game or through the report system. This helps moderators respond to problems faster. You find out more about Game Moderation here. 6. Useful tips for beginners Practice in single-player mode : Before joining a multiplayer game, practice in single-player mode. This will help you get used to truck controls and traffic rules. Join the community : The TruckersMP community is very friendly and always ready to help newcomers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the Discord, on the Forum or in-game chat. Enjoy the game : In the end, the most important thing is to enjoy the game. Don’t forget to enjoy the views and the friendly atmosphere of TruckersMP. Always check online map : Its will help you to know what the problems you will have on the road such as jams or how much people on the city. TruckersMP has a Discord Server full of great community members! _______________________________________ I hope this guide will help you better understand TruckersMP and become a successful truck driver. Good luck on the roads!
  13. I added the frosty v9.7 add-on to the mod folder, but when I accessed TruckersMP, it didn't snow. Did I miss something?
  14. Suggestion Name I'd like to use the quiet rain sound mode in TruckersMP. Suggestion Description The sound of raindrops falling on the roof of the truck is really loud. It's nice to see it raining, but the loud sound of rain makes driving less immersive, so I have no choice but to play with the rainfall set to 0%. Therefore, I would like to use the quiet rain sound mode in TruckersMP as well, so I am submitting this proposal. Any example images The video below was recorded after applying the mode in single player. Mode used: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3211147910 Why it should be added Vanilla's raindrop sounds are unrealistic because they sound like hail falling. Even if the truck windows are closed, outside sounds are not soundproofed, so I can hear the sound of rain outside even inside. The sight of rain falling is beautiful, but the sound of the rain makes it less immersive.
  15. Hello, I open this discussion about this, mainly because it's a really good game. Besides being well-optimized and receiving updates just like Euro Truck, the low activity is very minimal within the TruckersMP servers. In my opinion, adding to what was mentioned before, I really enjoy it a lot. Besides being somewhat similar to Euro Truck, it feels totally different. Maybe the base map isn't the best, but the DLCs are very good. Also, organizing convoys with more people is a lot of fun, and I would like to know what you think about it. Do you believe it's an underrated game? Or do you have any theories or opinions about why some people might not play it?
  16. I purchased the Heavy Cargo Trailer Pack DLC for the purpose of transporting a 61-ton locomotive. But do I need the Schwarzmüller trailer DLC to transport a 61 ton locomotive? Or do I not need it? There are four different types of trailers I purchased, summarized in the images below. I also purchased the Schwarzmüller trailer DLC just in case, but I'm also curious whether the trailers are simply added or if there are any structural (modification) changes to the trailers in Standard Trailers. Image Source: @SteamNOC (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199558457924/)
  17. For those with purple nicknames, they are known as the Addon Team group. But what group is yellow?
  18. Howdy fellow truckers, SCS Software announced changes to the city of Duisburg (See here: https://blog.scssoft.com/2024/02/germany-rework-rhine-through-cities.html). What do you think about that? Will it improve the situation in and around the city in TruckersMP? Or will TruckersMP ignore the changes and keep the current version of the city? Leave your thoughts below!
  19. Suggestion Name Maybe you're in the garage and you can't move because you're out of fuel. Suggestion Description Have you ever had to fill up at a gas station before you ran out of fuel, but forgot to stop by the gas station and couldn't start your car? Have you ever had to fill up at the gas station before you ran out of gas, but couldn't start your car because you forgot to stop there? Today I was in a city garage and I had a situation where I couldn't move because I was low on fuel. My feelings were even more complicated because emergency refueling was not possible. In the end, you need to use a towing service to solve the problem, but if you use a towing service when transporting World of Truckers' cargo, you may face a situation where the transportation is stopped and you cannot do anything. Have you ever thought it strange that in ETS2, in addition to trucks, there are cars and buses, but there are no gas vehicles? I think ETS2 should create a gas vehicle for users who want to help refuel other users' vehicles. Any example images Why it should be added If you forget to stop for gas or miss a gas station, you'll be in big trouble when you run out of fuel. I wish there was a gas station where I could refuel other users' vehicles that are low on fuel.
  20. I'm thinking of purchasing the Heavy Cargo Pack DLC. Will the Heavy Cargo Pack cargo appear in World of Truckers when I play TruckersMP? Or does it not show up?
  21. Suggestion Name: Adding ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack Suggestion Description: Adding the ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack into TruckersMP. Also This Pack includes: Mugs with more than 60 different country flags ProMods mug. 60 Diffrent pennants, big and small with country flags a few ProMods pennants and some mini scarfs a Promods-themed curtain and three ProMods-themed dices. Any example images: Preview from ProMods Cabin Accesories Pack from inside the game: Why should it be added?: Whould be an neat and awsome Addition for the Multiplayer and for the Cabbin Accessories aswell as Celebrating the ProMods Partnership. All credit and Copyright © goes to the Blog Post of ProMods: ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack Blog Post
  22. Hello! I have a suggestion regarding the KM/H display function. Suggestion Name: Display for km/h speed from other players Suggestion Description: That the function should also exist for normal players / Patreons. It would actually be useful for many players. It just simply displays the others speed. Why should it be added?: In fact, this would be good to solve many problem cases, especially on the well-known Duisburg - Calais road. After rule §2.5 was modified ("preventing other users from overtaking, for example speeding up"...) or simply against speed hackers. The function already exists, but only for game moderators and higher staffs. Adding this option would of course be such that you can turn it on/off in the TAB game settings, (same as showing the other player's PING feature). It can be activated by yourself. It would also, as mentioned above, make web-reporting easier, and better to punish players who break the rules. Any example images: Thank you for reading. I hope it will be added soon. Kind regrads, 'Lσиgø
  23. hi everyone I'm experiencing some crashes on my ETS2 game sessions totally at random I've looked at the crash logs but II can't find any explanation causing the crashes I don't have any mods added apart from TruckersMP I've already checked my files via Steam, I've deleted ReShade which wasn't up to date I haven't lowered my graphics settings, I don't think there's any need if someone camain.logn tell me what steps to take thank you very much! here is my build : Crash log created on: Fri Jan 5 19:40:12 2024 Build: 382c673427e3 OS: x86_64 / Windows 10 x64 (version 10.0.22631) CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600 6-Core Processor at 3500000 MEM: Phys:16309 Virt:134217727 GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT Mem:4051 Ver: 31.0.23013.1023 I already know this topic and this one too game.crash.txt
  24. here is the photo of the mod folder https://4f85sn-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/khopdi_4f85sn_onmicrosoft_com/EXrTn6WG2MxKvnzyno4YFsEBtv80rwErYrh4Q5MywFIPrQ?e=OBesfB the path of mods C:\Users\vatsa\OneDrive\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod here is the mod manager photo https://4f85sn-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/khopdi_4f85sn_onmicrosoft_com/EeqnnpFqqgtGpLNU6BjgajgB9chAvsS1pzmuHFoPRGpswg?e=RPtPJM here is the video of it https://4f85sn-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/khopdi_4f85sn_onmicrosoft_com/EaMdKBotpYZMun8XwxdzNmQB7GILSFo_ipb4oMoOkevP2w?nav=eyJyZWZlcnJhbEluZm8iOnsicmVmZXJyYWxBcHAiOiJPbmVEcml2ZUZvckJ1c2luZXNzIiwicmVmZXJyYWxBcHBQbGF0Zm9ybSI6IldlYiIsInJlZmVycmFsTW9kZSI6InZpZXciLCJyZWZlcnJhbFZpZXciOiJNeUZpbGVzTGlua0NvcHkifX0&e=uo7HNa
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