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Found 252 results

  1. Zuncky

    Zuncky's Photos

    My new Scania
  2. Hey Guys! What do you think about the speedlimiter on the EU2 Server ( 80Km/h in city and 150 when you are out of city ) Should they disable it? What is your opinion? Write it down bellow!
  3. 9Etihad5

    Screenshots by Al Etihad

  4. TheUltimateReviewer

    More TruckersMP Scout Car Upgrades

    -Suggestion Name: More TruckersMP Scout Car Upgrades. -Suggestion Description: Add more options and customizations to the official car of TruckersMP. -Any Example Images -Why should it be added? I think the Scout car needs more customizations; like engines, paint schemes and additional exterior/interior options. And please have a better engine sounds. I mean, that engine...
  5. Trucking Nation Radio is a new radio station, providing you with the best music! When it goes live we will be celebrating by hosting a truckfest and convoy! ETS2C.com: https://ets2c.com/view/79622/connor-dover-sea-port Start Location of Convoy: Dover - Sea Port, United Kingdom End Location of Convoy: Aberdeen – Tree-et Depot, United Kingdom Lead Convoy Control: TotallyConnor and Consec Group Rear Convoy Control: Consec Group Time and Date: March 23rd Saturday 2019 – 3pm GMT Server: EU1 or [Private Server] Miles: 980+ Miles. Convoy Control Restrictions and Rules: • 55mph/90kmh speed restriction. • No Cars [Except: Truckers MP Staff or Convoy Control] • No use of beacons [Except Truckers MP Staff or Convoy Control] as it causes server lag. • Trailers are allowed but have some restrictions on type: [No B-Doubles/Doubles, Heavy Cargo Trailers or HCT Trailers] • No Overtaking during the convoy expect [Truckers MP Staff and Convoy Control] • If [User] Experiences high ping 150m/s+ they will need to pull over and go to the back of the convoy to prevent crashes. • Respect all TNR Event Staff and follow what convoy control says. • If [User’s] Truck is damaged either do /fix or pull over to prevent crashes. If your truck can not be repaired with /fix they should teleport to the nearest service station where they will need to catch up with the convoy. • No Excessive use of flashing lights or horns. • All Truck Designs are allowed [Be aware that some designs can not be seen by other users] • No Spamming through CB Radio or Text Chat. Convoy Route with Detailed Route: • Start at Dover Sea Port • A20 -> A259 -> A27 -> M27 • A31 -> A35 -> A30 • Enter M5, First Stop: [Rest Area on the M5] • Leave M5 and Enter M4 • Pass Cardiff and Swansea • A483 -> M53 • Come off M53 and Enter Liverpool • Second Stop: [Liverpool Motel] • Enter the M6 -> M74 -> A80 -> A9 • Enter Aberdeen -> Finishes at Tree-et Depot. [Attached image will have the map available to look at] Any Issues Regarding the Convoy Please Message - TotallyConnor#2396 on Discord. Location of Truckfest: Calais - Sea Port, France Time and Date: March 23rd Saturday 2019 - 2pm GMT NOTE VTC'S WILL NEED TO BOOK THEIR PARKING SLOTS HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/t2sfaYnRkmBVhbjy1 Truckfest Rules and Restrictions: • No Beacons as it can cause server lag. • Please Stay in the correct parking location/slot • Trailer Restriction: Trailers can be used in the VTC parking slot however only singles are allowed. • [User’s] need to be aware that their truck design may not show up due to DLC’s or Paint Job DLC’s • No Spamming through CB Radio or Text Chat. • Please Put trailers on the ferry if you wish to not use them during the truckfest. • No Spamming of the lights [May Cause Photosensitive Epilepsy] The Convoy Will start after the Truckfest - The Lead Escort Will Prepare the route before we leave! Any Issues Regarding the Truckfest Please Message - Drummerzip#7970 on Discord. ETS2C.com:https://ets2c.com/view/79622/connor-dover-sea-port I Hope to see you all there! Enjoy the rest of your day! - Connor [Head of Events for Trucking Nation Radio]
  6. Title Waiting Period to Delete Accounts Description A lot of people are deleting accounts after they troll to avoid bans, and reports. A system to stop this could include a waiting period of 5 or 10 days till a "Request" to delete your account is accepted/completed. This could be done manually, for moderators to look at the persons account and see if they have any reports outstanding, or it can be automatic, just like a timer, so you click "Delete Account", and it will not be deleted till 5 or 10 days later. In many ways this is similar to the registration time limit (14 days till you can register again), but this is a more secure way of dealing with people deleting their accounts, because then it gives time for moderators to deal with the reports etc. Example Images N/A Why should it be added I believe this will help with ban evading via deleting accounts because it gives the moderators time to deal with the reports and act on them before the account has been deleted, and a troll has escaped.
  7. Suggestion Name: Removing name change waiting period on truckersmp Suggestion Description: 2 weeks waiting time for name change Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: I think that name change waiting time should be removed because its not useful and as you all know most of truckers joins groups and some times you see players in that group they play unfairly against others and most players changes groups because of that but they cant change their name right away because of 2 weeks waiting time and in my opinion this should be removed. Thanks Husky
  8. Hello Truckers, Suggestion Name: We have to relax your service exit. Suggestion Description: As you know, there are a lot of accidents in places with heavy traffic. Actually, there is no need to be a rule or punishment to get ahead of it, everything starts in the gamer, if we are go properly and respectfully, the accident happens very little. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Admin's can not reach every region at any moment, i suggest that; Everyone bumps into each other because they want to leave immediately. So the player in the service area who is involved in the accident, automatically you are thrown from the game. Thank you. Best regards
  9. "ETS2MP - Advanced Settings and Explanations" Settings Opening Your Menu Press TAB when connected to the server. Once you click on the right mouse button, the mouse will be activated. Then click the Settings () button at the bottom. To save the settings after you have made the desired settings, first press Apply then OK to close the settings window and click the right button of the mouse again. Development logging :You can close and open log records from this section. (My Documents / ETS2MP / logs). Low detailed models: Use less detailed models - faster to load but less quality. Drivers animation: You can turn off and turn on the driver steering animations from this section. Smoothing distance: Adjust the distance of objects that appear to be highly detailed in your area. (150m-500m). Season efects: You can turn off snow from this area and turn it on. Steam notifications position:You can specify the location of the Steam notification window. Player tag : In the vote is the text that appears next to your name. You can adjust the balance. Load cabin accessories: You can turn off other players' cabin accessories here. (You need to restart the game) Load flags: You can turn off the flags of other players in the glass here. (You need to restart the game) Scale NameTags: Scales player names by distance. Player on the world map: You can close the icons of other players on the world map, you can change your colors. You can also assign different colors to your steam friends. Speed limiter [90km / h]: You can turn the speed limit off and on from this section. Default CB radio channel: You can change the default CB radio channel here. Speaker device: You can change the audio device to be used in the rating here. Sound efects: You can turn off and turn on sound effects from this section. Master volume: You can adjust the main volume from this section. Sound effects volume: You can adjust the level of sound effects from this section. Music volume: You can adjust the music volume from this section. Voice volume: You can adjust the radio volume from this section. Engine sounds: You can turn engine sounds off and on from this section. Horn sounds: You can turn off the horn sounds from this section and turn them on. Gearbox sounds: You can switch gears off and on from this section. Reversing sounds: You can turn off the reverse sound from this section and turn it on. Lift axle sounds: You can turn off the axle system sounds from this section and open them. Microphone device: You can change the microphone device to be used in the rating here. Microphone volume: You can change the microphone volume here. Draw drivers: You can turn off the other users' drivers from this section and open them. Additional lights: You can turn off additional lights from this section and turn them on. Draw distance: You can set your distances from this area with other users. (150m-500m) Force low details: Forcing all tow and dorsels to load with low detail. Avatars: You can open and close the steam avatars next to the user names. Dynamic shadows: You can close and open realistic dynamic shadows from this section. Fake shadows: You can close and open static shadows under the car from this section. Headlights: You can turn off additional headlights of other users from this section. Windows opacity: You can change the transparency of the player list, multiplayer game settings screens. Show speaking player: Shows who is speaking on the radio Winter Mode: If you installed Winter Mode, you can turn it off and on in this section. Note: You can return to the default settings from the Set defaults button. Settings My Documents / Enroll in ETS2MP / config.txt file. Thanks Baldemar95
  10. Hi There! I have a big problem. I wanna run ETS2 Multiplayer on my Linux but it wont start up. I've installed it via Lutris but nothing. On lutris it says works flawlessy, also on WineHQ. I tried everything. Run manually truckersmp cli. Run steam via ets2multi prefix after truckersmp cli nothing. How can I fix it? Please answer. I tried on Linux Mint 19.1, Arch Linux. Balazs.
  11. Hello Guys So Let's Me ask you What MAP you want SCS put it As DLC in the next Year For Me i want them to complet the scandinavia and Baltic and edit Going east and The New Map is Spain+portugal Let me see what's your choice
  12. Привет, новое обновление уже доступно! Текущая версия лаунчера: Текущая версия МП: Версия ETS2: Версия ATS: Что нового: Поддержка Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver. 1.33.2s Поддержка Baltic Sea DLC Special Transport DLC не поддерживается! если выберите груз из дополнения, вы будете автоматически кикнуты с сервера! Ровных дорог! mwl4
  13. MorpheusINC.

    Jak zainstalować Winter Mod

    Cześć, Zauważyłem, że wiele osób pyta jak zainstalować Winter Mod i ma z tym problem więc postanowiłem napisać prosty i szybki poradnik. 1. Gdzie pobrać Winter MOD ? Modyfikacje pobieramy z linków poniżej. https://sharemods.com/2e4hxhspy8qc/frosty_7_0.scs.html https://sharemods.com/paf4303iqju6/frosty_heavy_winter_7_0.scs.html https://sharemods.com/ziju1s9ikhgo/frosty_physics_7_01.scs.html 2. Jak zainstalować Winter Mod ?? To proste ! Przejdź do katalogu Moje Dokumenty -> ETS2MP na swoim komputerze, a następnie utwórz katalog mod jeśli go nie masz. Wrzuć do utworzonego katalogu wszystkie 3 pliki modyfikacji (linki powyżej). Uruchom Multiplayer i ciesz się zimową scenerią. 3. Jak usunąć Winter Mod ? Przejdź do katalogu Moje Dokumenty -> ETS2MP na swoim komputerze, a następnie usuń z niego katalog mod. PAMIĘTAJ ! Winter Mod nie jest usprawiedliwieniem dla łamania regulaminu i niebezpiecznej jazdy. Bez względu na to, czy jeździsz z winter modem czy bez możesz zostać ukarany za nie właściwą jazdę. Jeździj bezpiecznie i przestrzegaj regulaminu Truckers MP ! Przyjemnego grania.
  14. Bonjour et bienvenue à toutes et à tous, L'entreprise Team Transport FR est une entreprise sérieuse, active avec une excellente ambiance. Le siège social se situe à Lyon. Nous faisons tous types de livraisons à travers toutes l'Europe (marchandises classiques aux convois exceptionnels). Nous roulons sur le serveur EU2. Nous sommes 24 chauffeurs dont 2 voitures pilotes. Nous recherchons des chauffeurs et des voitures pilotes qui sont matures, sérieux, motivés et actifs. CONDITIONS DE RECRUTEMENT: - Parler français - Vous devez avoir au minimum 15 ans. - Vous devez impérativement avoir un compte TRUCKSBOOK. - Vous devez avoir un compte sur World Of Trucks. - Les DLC "cartes" sont recommandés pour participer aux convois organisés. (deux convois chaque semaine, un convoi avec DLC requis et un autre sans) - Avoir un camion de marque Scania. - Pour qu'on puisse communiquer ensembles, la présence sur discord est obligatoire avec un français correct et respectueux envers les membres et le personnel. DÉROULEMENT DU RECRUTEMENT: - Le chauffeur rempli un formulaire de candidature qui est fourni dans le salon candidature. - Le chargé de recrutement étudie la candidature et donne la réponse dans le salon réponse candidature. - Si la candidature est acceptée, il passe un entretien oral. - Si cela est concluant, il passe à la parti conduite. - Après validation nous passons à la partie administrative - Pour terminer le chauffeur commence avec l'échelon chauffeur stagiaire jusqu'à 5 000 km pour l'entreprise puis passe chauffeur. ÉCHELONS ENTREPRISE: - Chauffeur stagiaire: 0 à 5 000 km - Chauffeur 5000 km à 25 000 km - Chauffeur expérimenté: 25 000 à 200 000 km - Chauffeur légendaire: 200 000 km Pour plus d'informations n'hésitez pas à me contacter https://discord.gg/vBhpw9T https://trucksbook.eu/company/20246 Au plaisir de vous rencontrer prochainement
  15. XGMCLOLCrazE

    Free TruckersMP Signatures/Backgrounds

    Free Signatures / Backgrounds What is this? Hello, this Topic is about Signatures/Backgrounds for your TruckersMP Profile on the Forums. I am making Custom-Made Signatures & Backgrounds for people who would like to have one. What is the Signature/Background limit per person? There is no specific limit, but please be thoughtful of others. For Example: Let's say i have to make you 3 Backgrounds and 5 Signatures, I would not have the time to make someone else just 1 Signature and 1 Background. How do i get my Signature/Background? 1. First, select your Favorite Image. 2. Then, Select your Favorite Font. 3. Lastly, Go to This Form, and Submit your Request. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I would like to apologize, but anyone who has Requested a Signature/Background will have to Re-Enter there Request as i forgot to import a question that is Highly Necessary.
  16. Xatırlayırsınız, bir müddət əvvəl qaydalarımızı yenilədik, Hücum və Hilə ilə əlaqəli yenilenmələri əlavə etdik. Bəzi səbəblərə görə, hücumlar son vaxtlarda bir standart oldu və bu online birliyimiz üçün zərərlidir. Biz istəmirik ki, bizim oyunçular oyunda hər hansı bir yolla hilə istifadə etsinlər, buna zərər görməmə moduda daxildir. Buna görə də, TruckersMP də Hack və Hilə olduğunda sıfır dəqiqliyə yaxınlaşırıq.Yaxın zamanda bir qayda dəyişikliyi ilə Hacking başqa populyar online oyunlarda olduğu kimi cəzası limitsiz banlanmadır. İcazə verilmir: Zərərin dəyişdirilməsi ( "Zərər görməmə" Hiləsi) Hər zaman Qeyri-Toqquşma zonasında olma ( "Qəza olmama" Hiləsi) Sürət dəyişikliyi ( "Sürət artırma" Hiləsi) İcazə verilir: Pul dəyişiklikləri( Via yaddaş və ya savefile) İşlər üçün təcrübə dəyişiklikləri (Via yaddaş və savefile) Tır dəyişiklikləri qaydalarda verilən kimi (Via yaddaş və savefile) Əgər hilələrə və ya modlara icazə versək, biz bunun bizim birlik üçün işə yaramayacağını düşünürük. TruckersMP'ni sadəcə Hackerlar və Hilələr üçün deyil, hərkəs üçün maraqlı olmasını istəyirik. Hörmətlə, TruckersMp Tərcümə:@Nocetra Linkə ana səyfədə baxın
  17. Wir suchen Dich! Ohne Zwang! Willkommen bei uns. Die Global Express Logistik ist eine gemütliche Virtuelle Spedition im ETS 2. Gegründet wurde diese am 18.12.2018 Der Hauptsitz im Simulator ist der Standort Köln. Mit den beiden Geschäftsführern Lordz und Paradox1807 bieten wir euch kompetente Hilfe an, um bei uns im Speditionsleben glücklich zu werden. Was bieten wir Euch? 1. Einen sauber laufenden TS3 (TS-Daten: ) 2. Ein aufgeschlossenes und hilfsbereites Team 3. Eine Vernünftige Speditionssofware von SpedV 4. Kein Zwang, denn Reallife geht jederzeit vor! Wir bewegen uns Hauptsächlich auf dem Multiplayer von Truckers-MP, um gemeinsam ein hohes Maß an Spielspaß zu erreichen. Sollte euch dieses zusagen, bewerbt euch doch einfach bei uns und lernt uns kennen. Ein vernünftiges Fahrverhalten wird gerne begrüßt. Euer GE-Logistik Team.
  18. Оригинальный пост: https://truckersmp.com/blog/142 Привет, дальнобойщики! Мы рады наконец анонсировать выход нового проекта, над которым мы достаточно долго работали. С сегодняшнего дня сайт TruckersMP имеет встроенную базу знаний! Время бесконечных поисков ответов на форуме подошло к концу. Отныне вы сможете ввести несколько ключевых слов и получить всю связанную с ними информацию. Это открывает более широкий обзор, а также позволяет быстрее оказывать помощь. Более того, функция перевода статей на многочисленные языки сделает помощь зарубежным игрокам легкой и прозрачной. Статьи в базе знаний разбиты по категориям. Вы сможете найти все, что нужно знать о TruckersMP, как работают наши системы и что мы ценим об информации от вас, например, в репортах или тикетах поддержки. Пожалуйста, внимательно ознакомьтесь с информацией, прежде чем предпринимать дальнейшие шаги. Ознакомьтесь с Базой знаний, прежде чем обращаться в Поддержку или в Обратную связь. Базу знаний Вы можете найти по ссылке: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/ База знаний находится в начальной стадии своего развития, так что со временем в нее будет добавляться все больше новой информации. Мы также хотим выразить благодарность командам Поддержки, Сообщества и Менеджерам игры за помощь в наполнении Базы изначальным контентом. С уважением, команда TruckersMP
  19. Suggestion Name: Suggestion to "10 seconds no headlights" Suggestion Description: Add a message [with a beep] in the Navigation. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I've got kicked of the servers many times before because I didn't had my headlights on [according to the game]. It would be a great addition to add a beep and a message at the navigation-system to "Turn on your headlights within 20 seconds or you'll be kicked from the session". And why 20 seconds? Because there are people at TruckersMP/ETS2 who are new and still need to have the chance to get used to their button-layout/keyboard-config. Let's hope that the devs/mod-creators will consider this option if possible.
  20. ® ™ WASYL ™ ® kamera222 TheArczi Witajcie! ETG VTC otwiera rekrutację! EUROPEAN TRANSPORT GROUP - to wirtualna Firma Transportowa, której jestem głównym pomysłodawcą i założycielem, a zarazem głównym prowadzącym. Nasza Firma powstała 12 czerwca 2014-tego roku, z myślą o zebraniu najlepszych kierowców z Europy, abyśmy mogli realizować usługi transportowo-logistyczne dla naszych Klientów na najwyższym poziomie. Centrala naszej Firmy znajduje się we Wrocławiu. Posiadamy także oddział w Elko. Każda nasza Filia znajduje się w centrach logistycznych, co pozwala nam na rozszerzenie naszych usług o magazynowanie produktów przewożonych przez nas. Zarząd Firmy na ostatnim posiedzeniu podjął decyzje o stosowaniu tylko i wyłącznie ciężarówek posiadających silniki EURO 5 lub EURO 6, co pozwala nam jeszcze bardziej dbać o środowisko. Ta decyzja spowodowała, że już na początku działania zdobyliśmy certyfikat ISO 9001, co też oznacza, że dla naszej Firmy najważniejsza jest jakość świadczonych przez nas usług. 1. Rekrutacja. Rekrutacja to zbieg czynności, który ma na celu zatrudnienie nowego kierowcy w firmie EUROPEAN TRANSPORT GROUP. Po zapoznaniu się z poniższymi informacjami zastanów się czy będziesz mógł/mogła, spędzać czas w swojej wirtualnej ciężarówce, biorąc aktywny udział w konwojach czy też angażując się w politykę firmy. 2. Umiejętności które musisz posiadać. – podstawowa znajomość przepisów drogowych oraz umiejętność ich przestrzegania; – dobra znajomość mapy; – kultura osobista oraz umiejętność zachowania spokoju; – powstrzymywanie się od używania wulgaryzmów i obrażania innych osób w firmie i poza nią; – przestrzeganie regulaminów i zasad; – kreatywność i pomoc w rozwijaniu firmy. 3. Wymagania przyjęcia do naszej firmy. – posiadanie DLC do ETS2: Going East!, High Power Cargo Pack, Scandinavia oraz Vive la France !; – posiadanie maksymalnie zmodernizowanego garażu we Wrocławiu (ETS2) oraz / lub w Elko (ATS); – zainstalowana aplikacja Team Speak 3 na komputerze oraz dobrze działający mikrofon; – wymagany wiek: od 18-tego roku życia; – dostępność w godzinach wieczornych; – otrzymanie pozytywnej oceny w każdym z 3 stopni rekrutacji. – zdobycie wymaganej ilości punktów na egzaminie. 4. Co czeka Ciebie po przyjęciu do naszej firmy. – ustawienie identycznego nicku w panelu ETG VTC, profilu TRUCKERSMP oraz Team Speak 3; – świadomość zmiany barw oraz tablic rejestracyjnych ciężarówki na firmowe; – dodanie prefiksu firmowego przed nickiem w TRUCKERSMP (TAB); – zmiana swojego awatara w Profilu Steam na firmowy; – prowadzenie ewidencji tras, w tym oddanie tygodniowo co najmniej 1000 km przejechanego dystansu; – oddanie minimum jednego „ładunku mini” (ETS2 lub ATS) w tygodniu; – uczestnictwo w konwojach (obligatoryjnie i fakultatywnie); – poznanie nowych osób, miłe spędzenie wolnego czasu; – system awansów; – system unikalnych osiągnięć, a także kar – występujących wyłącznie w ETG; – współpraca z innymi osobami w firmie. Podania o przyjęcie na rekrutację wraz z krótkim opisem swojej osoby oraz historią jazdy w ETS2 oraz / lub ATS (wiek, level w grze, przejechane kilometry na profilu, staż na MP) wyślij poprzez formularz kontaktowy. Po wykonaniu tego kroku czekaj na odpowiedź ze strony ETG lub wejdź na firmowego Team Speaka na kanał ETG ETS2 Rekrutacja / ETG ATS Rekrutacja w celu otrzymania dalszych informacji. Osoby, które nie będą trzymać się powyższych wymagań automatycznie zostaną wydalone z wewnętrznego procesu rekrutacji jak i z naszej firmy na podstawie nie spełniania w/w regulacji. Zastrzegamy sobie prawo do zmiany przedstawionych powyżej wymagań bez podawania przyczyny. Zarząd [ETG] Skontaktuj się z nami wbijając na nasz Serwer TS3 o podanym niżej adresie: lub ts3.etgvtc.eu KONTAKT Strona Główna Facebook Grupa na Steamie (Kliknij w obrazek, aby przejść do listy pracowników.) Pozdrawiam, ® ™ WASYL ™ ® Założyciel [ETG] & Retired TRUCKERSMP Game Administrator
  21. Suggestion Name: Change the: You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your truck message. Suggestion Description: It changes the message when you are moving and try to go into menu Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Because, cars have been added so it would make more sense to have it as : You Cannot do that firstly you must stop your vehicle. .
  23. DGKN08

    ETS 2 MP Ekran Görüntüleri

    Fotoğraflar @EFLANİLİ tarafından çekilmiştir...
  24. Mr.Psychopath

    The Most Common ERRORS

    What will I see in this document? - Tips for tackling the most common technical issues in the game (ERRORS/CRASH). My problem is not written in this document, what should I do? - If this is true, send me your log and I will review it when I have time or write to TruckerMP or Steam (there I will also answer you). 1. "Error “Exected: ver 1.3x.x.xx" If you play ETS2 via TruckersMP, this error may be familiar to you. - WARNING !!! If you have the cracked version of the game, I recommend deleting it! - Check the version of your game, it should not have any beta versions if you want to play online! - Check if mod (truckersmp) is installed in partition: C:\ Make sure you have set the correct game folder (when it asks where ETS2/ATS is located 2. “can not create game process" Check out your version of the game (you can't play TruckersMP with Beta Version) Check your video card drivers. Try to open TruckersMP as an administrator! 3. I can not register in TruckersMP/TrucksBook!? You must have 2 hours of play! You can NOT play with the cracked game !!! You need to make your public profile: Steam > Edit Profile > My Privacy Settings and look these two things - "my profile | public", "Game Details | public" and uncheck the box! 4. Why the game kick me when I pick up a trailer? TruckersMP do not support Special Transport DLC, or you have a skin that is not yet supported by TruckersMP. To avoid this, just do not take a load that has an oversized load band. Example: Do not take those if you want to play online!!! 5. Steam - Error ...(look the scr) 1.Add the folder to "Exceptions" of your anti-virus program. Windows 10 - W. Defender - Open Windows Defender Security Center as described above. - Click on the Virus & threat protection icon. - Click on the link Virus & threat protection settings. - Scroll down to Exclusions and click on the link Add or remove exclusions. - he following page will open, click on the button Add an exclusion. and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder. NOD32 - Open your Windows ESET product[support.eset.com]. - Click Setup and Computer protection. - Click the gear icon next to Real-time file system protection and select Edit exclusions from the context menu. - Click Add and Browse (...) - and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder and click OK. AVAST 2. Once you've added the game as an exception to your anti-virus, run a Steam game file check. 6. “Euro Truck Simulator Stop Working” !? Here's the solution to this problem: A) If you have mods that are not from Steam: "Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod" -check them one by one!!! If you have Steam mods: Your account (you will see the right of your badges below) "Items in the workshop")> Subscribed items> Check out the latest mods and unsubscribe! 7. “The game filesystem failed to initialize" 1. Add the folder to "Exceptions" of your anti-virus program Windows 10 - W. Defender - Open Windows Defender Security Center as described above. - Click on the Virus & threat protection icon. - Click on the link Virus & threat protection settings. - Scroll down to Exclusions and click on the link Add or remove exclusions. - he following page will open, click on the button Add an exclusion. and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder. NOD32 - Open your Windows ESET product[support.eset.com]. - Click Setup and Computer protection. - Click the gear icon next to Real-time file system protection and select Edit exclusions from the context menu. - Click Add and Browse (...) - and add ETS2 Folder or steamapps folder and click OK. 8. Useful commands in Multiplayer /blockpm - Block or unblock private messages /pm <id> <message> - Send a private message to the player with <id>. /r(eply) <message> - Reply for last private message (sent/received). /(p)layers - Show amount of players online. /pinfo <id> - Get information about player with <id>, useful for reporting. /channel <id> - 0 => disabled, <1, x> => channels. /time - Show current server time. /(s)earch <name> - Find players by <name>. /(s)earch(t)ag <tag> - Find players by <tag>. /(h)elp - Display list of commands. Keys: [Y] - Open chat. [X] - Voice chat. [F9] - Toggle chat. [TAB] - Show near players list / settings / report ability. [F11] - Toggle nametags. 9. “microsoft visual C++ runtime library” Write "CMD" in search of programs. When you open the console, write the following: cd cs windows cd system32 bcdebit / set increaseUserVa 2800 10. How can I change the number of the truck? Login in World of Trucks - Select a region from the drop-down menu and write the number you want to your right! - You have to wait a while until the numbers are accepted by the game (try rebooting the game). 11. “Connection Error” - Download and install - Microsoft Service Pack 1 [x86/x64] - Add the "open as administrator" option in TruckersMP. - install the updates and you're done! !!!WARNING!!! if not work, look at the task manager for the background apps. 12. Allow Game Launch? This happens when you want to enter the game but you have forgotten to first enter/login in STEAM. 13. Unable to find any job SP/MP Go to My Documents\Eurotruck Simulator 2\profiles Open the config.cfg in the profile folder and open with Notepad/wordpad Look for uset g_developer "0" Look for uset g_console "0" Change the "0" to a "1" Save the file (NOT save as) Load your game and profile . Press ~ key Type in "uset g_force_economy_reset "1" Save your game and exit Reload the game and your recent saved profile Open the console by pressing the ~ key and pressing the up arrow Repeat step 9 but change the "1" to a "0" You should now get the "Game change detected" message Your economy should now be reset Useful topic? Ratings help people find this guide and supports similar content. The document will be updated soon! My guides on Steam: English & Bulgarian version. ^^
  25. CursedRebel

    ETS2 Versiyon sorunu.

    Merhabalar. TruckesMP'ye girmek için oyunun versiyonunu "temporary_1_33 - 1.33.x" sürümünü seçtim fakat oyunu açarken; Expected: ver. You have: ver. yazıyor. İki gündür uğraşmama rağmen uygun sürümü bulamadım. Yardımlarınız için şimdiden teşekkürler.