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  1. damnit, seems to be working now, more or less. But the problem with connection of wifi just randomly breaking has not been solved. just broke 2 m ago. Any ideas on that? (wifi disapears on whole pc)
  2. So a couple days ago, I noticed, that the game has become unplayable. Some simple specs: PC Specs: i5 10400, RTX 3060, 32 gb 3200hz RAM + Fanatec Racing Wheel. I have been playing TMP for well over 100 hours now, and I have never really had any performance issues except near Calais (due to people, and it dropped to 10-25 fps, tho nothing more). Now, for some reason, I get a 0.5-1 second Lag Spike about every 2 seconds (only if players are nearby) and it makes the game unplayable. Solutions I've tried: Set ETS2 Priority to "high" in Task Manager, change settings to low/ aswell as turn Vsync on/off, change various ETS2 and TMP settings, restart PC, check Driver updates, etc., Nothing Helped. Something else that may be in intrest for you, is that often, before I get to really play, I usually first get kicked from the game 1-3 times for unrealiable Connection, but then I get to play the game with no issues. I'm not sure if it's a WIFI issues, but I'm guessing, since often, the WIFI all of a sudden just dissappears ( and the connection with WIFI just breaks, For the whole PC, not just TMP). Any IDEAS? Let me know, PLEASE.
  3. Whenever I launch the game, it works fine. I reach the point of having to choose the server. I choose Simulation I (700/4500 Players) and then the next thing that happens, is I get the singleplayer launchpad menu opened up, where I have two options: Continue to singleplayer OR leave the game. I choose "continue to game" and get put into singeplayer! Any Ideas whats up? Running both TruckersMP and ETS2 on the latest version with all updates. I have enough Playtime.
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