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  1. Regras Oficiais Última atualização realizada em 28 de Março de 2018 §1 - Regras gerais de todos os serviços §2 - Regras quando em jogo §3 - Regras de edição de saves/perfis §5 - Guias & Informações §1 – Regras gerais §1.1 Sobre a Conta Você é responsável por sua própria conta. Quando as regras estão sendo quebradas, puniremos a conta que a quebrou, não importa quem estava jogando nesse determinado momento. §1.2 Evasão de um ban Criar uma conta secundária a fim de contornar um banimento temporáiro ou permanente.
  2. I recently saw this video in wich fast travel is used to skip the time but since fast travel isn't free anymore I would have to use ferries to skip time but first I wanted to know if these methods where coverd by §2.1 or any other paragraph in the rules.
  3. Hello, I have an HCT trailer in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2. Will I break the traffic rules in Europe if I go outside of Switzerland (for example, to Dusseldorf or Calais)? And I would also like to know the duration of the block for such a violation (if there is one)?
  4. as per rule §1.5 - Inappropriate use of language, communication and impersonation of any kind, why is it not enforced as on a daily when im traveling the road way in populated city like Las Vegas Phoenix Tuscon Bakersfield theirs a lot of angry and abusive language being used on the cb radios and threats along the highways, when iv submitted reports to admins, the response is not good enough audio evidence but yet you can clearly hear the threats and abuse from other players, should we have to transcribe our video evidence to make the game moderators understand the context of the threats
  5. Bence oyunda ban atma süresi, ban atma ve kurallar değiştirilmeli. Sonuçta insanlar para vererek alıyor bu oyunu ve stres atmaya eğlenmeye giriyor.Ben ban atılmasın da demiyorum.sonuçta 11 12 yaşındaki çocuklar da giriyor bu oyuna.oyunda 3 yada 4 tane sunucu olabilir Simulation 1 Simulation 2 ve Cezalılar Sunucusu. Ceza yiyenler Simulation 1 ve Simulation 2 ye sınırlı süre giremesin de Cezalılar Sunucusunda takılsın. 5 kere ceza yiyene de perma ban atılması çok saçma bence. sonuçta bu firma bu oyunu satarsa para kazanacak.oyundan tamamen yasaklayarak oyun oynama zevkini elinden almak çok adil
  6. Hi, i've been searching, but i couldn't find a solution for this: which are the rules for spamming? Can you get banned for spamming?
  7. Suggestion Name: Remake/update §3.4 - Trailer combinations* Suggestion Description: It is only permitted to use a trailer combination which is default within each game. (I think: Maximum 2 trailers) The maximum length of any trailer combination must not exceed the length of the longest default combination (Makes me now think: triple trailers allowed, if length is within HCT) But, ofcourse, if you look at the trailer comibnation picuture, then no, triples aren't allowed I'm not using triples, but I've reported alot and they've been banned for it. (May
  8. Suggestion Name: Changed Rules Format Suggestion Description: Highlight the text that is included / changed from the item that had a change in your writing. Any example: Was: ... §2.5 - Reckless Driving* Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe and that puts other players in danger, driving backwards, ignoring other players and rules. Being outside of the map boundaries, this includes spots inaccessible by normal driving. Even if you have the right-of-way you must make reasonable efforts to avoid all collisions. Even if someone else is in t
  9. We all have our desires when it comes to finding a good fit for a VTC. I know a lot of drivers look at the leader boards and that's how they make their decision, but none of that mile grinding BS works for me. I like the "S" in Truck Sim. Actually simulating operating a truck from starting the engine manually, to shifting gears, and backing every load on delivery and driving a realistic speed. I'm looking for a VTC that is more focused on the SIMULATION of trucking, not leader boards and miles. What drives me in games and simulation is the journey of progression. Starting out at th
  10. Hello everyone! I know TMP rules has been upadated ion 2020/2/8 , I have some doubts here baout if my tralier is illegal for new rules. First , I bought a HCT tralier in Finland and it has two flats. I konw it didn't against rules. Second , I set two locomotives on them and it didn't have float and overlapping. Now I want to know if it is illegal. I think it obey all the new rules.I want to get an authority answer.Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone! I would like to remind all the drivers that we are in TMP, whether you are driving a car or a truck that you should always see on both sides before entering either to a gas station or a highway, because no one can predict the future see if you turn left or right in addition to using the directional lights as said in another post, this is because some for example, on the exits of the gas stations of the C-D route they arrive and leave without seeing the sides before and therefore do not see if someone comes and generate accidents and traffic, or on the exits of Calai
  12. Suggestion Name: as the titles. Suggestion Description: Hopefully Staff will be add some TruckersMP rule changes or exceptions. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: At present, the Ramming provisions, Blocking and Reckless provisions must not break the rules under any circumstances. But I hope this rule has changed a bit. At present, the Ramming provisions, Blocking and Reckless provisions must not break the rules under any circumstances. But I hope this rule has changed a bit. In order to reduce troll users, even stronger punishments
  13. A big part of the immersion factor in video games for me, especially simulator games like ATS, is the sounds. In my opinion, the vanilla ATS truck/engine/airbrake/engine braking sounds just simply aren't good or varied enough. I love the available mod packs for singleplayer and for a long time i only played singleplayer for the sole reason of interesting trucks and acoustically pleasing sounds. But the urge is strong for me to play online and interact with other people on the road in order to enjoy the experience fully. So im asking the community if there are any Multiplayer applic
  14. Hello! This summer i was on a trip in Europe. Friend of mine took a funny picture of me in this old bunker from 1950. I then later set it as avatar on steam and yesterday i got permanent banned because of this picture. In my appeal the admin wont explain what in my picture is violating. He is referring to rule §1.5 but wont explain what in my picture is violating this rule. In have now changed avatar since i want to be able to play. Its just a funny picture of me, please judge for yourself and explain to me what is wrong.
  15. Merhaba Arkaşalar şuan 1.35 rmultiplayer da 750 beygir (750HP)mod yasak mı ?
  16. Suggestion Name: Beacon Script - Enforcing Rule Suggestion Description: Just a basic script that turns off beacons if there is a certain amount of playing in a radius. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I think this should be added because many people still use beacons in high populated area's which is against the rules which also causes lag for other players. How I think this would work, is by a script detecting the amount of players in a radius (same type of the tab player list) and when it gets over and certain number, it turns off the beacons to reduce lag a
  17. Güvenli ve kazasız sürüş için önemli bilgiler çünkü çoğu kaza bu durumdan meydana geliyor. SOLLAMA KURALLARI; Sollama yapılırken öndeki araca ışıklı ve sesli uyarılar yapılır. Sollamanın en önemli kuralı "Sollama yapan kişiye yol vermek zorunludur." aman nasılsa sollama yapıyorum bana yol vermek zorundalar diye düşünmeyin çünkü sollamanın sakıncalı olduğu yerler vardır ki bunlar; Virajlar,Demir yolu geçitleri,Geçmenin trafik işaretiyle yasaklandığı yerlerde (bunu yoldaki çizgiye bakarak anlayabilirsiniz veya tabelalarda) ve hızı azaltılan yerlerde araç sollamak yasaktır yani benz
  18. Alter rules for ATSMP - Horn Slots I would this due to the fact ATS is a different game from ETS2 it should have its own rules at least regarding SAVE EDIT. The rule under; §3.1 - Save editing rules: The following save edits are not permitted on trucks: Duplicate accessories (including addon hookups), or multiple accessories of the same type, except for bars mentioned above. Using an interior from one cabin in another, this does not include steering wheels Using interior accessories on the outside of a vehicle Using exterior accessories on the
  19. " Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. Failure to adhere to the respective road laws and signage could result in a ban." Is running red lights, driving over the speedlimit or not stopping at an stop sign bannable now?
  20. Guest

    Traffic light rule

    Suggestion Name: Traffic light rule Suggestion Description: Because this is based on a simulation game, I demand that a rule be issued to respective traffic lights, in any area. I have seen that they have certain controls on the game, such as limiting the speed, if possible, I would like the infractions of the game to be enabled obligatority. This is a simulator, those who want to collide have the FlatOut game and those who want to run have the TOCA 3 game. I hope that my proposal is considered, since I am a bit saturated making reports of bad players. So
  21. Suggestion Name: Improve the Truckers MP rules ( and stoping ANY kind of double standard / or unclear offence in the rules.) Suggestion Description: - - - 1) making EVERY'S rules be clear and final, that if someone break it ... will get ban. ( i hate the fact of feedbacking 3 situation at once ( coz actually you can only make 1 feedback at the time ) ( it concerning Trial Game Mod / Game moderator mostly* ). 2) the reason giving by the Trial Game Mod - Game Moderator are unclear / insufficient... and lead to a double standard rules.. ( ill explain it soon.. ) 3) if
  22. Guest

    Broken policies

    Hi there, I trust you are doing splendidly and enjoying the season. Suggestion Name: Review your overall policies by means of mentioning how the rules are going to be implemented EXPLICITLY. Suggestion Description: I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration with the current state of affairs, where a Game Moderator (from now on referred to as Admin) can do whatever he likes, whenever he wishes, because the "Official rules" are incomplete (i.e. the actual punishment, for breaking any of the rules, is not mentioned - thus this sort of "syst
  23. Suggestion Name: Add picture of B-Double to §3.2 - Trailer modding Suggestion Description: Add a picture of the B-Double trailer combination to the rules in section §3.2 - Trailer modding. Any example images: We have these pictures in the rules: However, we do not have a picture of the b-double trailer in the rules of allowed trailer combinations: (EDIT 12/4/2018: We also now don't have the HCT in a picture) Why should it be added?: Avoid any possible confusion, and make it easier to explain the rules of what trailers are allowed.
  24. Hello everyone Used to play a lot of ATS singleplayer now getting back ito the game on the multiplayer side since i have the bandwidth to support it. My least favorite part of the vanilla game is, and has always been the dull sounds implemented for every truck brand as well as engines in ATS (haven't experienced ETS). Likewise, my favorite part of singleplayer years ago was the amount of realistic and custom engines, trucks, and sound mods available. I realize visual mods aren't able to be applied to the multiplayer, it would translate to sketc
  25. Hello I'm Ultra. I played alot of TruckersMP in the last 2 years or so. It is a very fun game if you don't look at the griefers ;D. I'd like to give the TruckersMP Team a suggetion, which is AI Traffic in TruckersMP. I can see that this propably would be a problem, because the server needs to spawn Traffic not only around you but also on 4000 other Players at times. It would be also nice, if the Traffic is the same for everyone, so you can't see your friend drive through an AI bus in your screen, because on his screen there is noone. But maybe you guys give it
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