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Found 73 results

  1. My suggestion is that to complement these latest changes and that really serve and have a good simulation experience is that requirements are added to play the MP especially in the simulation server, some of these requirements could be like a minimum of hours : for example 100 hours, this if we put it to think is not much, it is only 4 days and 4 hours, this can be done by anyone in a short time, for example: taking into account that most of those who play ETS2MP and ATSMP seriously they are already older and they work, if for example they played 20 hours each weekend in 1 month and 1 week they could enter to play the multiplayer, even if they did not play 20 HOURS! in 2 days, they could play only 10 hours and it would take twice as long to gain access to the MP, with this measure we could almost eliminate the trolls players who only dedicate themselves to damaging the experience of those who are really going to play, I do not think that someone is going to play 100 hours (example) just to enter a few hours to multiplayer just to bother, this measure would only be applicable to the simulation servers since they are the most serious and for those who would be preparing to play well in the multiplayer have at least access to the arcade to get an idea of how to play multiplayer, and this time at the same time serve as "training" so that when they enter the MP are better players and do not disturb so much to the simulation servers. I hope that this suggestion will serve the whole community and take it into account to improve each day more this fabulous game that we love so much. ____________ Dewinn12
  2. I think ATS is nice game and It has nice view-of night but Many users don't play ATSMP well, most of all playing ETS2MP on the guess,,,, Is it not funny? or not reality? anything else? I want to meet many users on ATSMP See you there have a nice day :))
  3. Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: N/A Description of Issue: Turnpike Doubles do not render for other people in MP. They glitch into the ground repeatedly. The dolley either double or single axle appears as a 28' sliding tarp trailer. How to reproduce: Buy a turnpike double and be around other players Screenshots / Videos: None.
  4. Rails_of_Belfast

    I Hav another Wee Question 4 the Members.

    Hello & Good Evening Member.I hav another wee qustion 4 the Member.I hav played over 2hrs on ATS single player & i UIt stiil dont let me on ATS MP .Cn any Members give me more info on this as i hav try dozen times 2 get on ATSMP.
  5. Guest

    Nvidia Ansel support

    Hi guys Is there any way for Ansel to work in ATS/ETS2 Multiplayer? When I try to use it I get a compatibility warning
  6. Suggestion Name: Replacement AI Escort Vehicles Suggestion Description: Probably gonna be rejected but just an idea i had, Replacing the AI Escort Vans with the Scout Pilot Car so everyone can see them...meaning those that don't have the dlc will still see the escort vehicles because they are part of MP unlike the vans / ai traffic Any example images: Why should it be added?: Makes the AI Escort vehicles visible to everyone
  7. TGP801


    Buenos Días, Tardes o noches Me permito comunicarle a la comunidad sobre la postulacion de mi empresa TransBuilders esta empresa es de varios paises donde puedes puedes unir solo con una condicion que es tener una hoja de vida limpia y no necesitas tener dinero. hay varios rangos como Dueño, Subdueño, Camionero experto, Camionero en practica, Camionero principiante. los colores son amarillo y negro con camión de tu preferencia. esta empresa es libre para entrar en el trabajo a nadie. la empresa se usa también para temas de youtube como directos y videos. esta empresa tiene reglas como no trolls, nada de inactividad, nada de hacks, trato bueno a los compañeros. las redes sociales están aquí: Twiter oficial Instagram oficial Discordia Oficial Foro Oficial Trucksbooks Para formar parte debés tener encuenta esto: - ser mayor de 16 años - ser activo - ser responsable - ser paciente y tener buena conducta - en los convoys hacer caso a los coches pilotos - no adelantar en caso de accidente - llevar siempre los colores de la empresa -No adelantar en convoy -No pasa la velocidad máxima que lleva el coche piloto de adelante -Hacer caso a los Directivos -Llenar el formato de las cargas por las horas de la semana [Foro] -Si estarás inactivo informar a algún directivo -Tener Micrófono [Solo se permite el tiempo por una semana] -Tecnica discordante o TS3 Para más información en la discordia a las 24 horas del día ya está ayudando o si quieres unirte Rangos e información de ellos Director General: Dueño de la empresa. color que se usa para el tag: amarillo. y coches que puede usar: todos como el piloto camión y camión piloto Subdirector General: Subdueño de la empresa. color que se usa para el tag: Verde. y coches que puede usar: todos como el piloto camión y camión piloto Cuerpo Administrativo: Moderadores y Administradores. color que se usa para el tag:Azul. y coches que puede usar: todos como el piloto camión y camión piloto Ayudante General:Encargados de rutas, paginas y de reportes. color que se usa para el tag:Rojo. y coches que puede usar: todos como el piloto camión y camión piloto Camionero Salón de la Fama: Camioneros con mas de 1 año de antigüedad en la empresa con una hoja de vida limpia de reportes. color que se usa para el tag: Dorado. y coches que puede usar: todos como el piloto camión y camión piloto Camionero Veterano: Camionero con experiencia alta para enseñar a los nuevos color que se usa para el tag: Morado. y coches que puede usar: todos como el piloto camión y camión piloto Camionero Experto: Camionero con habilidades para aportar rutas y dar ideas de cambios. color que se usa para el tag: Negro. y coches que puede usar: Camión y Camión piloto Camionero Aprobado: Camionero ya aprobado para estar en la empresa con algunos beneficios. color que se usa para el tag:Blanco . y coches que puede usar: Camión y Camión piloto Camionero Novato: Camionero en proceso de practicas y mas. color que se usa para el tag:Celeste. y coches que puede usar: Camión y Camión piloto Camionero en prácticas: Camionero en Proceso de contratación. color que se usa para el tag: el que quiera. y coches que puede usar: Camión y Camión piloto * ACTIVIDADES * Eventos Deportivos Convoys Generales Corridas Off - Road Exploracion del mapa Convoys por centrales Directos asistencia a eventos grandes Cosas que tienes que llevar siempre -PlayerTag: [T-B] (Rango) -Placas de Piloto: Nombre de la central de la que eres miembro -Placa de copiloto: T-B -Colores: Negro y amarillo anaranjado Centrales de la empresa donde nos encontraremos reclutando [ETS2MP] -Luxemburgo -Amsterdam -Lille -Duisburg -New Castle Centrales de la empresa donde nos encontraremos reclutando [ATSMP] -Phoenix -Las Vegas sin nada mas que decir agradesco por su tiempo Att: TGP801
  8. Game: ATS MP Mod Version: 1.30 Controllers Used:g13 keypad, m570 trackball Description of Issue: pulled into the ABQ NM rail depot, accepted load on freight market (not external contracts), pulled into yard to hook to trailer, found another player trying to hook to a trailer in the same spot, stayed back at a safe distance and watched him thrash all over the map, my truck and trailer took damage How to reproduce: goto ABQ and try it! Screenshots / Videos: im getting dinged for a system glitch!
  9. Virablas


    Olá caminhoneiros! O Grupo Elite Brasileira (GEB) está à procura de novos membros! Andamos simulando tudo que podemos e usamos somente cargas pelo World of Trucks, limitado a 90km/h. Venha conhecer e fazer parte desse grupo de amigos! Caso você tenha interesse, entre em contato conosco! Minha steam para contato: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079562193/ Grupo no facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1067672273253688/ Esperamos por você!
  10. In an effort to keep this section alive and well, I think this is a good way to try and bring some life here. I'm currently at work, so I don't have any pictures to post myself. What do you have? Please lets keep this to funny pictures (accidental glitches, true accidents with cooperating second parties, etc...) Easter egg finds, or stuff that's just generally interesting. Let's see what you got!
  11. John_24

    VTC Staff/Development

    Hi there everyone, My name is John but some of the truckers here know me by littlefoot {nicename). I have not be as alive around multiplayer lately as I'd hoped for awhile now, however now I am back for good since my schedule allows. I have been thinking a lot about building a brand new VTC with dedicated and active truckers for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. I have decided to build a brand new VTC for both game worlds and are looking for truckers who are seeking a nice multiplayer experience with other truckers. Of course I am only searching for staff to help me with the building phase because I believe that the greatest things are build with a solid team. I have a structure (staff wise) in place and are searching for the following staff: Note: it is highly recommended that you have prior VTC experience and a means for your former VTC to be contacted for experience verification purposes only, So nothing personal and also have a flexible schedule. VTC CEO: Will oversee and maintain day to day VTC operations and assist owner with VTC planning VTC Manager: Checking VTC page for logged trips for weekly and monthly trip quota's/ensuring that drivers are following VTC rules and being active Assistant Manager: Assisting VTC with taskes Recruiter: Responsible for recruiting drivers that meet VTC requirements and ensuring new driver personnel are set up properly. Event Planner: Plan company convoys. If you have any questions before wanting to be considered, please feel free to contact me via PM, Thanks! VTC requirements will be added to the official VTC Recuitment pages over on the company advertisement pages once the VTC is up and running.
  12. kenworth007

    Can't turn off CB/Change Channels

    something in the update to NM broke the CB. you can't mouse over the CB to control it, also in the options the channel controls don't work to change it.
  13. dannie2Nafish

    Connection Error When Opening launcher

    Everytime i try to launch truckersmp it gives me a error. (picture shown/linked below) When I open truckersmp it opens in task manager but is not open on my taskbar and it takes about 10min then it gives me a connection error. I have tried: -Updating .NET Framework. -Cleaned my temp files. -Checked my temp files if they were in the right location and yes they are. -Checked Windows firewall to see if its blocking truckersmp
  14. bryangullickson

    Fatal Error Near Elko in ATSMP

    Mod Version: Controllers Used:Logitech G27 Description of Issue: Fatal Error In ATSMP near Elko How to reproduce: Drive towards Elko NV in ATSMP Screenshots / Videos: N/A Game.Crash: https://pastebin.com/M1wkeH8F Crash: https://pastebin.com/JvzxbWKL Last_Crash:https://pastebin.com/Ukzd8SuM log_spawning_22.08.2017: https://pastebin.com/Yp9jDt3Z
  15. Beacons, flags, and oversize load banners are available in multiplayer, but can't be seen by other players.
  16. Mike Evans {Connor}

    ATSMP Delivery Pending Glitch

    I got on ATSMP today and went to go and try to do a job, i normally do External Contracts Job(s) but when i tried to start one, It has a pop up and says this. "Warning, You have a delivery pending, your must finish it to start a new one." Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
  17. sesamert16

    Two errors?!

    Help. I keep getting this error http://prntscr.com/fpeb4i I looked on the forums and found people asking the same question, but being told to delete "core.atsmp.dll" or whatever the file is named. However, I cannot do that, as whenever I try to, this happens: http://prntscr.com/fpecfm Help? Also, yesterday I was getting an error telling me I have the wrong version of ATS to play TruckersMP. I tried version 1.6 public beta and temporary 1.6 - 1.6x for unsupported mods, neither worked. Help?
  18. Seeing as SCS has not yet added cabin accessories to ATS it would be nice if SiSL's mod that adds cabin accessories to the trucks could be implemented into the MP. I don't know how possible that would be but considering you were able to add the snow mod to ETS2MP then I assumed this would be possible. I am pretty sure many people would love to see this in ATSMP. Links to SiSL's work: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932747951 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=652225351
  19. chipmunk197

    Fps and lag problems

    Mod Version: Controllers Used:g27 Description of Issue: all of my firends with a wide rang of pc specs from duel 1080s to normal laptops we are all having fps of around 9 and lower no matter what when we are pulling or someone around us is pulling the new cargo dlc and its that bad cant do a load due to the rubber banding and fps
  20. CaptKerrsin

    Connection Error

    Everytime I try to launch Truckers MP, I get a connection error. I've gone over the forums a bit to try to find resolutions and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I looked into the connection error database and tried using solution 4 to see if that would help. It didn't, and now my program is no longer creating a TruckersMP file in my program data folder. So, I need help. This is what comes up when I try to open my launcher (with or without admin setting turned on).
  21. -XCE-

    Flying Truck

    Hello, I didn't see any posts relating to this, so I decided to post. I am sorry if it has already been addressed. There is a bug with the NCZ, "No Contact Zone" at the service stations for ATS with the Heavy Cargo Pack. Every time someone spawns in or drives through someone in that area, their truck gets thrown up into the sky. I have seen a couple of people mention it in their statuses on here, but I thought I would mention it within this Forum. This is causing people to park on the side of the road as it's damaging people's deliveries. I hope the Dev Team can fix this soon. Regards, Pshyrex
  22. Suggestion Name: can we have a server with traffic offence alway on ? and speed limiter is a little bonus if needed or asked.. ( i would like have one with the traffic offence for all players ) Suggestion Description:you dont have the option to pull out the traffic offence in your menu ( server dedicated for that ) ... ( i mean a hardcore server for those like me who really want having fun and having a real server for this kind of purpose ) Any example images: ( picture used above are just as exemple.. ) Why should it be added?: like that every time you are ramming any other user ( players ) you get a fine + you have the chance to get reported.. that will reduce the number of accident, red light offence problem solved ( except if you have ton of money and just dont care about the game and other players that want to get respected and have more realistic server.. ) ( you will have EU 12345 to do what you want, but on this server it will force players to respects rules of law ) mayby less report and a better place to drive. i see only benefit for this kind of server, the counter part is the number of server are quite high but some server are almost all way empty we could make and experimental server to see if it worth to keep or trash it... already said that we are not a GTA/NFS game, and any suggestion should be take in count..... : ''' On 06/06/2017 at 2:58 AM, scarface0359 said: We are always working to improve our current way of working, so any useful feedback will be taken into consideration. '''''' i have used the search fonction befor making the post.. if you find exactly the same post or something reallly similar ill look to it. ( but the post is about a HARDCORE SERVER. ) (everyone is welcome to give out an opinion but as long you respect the choice, the idea of other users and make constructive feedback) Thank for taking time to read out my idea. Kehox Edit 1 : i found an idea similar, but mine is a different .. ( ENG/FR thread, but i wanted just link it to make an association with mine on the Ideal server... ) thnx to @SovHed for the idea of adding ( '' "Role-Play" '' to my title ) ------------ (Short Update to see if that is worth to keep the discussion ) ------------ Update 1 : for the first 12 hours i think personaly it looking good .. 2 person think it could be possible or see an interest. 2 person dont see the idea working or dislike ( -1 ) ( and i totaly respect your choice ) 1 person that i cant say if yes or no would like it... -----
  23. bryangullickson

    Scout Missing floor texture ATSMP

    Mod Version: Controllers Used: Logitech G27 Description of Issue: Scout car has missing textures in ATSMP How to reproduce: Drive any variant of the Scout car in ATSMP Screenshots / Videos:
  24. We know that TruckersMP is about to usher in the three anniversary, they will hold a competition event in ETS2MP. Can the TruckersMP team hold an event at ATSMP? The road here is very good, it is different from the ETS2MP road.
  25. awsome4888

    Wrong version

    I have 1.5.2s and it says i have to downgrade to 1.5.2s. Pls help