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Found 56 results

  1. FenixGamer64

    Fatal Error

    Good evening, I've had this problem for a while, and I've done practically all the methods presented in the forum and nothing solves how can you help me?
  2. rap17

    game crashing

    hey all, so ATM i have been away from the truckers Mp for almost 3 months and was happy to play this. but i came back from holidays and. ATM i cant seem to play the game (ATS) and i have read most of the error questions, launcher issues and followed everything that i could. but ATM the thing that i haven't seen yet unless i'm blind or something but, need to know if i'm getting a fatal error, also no crash report as well as cant get into the game even on single player status as well as followed by (run as admin) and ATM nothing is working. so i deleted and restarted ATS without any DLCs and still cant get any where with this. i'm hoping that some one can either help me or at least point me in the right direction on what this could be plz as there is 2 friends also having the same issue. did or does any other pp have this issue by any chance
  3. Guest

    ETS2MP Fatal Error

    When I try to play TruckersMP then the message comes up: Unsupported Game Version detected: expected ver. 1.33.2.s you have ver. Do you need help with changing the game version?
  4. Domi5

    Unsupported game version

    I cant play multiplayer, i getting this fatal error unsuported game version unsupported game version expected:ver.1.32.314s you have:ver. do you need help with changing the game versio? This error i getting sory i cant do screenshot
  5. MrTangfastic007

    fatal error (help please)

    Ever since mp was released I have really enjoyed playing it. A few days ago when I tried to load it a fatal error message came up, and continues to come up everytime I try to load mp. A couple of times since it first popped up mp has loaded so I thought the problem had gone but it has started again and now I cant play at all I have tried everything to sort this problem including wiping my pc and it didn't work, does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it? Thanks
  6. i have a problem in multiplayer. i started the game i connected the eu2 then i drive. After 15 minutes game is crashed. fatal error !!! How can i fix pls help i tried this : 1- deleted config 2- deleted truckersmp with files and install again 3- i created new account in multiplayer 4- i deleted core_ets2mp.dll (it solved transient time) this is my client_25_06_2018 : Thanks Sorry for my bad english. Olduğu kadar olmadığı kader

    Game crash due to chat

    Hi all, I have been having a problem lately where TruckersMP crashes my game when I either type in chat, or when a public message pops up. I have tested ETS2 and ATS outside of TruckersMP and they work normally. It is only when running them with the TruckersMP mod that either game crashes. The game crashes in the following scenarios: 1. I am playing the game normally and decide to type in the chat window, the game crashes when I press "y" 2. I am playing the game normally and a public message pops up in the chat, the lower left corner of the screen develops weird lines in the same color as the chat text that covers the lower left corner of the screen, and the game crashes 3. The game has also crashed at random times without anything seemingly to do with the chat, only when using TruckersMP, not separately System specs: Alienware 15 R2 CPU: Intel i7 4720HQ GPU: Externally connected MSI Nvidia GTX 1070 8G Gaming X RAM: 16GB OS: Windows 10 Pro C Drive(OS): Litonit L8T-128L9G-11 M.2 2280 128GB Games are saved to: Samsung 850 EVO M.2 SSD 1TB Monitor: Dell S2417DG 2k I have trouble running the game with DirectX 9 so I had to resort to running with OpenGL. I believe something to do with OpenGL and the mod is the cause but not sure. I have to run with OpenGL since I only get 40 frames or less with DirectX but an average of 60 with OpenGL Graphics are on high except: Shadow texture size was set manually to "512" Mirror Resolution is "Medium" The above tweaks give me better performance I have already tried: Verifying game files Reinstalling TruckersMP Deleting mod folders Running TruckersMP as administrator Attached is a crash log file after pressing "y" for chat and extra system info(dxdiag) Thanks in advance for the help! game.crash.txt DxDiag.txt
  8. I was able to play MP yesterday today I opened the launcher and there was a update of Mp I installed it and couldnt launch the game.Here is the error I am getting ; https://ibb.co/mdU9qS
  9. siz7up

    Fatal Error! All the time!

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Driving Force GT Description of Issue: Stretched graphics for few seconds than the game closes with Fatal Error message. How to reproduce: It was randomly in the begining, now I cant even start playing, the moment I press DRIVE the game crashes instantly. It stopped appearing when I removed my Logitech Driving force GT. Screenshots / Videos: None. How DO I FIX IT!?
  10. When entering the game, I get the following error: An application fatal error. Do you wish to send crash.log file to the developers? I need help, please!!
  11. OssyK

    Fatal error TruckersMp e

    Bu hatayı alıyorum oyun güncel ve tekrar indirip kurmayı denedim. Ne yapmalıyım?
  12. I have steam version of ets2 64-bit. I bought the game and downloaded TruckersMp but I cannot join to Mp. I uninstalled and re-installed both of them. Same fatal error everytime. What should I do? My game version says its at the left top corner on the game.
  13. BaBa MRB  Life_is_Troll

    Fatal error

    Merhaba multi modda 15dk bile gidemeden oyun crash yiyor ve fatal error hatası veriyor bilen varsa çözümü söyliyebilir mi? Oyun dosyalarını bütünledim olmadı
  14. Marvbell110

    Fatal Error

    http://prntscr.com/hmyphs here a photo
  15. Matias285

    Problem z kierownicą (fatal error)

    Witam, Mam problem z ets2 mp, ponieważ gdy podłączam kierownicę w ustawieniach wszystko działa, jednak gdy chcę wybrać swobodną jazdę lub zlecenie (gdy gra się ładuje) gra crashuje. Proszę o szybką pomoc. Pozdrawiam
  16. Matias285

    Problem z kierownicą

    Witam, Mam problem z ets2 mp, ponieważ gdy podłączam kierownicę w ustawieniach wszystko działa, jednak gdy chcę wybrać swobodną jazdę lub zlecenie (gdy gra się ładuje) gra crashuje. Proszę o szybką pomoc. Pozdrawiam
  17. bryangullickson

    Fatal Error Near Elko in ATSMP

    Mod Version: Controllers Used:Logitech G27 Description of Issue: Fatal Error In ATSMP near Elko How to reproduce: Drive towards Elko NV in ATSMP Screenshots / Videos: N/A Game.Crash: https://pastebin.com/M1wkeH8F Crash: https://pastebin.com/JvzxbWKL Last_Crash:https://pastebin.com/Ukzd8SuM log_spawning_22.08.2017: https://pastebin.com/Yp9jDt3Z
  18. [TP_HC] Mateo G. CHILE

    Invalid game version

    When I started ETS2MP, ATS The thrower shows a fatal error Says (Incompatible game version detected! Expected: see. [rev. 80ae61ed1396] You have: ver. Need help changing the game version So when I click, it crashes .... So I tried to reinstall the game and nothing still the same error Then I uninstalled the Euclid's ETS2MP and downloaded it again from the site and reinstalled but I still get the same error. I have already changed it to version 1.27, but when I enter it tells me that I have the wrong version. When I switch to version 1.28 tells me: version of the game not compatible detected! I need help please I really want to keep playing in this wonderful game. Thank you for reading
  19. Nerka9

    Fatal error

    Žinot kaip susitvarkyti fatal errora įeinu į žaidima paspaudžiu važiuoti mygtuka ir iškrashina po 10-20 sec
  20. Nerka9

    Fatal error

    when i playing ets2 singleplayer the game not crashing when i try play ets2mp it crashes and shutdown's steam and says : https://pastebin.com/b7vgWiuQ
  21. An HRT Bus

    game fatal error crash

    after experimenting a few times i tried disabling the autosave feature in the documents>americantrucksimulator>profiles>*profile number data*>config file. uset g_autoload_ignore_autosave and changed it's value to "1" instead of "0" to disable to autosave, didn't experience any crashes until I crossed a map line.
  22. hello guys, i have a big Problem with my multiplayer. i start my multiplayer and get instantely this error box. i reinstalled my game and run it as admin, nothing helped. maybe you can help me? thank you
  23. ManuelArandia


    Hello, I have a problem when I try to run TruckersMP gives me FATAL ERROR: Game crashed - FATAL ERROR An Application fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers? What I can do? HELP ME !!! D:
  24. Grzechu094

    Fatal error

    Wersja ETS2 1,27 Siemka mam problem z fatal error sprawa wygląda tak że od pewnego czasu jak gram w ets2 multi normalnie loguje się itd i jak jadę tak średnio po 5 min jazdy wyświetla się ,,FATAL ERROR. An application fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers,, i koniec i tak w koło sprawdzałęm spójnośc plików wszystko okej odinstalowałem i zainstalowałem ponownie ets2 jak i multi stworzyłem nowy profil i nic ciągle to samo. Proszę o pomoc
  25. iTzRevollt

    unsupported game version

    I'm new to this game, I bought it yesterday and after spending the two hours before playing online gave this problem. I've done update, several times nothing worked.