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  1. Thank you for finding it for me. If you tell me how did you put those custom letters on search bar I can do it later by myself.
  2. https://ibb.co/0GH5dnZ I tried to search the player but couldn't found it. Thanks in advance.
  3. I was able to play MP yesterday today I opened the launcher and there was a update of Mp I installed it and couldnt launch the game.Here is the error I am getting ; https://ibb.co/mdU9qS
  4. My problem has solved. I was installed the game to a wrong file. I changed that and problem solved. Thanks to every single person who cares about my problem. Respect.
  5. I have steam version of ets2 64-bit. I bought the game and downloaded TruckersMp but I cannot join to Mp. I uninstalled and re-installed both of them. Same fatal error everytime. What should I do? My game version says its at the left top corner on the game.
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