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  1. @ThatCrazyPillow Yes has been solved sorry I forgot to ask someone to close it thanks!
  2. No not yet still trying solutions. Just been a little busy lately.
  3. Have already tried most of this but haven't tried the motherboard solution yet because my motherboard is a Gigabyte B250M-D3H (Not worth the buy, it is a piece of crap) and their is no solution on the troubleshoot guide for my motherboard Tried it but still cant get the launcher open because it gives me the error before it opens. But thanks anyway
  4. Everytime i try to launch truckersmp it gives me a error. (picture shown/linked below) When I open truckersmp it opens in task manager but is not open on my taskbar and it takes about 10min then it gives me a connection error. I have tried: -Updating .NET Framework. -Cleaned my temp files. -Checked my temp files if they were in the right location and yes they are. -Checked Windows firewall to see if its blocking truckersmp
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