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Found 10 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Role Based special transport Suggestion Description: A role that can be gained by applying on the TruckersMP website that will allow approved players to take special Transport Jobs. Just like how certain vehicles are "role" restricted. Apply this same method to certain special transport jobs. Only players who have applied for the role with significant evidence of competency with these loads can gain the role. (This would be strictly moderated) Any example images?: None Why should it be added: This will create a more diverse world for players to be a part of and give players something to strive for. Having special transports in the MP world greatly increase players motivation to work towards something attainable in the TMP community. Also, this could really put the pilot car assets to great use. I hope you consider this request and I'm sure many would love to see this feature added including me. Sam.
  2. Suggestion Name:Special transport, mods Suggestion Description:Why not make a DLC special transport through the mod. Let's make it possible to buy these trailers as their own, but it will not be accompanied, but will give the opportunity to carry goods throughout the map. We decided on the arcade HCT through the coupling to try to take out a special transport, as a conclusion of people not aborts from the game, but as we saw this same trailer a "special transport" just can't see those who do not have the DLC. You can also create a modification for those who do not have DLC to the trailer displayed any be a simple plotform. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Will be at least some kind of alternative to the use of this trailer. Yes without escort, but will work. Thanks
  3. Suggestion Name: Removing AI cars from Special Transport DLC (ETS2) in exchange for player pilot cars. Suggestion Description: One of two main problems with special transport DLC is AI driven cars, as we know they cannot and will not be implemented. So why not just remove them? (I know, easier said then done) in exchange make it OBLIGATORY for truck with oversize load to have at least one pilot car. Of course pilot car for reason of warning other players, not to control traffic. I can even come with set of rules for such a situation that truck and pilot would have stick to. Any example images: none. Why should it be added?: As it is one of most interesting DLC (IMHO), it should be natural path to try to somehow implement it into mp. As we already have really huge cargos (double trailers, multi axis transports), it wouldn't change that much in terms of players crashing into each other. It would create more player to player interactions and mabye temper a little bit habit of racing trucks 150km/h over highway corners ;] Thanks to truckersMP staff and developers!
  4. Hallo spelers, Het is onder onze aandacht gekomen dat een kleine groep spelers een zeer belangrijke regel heeft gebroken. Er wordt ons gemeld dat deze speler erin geslaagd zijn om de Special Transport 'auto kick' te omzeilen, door save editing toe te passen. Wij moeten benadrukken dat de Special Transport DLC op dit moment niet ondersteund is, en dat bijgevolg deze trailers niet op het TruckersMP netwerk mogen gebruikt worden. Als je gezien wordt met deze trailers, wordt dit aanzien als save editing om een bug in de auto kick te misbruiken, en zal dit bestraft worden onder de regel §2.1 Hacken/Bug/Feature abusing, en zal resulteren in een permanente ban. Als je hierover vragen hebt, kan je ons contacteren via het feedback systeem. Vriendelijke groeten, TruckersMP Team
  5. Suggestion Name: Replacement AI Escort Vehicles Suggestion Description: Probably gonna be rejected but just an idea i had, Replacing the AI Escort Vans with the Scout Pilot Car so everyone can see them...meaning those that don't have the dlc will still see the escort vehicles because they are part of MP unlike the vans / ai traffic Any example images: Why should it be added?: Makes the AI Escort vehicles visible to everyone
  6. Suggestion Name: ETS2 "Special Transport" server. Suggestion Description: Seperate small server dedicated for the players that owns the "Special Transport" dlc, its so that the players owning the "Special Transport" dlc can actually make us of it online. Make the server to check that the player owns the "Special Transport" dlc and kick / restrict the players that does not own the "Special Transport" dlc. Any example images: There are no example images, sorry. Why should it be added?: So that the players that owns the "Special Transport" dlc can enjoy and have fun doing these transports together with friends online.
  7. [NL/BE] Hey, Ik heb juist de heavy cargo, special transport en de high power cargo dlc's gekocht maar toen ik op truckersmp een heavy cargo vracht startte (in Linz, de industriële condensator naar Brno) werd ik gekickt van de server (phrobited accessory set detected!(NetTrailer)). Na wat zoeken heb ik ontdekt dat truckersmp zulke vrachten (nog) niet ondersteund. De reden dat ik deze topic ben gestart is omdat ik op YouTube vaak videos zie waar zulke vrachten wel in multi-player worden gedaan (bv.het transporteren van een helikopter, https://youtu.be/Ena25HNo9ew vanaf 3:20 (geen reclame)). Is het mogelijk dat er bepaalde vrachten wel worden ondersteund door truckersmp en zo ja, welke? Alvast bedankt! Met vriendelijke groeten Joren2087 [EN] (translated by Google translate!) Hey, I just bought the heavy cargo, special transport and the high power cargo dlc's, but when I started a heavy cargo truck on truckersmp (in Linz, the industrial capacitor to Brno) I was kicked off the server (phrobited accessory set detected! (NetTrailer )). After some searching I discovered that truckersmp does not (yet) support such cargoes. The reason I started this topic is because on YouTube I often see videos where such loads are done in multi-player (eg transporting a helicopter, https://youtu.be/Ena25HNo9ew from 3:20 (no advertisement)). Is it possible that certain loads are supported by truckersmp and if so, which ones? Thanks, With best regards Joren2087
  8. Hello truckers. We'll have the special transport in multiplayer mode in the future?
  9. I want to try Special Transport on a multiplayer. Why can't we use it? I wish I could use it even in certain areas. ( For example, Going East or Scandiavia. ) I think we can use it in the DLC region because there are so few people.
  10. When does the TruckersMP support new DLC Special Transport? I have an idea how it could work. The Escort Vehicles are been disabled or simple solution create a new server only for owners DLC Special Transport.
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