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  1. ill be honest, i just came back to the game yesterday after being on hiatus since January, so i couldnt give any valid feedback as im still reading thru the changelogs lol
  2. Suggestion Name: ATS Bumper Mounted Foglights Suggestion Description: as with the Volvo trucks especially in ATS, they have beautiful bumper fogs, but they are non functioning Any example images: i apologize, i got frustrated and sold my volvo for a Kenworth Why should it be added?: realism/modding, im a sucker for full function/view,
  3. Game: ATS MP Mod Version: 1.30 Controllers Used: g13/m570 Description of Issue: random damage How to reproduce: drove south on us 491 from farmington NM to gallup NM to pickup i40 westbound, as soon as i got into gallup, every other block i get a notice of "trailer damage 0%" and my tractor is picking up 2%... im driving the streets!! look at my driving record!! damage when i drive is very rare! and picking up even more gpoing down i17 thru phoenix AZ!!! please wth is going on?? Screenshots / Videos:
  4. /fix did NOT fix it.... otherwise i wouldve ignored it and moved on!
  5. Game: ATS MP Mod Version: 1.30 Controllers Used:g13 keypad, m570 trackball Description of Issue: pulled into the ABQ NM rail depot, accepted load on freight market (not external contracts), pulled into yard to hook to trailer, found another player trying to hook to a trailer in the same spot, stayed back at a safe distance and watched him thrash all over the map, my truck and trailer took damage How to reproduce: goto ABQ and try it! Screenshots / Videos: im getting dinged for a system glitch!
  6. typically on american rigs, everything is built to be optimal at 55mph (and if you are like me, even in my "hay day"... the lead foot always won). things we know from actually studying fuel economy (like listening to Kevin Rutherford https://letstruck.com/) staying in the top gear as long as possible, using the cruise control as much as possible, if you are running light freight, stick to the 7spd allison trans, every shift hurts your econ! i run heavy loads.. so i pretty much ignore econ issues anyways, running the 625Cat on the 18spd automatic. that said... lifted axles, smallest engine, 7spd trans will take you a very long way!! typically you can save 7-9% econ by getting unneeded tires off the ground (lift axles), most "econ minded" owner ops in the usa opt for the 11-12.3L engines instead of the godly 15+L engines, and aero dynamics is brutally key... if you are hauling box/reefer trailers, for goodness sake, use a bulkhead on your tractor to create an airfoil around your trailer! and... when its not super hot outside.... try bringing up your tire pressure 10-15PSI, the rounder the tire, the less drag you have all that said.. ive only been playing the game a few days and havent bothered yet crunching numbers, this is all just "learned data" from the years i had on the road
  7. we need a menu option to login so that we dont have to completely exit the game!
  8. ~need a subsection in here... as pilots are charged with the duty of maintaining safe space around oversize loads (ah yes, that beastly transformer, lift truck, lift truck chassis, and scraper... and arguably the "barrier" trailer) it would be nice to have an additional police/pilot unit out front so as to lock down both sides of the offramp interchanges as the o/s loads are entering/exiting the highways!!
  9. this needs to be linked somewhere in the "how to install the MP patch" part of the forums!!! the volume of players i come across with a ping north of 70ms is insane and a huge drag to the game when they cant sync up!
  10. now the painful issue: considering the number of players i repeatedly come across ingame.. its clear, not enough have read this thread!! as a medically retired trucker of 10yrs/1.3M miles... even the convoys in game seem pretty ridiculous, most states would just happily hand out fines for everything from "following too close" to "interrupting the natural flow of traffic"(apparently in NY state, its a thing)
  11. is there any ports i can open up to smooth out gameplay?  my ping averages 40ms with rare spikes to 80ms, most of my collisions appear to be with players outside the USA with pings >85ms(and there seem to be a ton of convoys >150ms, the highest ive seen is 270ms and it was just pointless to drive for a solid 5mins, i had to just log out and let them run their mayhem) 


    this is on the ATS USA server  ive noticed several (UK) tagged players averaging 270 

    1. darkneon2002


      Hello Carolinafrog,


      Ping is effected by the distance from your home to your ISP to the game server mostly and secondly your Internet connection speed and PC's performance can also have an small effect on this. Opening ports is not needed because if the port wasn't open you would not be able to connect at all. So it's only natural for UK players to have a very high ping when playing on USA servers and vice versa. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Kind regards

    2. carolinafrog


      just feels like maybe we need an alternate server or something... for those pinging above 90ms as thats when the de-syncing starts and holy tamales is it aggravating!

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