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  1. 50b10f433129aa1b36b61c39f11c9548.png
    Atlas Logistics have planned their Bi-Weekly Convoy and you're invited to come!

     Convoy Details: 
    SERVER: **EU3** 
    DATE: **23/10/2017** 
    TIME: **1800 BST**
    DEPARTING: **Strasbourg, WGCC** 
    ARRIVING: **Hamburg, San Builders**

    INFO AT:

    Truck & Trailer is REQUIRED
    Additional convoy notes can be found via the link above

    Please confirm your attendance via the info link 
    See you there!!

  2. Own a company or drive for a company?

    I love owning a VTC.. I have been in several and always found it doesn't work for me. Owning one means I can change and invent things to perfection.
  3. invalid email or password

    Dear @metingoker, This issue might be caused also by a corrupted steam_api.dll In order to fix this, follow the instructions below: Please head over to the installation folder of Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam ( for ex: X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin ) and delete the bin folder. Verify integrity of game cache for Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ Go to Steam - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Properties - Local Files - Verify integrity of game cache ] Wait for the process to finish. Start TruckersMP and try to login.
  4. Truckers.FM #TWO

    @Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]
  5. Where to find a truckersMP ID if u wanna report

    @ContainerKakkerlak, You can actually send the evidence to the admin that banned him to have it added to his ban. Just look on the perpetrators TruckersMP account and it will tell you which admin banned him, from there just PM the admin with the evidence and they will decide whether to add it or not. However, in the meantime I will mark this post resolved for you as the original question was answered. Good luck! /locked & moved to resolved Best answer was given
  6. Fancy winning a £10 Steam Wallet code? Read this...

    Atlas Logistics are trying to reach their 300 goal on Discord! 
    Simply go to and enter the giveaway!

    Good Luck..

  7. Where to find a truckersMP ID if u wanna report

    Dear @ContainerKakkerlak, As several answers have now been provided for this post please kindly mark which one you think is the best so we can mark this post as resolved. You can mark the best answer by clicking the green tick on the top left of the answer. Thanks,
  8. Where to find a truckersMP ID if u wanna report

    @ContainerKakkerlak, What @DrEGZo says is correct. But I will tell you in a more detailed way. 1) When in game if you want a players TMP ID You hit (Y) on the keyboard and type /pinfo (ID) - Replacing the (ID) with the in-game ID number. A system message will appear in the bottom left including the players TruckersMP ID 2) Goto Documents > ETS2MP > logs > and open the latest log_spawing file > CTRL + F > Search for in-game ID or Player Name. It will show the TruckersMP ID once you find the players name or ID. 3) Goto Search the player name in the search bar, Find the players name and click it The last numbers in the URL are the players TruckersMP ID See Gif below: 4) While in game press the "TAB" button and find the players name on the list. simply hover over the name and the TMP ID will show up. If you can't see the players name, in the top right-hand side will be a "History" box. Click that and a secondary list of players who were recently nearby will appear. In addition, You can click the player's name and options in the bottom left-hand side will appear to see their TMP profile and Steam Profile. Hope these options helped you!
  9. Picture of the Month: October

  10. Fancy winning a Steam Wallet code? Read this...

    Atlas Logistics are trying to reach their 300 goal on Discord! 
    Simply go to and enter the giveaway!

    Good Luck..

  11. ok then.....

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    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      The one that was about two months ago on American Truck Simulator. Lets just leave it like that. I rather not start arguing. Today is not my day with people

    3. Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner

      You mean the Public TMP one? Ok, No worries. 

    4. Texas Transports LLC
  12. Go to bed!!!

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      :lol: I am now ;) Well going up to watch the tv in my room in bed for an hour before going to sleep :lol:


    2. Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner
  13. Sometimes, I think I have too much time on my hands... 

    1. M.J.


      Lets be honest. If we're all playing video games, we all have a little extra time on our hands. Just some more than others :troll:

  14. I like your banner image on your profile!! :D GTA V FTW

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      haha thx bro^_^