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  1. Looking for a Trucking Company

    We'll be welcome to any new members lol
  2. Watch And Learn Please Do !!

    LOL Thanks for my lesson!
  3. Released

    This rule includes paint jobs. It just doesn't show in the rules itself. but was announced on the server multiple times yesterday. Changing the paint job means you have edited the default config. You can't get a default trailer with a scout paint job on the front and a Scania paint job on the rear. as seen in the picture. ^^^ This trailer is not allowed...^^^ Proof of server announcement
  4. Released

    Fair enough
  5. Released

    I never disputed single trailers, Why would I speak about single trailers in a double trailers post?
  6. Released Rule 2.20 Only the Default jobs are allowed. Which means you are not allowed to make a single edit / mod to your double trailers and play them on MP.
  7. Released

    I am not having crashes. I am simply saying that painted trailers are not allowed in MP.
  8. Mods

    You can install this but you probably can't use it online. as well I would suggest that you get to the point in a career where you can own your own truck
  9. No triples allowed in MP?

    There may be a possibility that triples aren't supported yet. If you check the post is does kinda state Doubles are supported. There's no mention of Triples. It could, however, be a bug. Leave it till tomorrow and we may know more.
  10. Released

    We'll see.. xD
  11. Released

    I can't disclose it at this point as it's being dealt with.
  12. Released

    Considering I found an ex IGA breaking the no modded trailers rule while driving with an on duty IGA was beggars belief. Rules are rules. Sorry but if I'm not allowed to mod then I don't agree anyone else should be able to.
  13. Released

    Lots of reports in this evening.. many edited trailers already being used.
  14. Released

    Is this a bug? Trailer stabilisers are down on other players truck but up on my own..
  15. Released