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  1. We are now afraid to sleep 


  2. About damn time you got CM so you still in charge of mods or you handed it over

    1. FirestarteR93


      Thank you, I am still in charge of Forum Moderators and soon to Discord mods (also I saw your PM but I had to go out, so I'll reply later on)

  3. Happy Birthday Scarface hope you have a great day

  4. my posts are missing there is no explanation for it the posts were fine they were in the polish section and there all gone

  5. this is my luck I had a guy follow me from duisburg to dusseldorf ramming and blocking me constantly and i was like it will be fine i finally fixed my recording so it will work now then I did not press the record button once i exited i realised im going to do a dobby now

    1. -VOYVODA-


      haha really veru good luck :D


  6. Good night people almost 12pm I'm nearly passing out I'm that tired 

  7. Happy birthday have a great day

  8. Happy birthday have a great day

  9. Happy birthday mate hope you had a great day remeber to drink the beers

  10. Im sure you will do well just do not ask firestarter for cookies or take kravaties opinion on anything and you will be right :troll::)

    1. M.J.


      Thanks, I prefer biscuits like digestives than cookies so I shouldn't need to ask him for any cookies.  

  11. Happy birthday hope you had a great day

  12. Im curios are support members allowed to direct traffic at the work site lights on Bergen to oslo road as i have seen one and also if a admin is alone and its busy if the admin says someone can help is that allowed as i have seen that happen to

    1. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      I gave one supporter permission to only direct traffic via chat as they were the only staff member online. This is a once off and if there was an admin around, this would not have been the case. 


      As for admins asking for other players to assist, I am aware of some cases where this has happened, but it will not be happening again. Only admins and above are allowed to physically block the road, but if asked, a staff member may assist via chat to help with contraflow at the roadworks. 

    2. the bored hermit

      the bored hermit

      ok fair enough ill tell you if i see it happen that will fufill my promise to bug you about my problems this is only if its staff members

    3. [MIB] Agent "F"

      [MIB] Agent "F"

      When the need is more than one can handle, help from others on duty MUST be implemented !! 

  13. So this means I have someone else to bug about all my problems including irl problem :P congrats 

  14. Happy birthday hope you had a great day

    1. Noxii


      Thank you so much :) 

  15. I found you something I deserve rep for taking my time to find this






      you're not getting rep now ;)





    2. the bored hermit

      the bored hermit

      This is what we all ask our selfs when we see you kravatie 


  16. Anyone know how long the email feedback system used to take I want to compare the difference

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    2. the bored hermit

      the bored hermit

      Ye kinda the same with the new system but they update you which is nice



      but im sure it'll back to its usual slowness

    4. Kehox


      less than 16 hours i got my answer...  

  17. Sad to see you leave even though i never got to know you well you have one alot to help this community to where it is today I hope we see you come back sometime in the future til then goodbye and good luck

    1. BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

      BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

      I hope as well, thanks mate ;)

  18. Happy birthday have fun eat alot and your life will be completed  if you do those things

  19. This glitch is back to haunt me anytime i try and play on mp connection refused id already playing rip

  20. i keep losing connection from the servers :( my internet says its fine

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