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  1. Happy birthday mate, hope ya have a great day ^_^

  2. ^_^ Happy birthday. Have a great day mate 

  3. GPS all the time. Mainly because it is in my cab
  4. Happy birthday mate. Hope ya have a good day!! ^_^

  5. Happy birthday mate!! Hope ya have a good day ^_^

    1. Daniellus


      Thanks :) You too.

  6. Thank you to everyone that joined my birthday convoy. It was great (even tho I shortened the convoy by mistake)

  7. Happy birthday!! Hope ya have a good day mate ^_^

    1. Sir Smokey - #24S

      Sir Smokey - #24S

      Thankyou man! Its been alright so far!

    2. .Rhys.


      Glad to hear that :rolleyes:

  8. Happy birthday mate!! ^_^

  9. @[SCO] speedy, @Kehox. I don't play ETS2MP on a PC, I play on a laptop and its fully capable of beacons. I made the suggestion for those that don't have a good enough laptop or pc, also not everyone can afford to pay for a good laptop/pc. Even if they have a good laptop/PC and runs other games well, it doesn't mean it can run ETS2 well. Only because you people have a good enough pc, doesn't mean that this suggestion is bad and have to think its a joke, its better that you didn't comment to this at all otherwise.
  10. Happy birthday Rootyyy!!

  11. Happy birthday mate have a good one ^_^

  12. I don't play ATS, but that requires to go through the scs file of the mod to change the script and also remember that it wont just be 1 car mod, that be two because they would have different scripts then. Which then will increase the download time of the ATSMP Launcher. Also the developers would also have to do the same thing they did to the normal scout cars to the newer scout car which is permissions.
  13. Got old Christmas lights?? Got a nice desk without LED Strips?? Just put the Christmas lights on your desk nice and neatly. Works brilliantly. Still going to buy LED Strips tho :troll:

  14. Hope everyone within the TruckersMP Community is doing great!! ^_^ Might play bit of ETS2MP today

  15. Happy birthday mate, hope ya have a good day ^_^

  16. Happy birthday mate! Hope ya have a good day!  ^_^

    1. konfig0


      Thanks, I will for sure.:)

  17. Just like to give a big thanks to @King^, amazing person! Been talking to him for some time now and he always puts a smile on my face ^_^ Hope he does well in full Game Moderator!!

  18. A HUGE happy birthday for you mate!! ^_^ Hope ya have a brilliant day

  19. Is there anything I could of done better??


  20. My birthday is coming up very soon. I got my birthday truckfest and convoy on ets2c.com

    Just find **DRAGON's Birthday** in the Language. It would be awesome if loads of people come :lol:

  21. Updated my banner looks much better ^_^:P

  22. Any thoughts on new forum banner??

  23. Sorry but this is quite a bad idea due to you could just drift off to sleep on a busy road which then other people screens can be classed as *Ramming* or *Reckless Driving* which then can result into a ban. However I do like that you say it makes the game more realistic!
  24. How is everyone doing on this good old night here in the UK??

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