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  1. I'd say reckless driving + Inappropriate Overtaking because most accidents happen for these reasons. Of course, not all accidents happen for these reasons.but usually want to say that they are accidents from these reasons(reckless and Inap overtake).
  2. Which DLC do you recommend?

    I recommend you buy map dlc's.because you can see excellent road,mountain,grass etc. You can visit this link: but I advise you wait steam summer discount.
  3. Game Crash at Calais Duisburg

    Hello, have you getting this error? If you got this error, Hope this topics help you: As said above like you exit&enter of the crowded city and going to the crowded road. this is case a normal, Try lowering the game's settings./Try you play in low graphics.
  4. Camp with the Kings!

    This is event sounds good but ı don't like drive scout. Can I join with my truck?(jk) I hope to be there,see soon.
  5. Skoda Gears Completely Messed Up

    Hello, This is a known bug,Please wait patienltly for next update's
  6. ping problem

    Hello, Please try these: Try turning your router off for 1 minute and then turning it back on and see if you still have connection problems, Try clearing your DNS cache, follow this link for the guide, Try Do a dns flush,you can get help this guide, Try Clearing the ARP Cache, If using wireless making sure that the router is not placed so that it is next to anything electrical such as a television, Using a VPN service to allow for a possibly stabler connection to the game servers via better routing. Also You can take a look at this topic:
  7. Timezones in ban time

    Hello, You can change TruckersMP time zone: You can get help here:
  8. how do i update my status

    Hello, Go to your profile>Edit Profile>Basic İnfo>Enable status updates? enable and write here: or look at this topic:
  9. I don't have permissions to view a topic

    Hello Anriandor, I researched and found. You can find here reply of the game moderator:
  10. ATS and ETS 2 which one is more crowded ?

    ATS on is ı see crowded when there are real life operation or convoy events. it's not crowded except it. as you said like ,ETS2 game on server #EU2 so much crowded. (especially duisbug-calais roads and city)
  11. I don't have permissions to view a topic

    Hello, that topic deleted.only TruckersMP staff can see it.
  12. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    Hello mate, The global speed limit on the EU4 server will be disable. Explanation by Scar: You can visit this topic:
  13. Invisible object

    Hello, if random events are not synchronized, you can ramming invisible object.(I have no idea that random events have spawn in company) Have you turned off "Random Events" in game settings? if you did not close the random events, follow these steps: 1-) Open the game and click on 'Options'. 2-) after,click on ''Gameplay'' 3-) if you want to turn off random events push it to the left side.
  14. New Game Mode

    This game mode should not be active in crowded roads like duisburg-calais because it causes more crowded traffic. a private server must be opened for this game mod. or This new game mod should be active except for crowded roads. but my opinion this new game mod is excellent!
  15. rank level

    Merhaba, Lütfen aşağıda paylaşacağım konulara göz atınız: Ve TruckersMP takımında yer almak için öncelikle ingilizce dilinizin seviyesi iyi olması gerekir,çünkü TruckersMP küresel bir topluluk ve diğer topluluk üyeleri ile anlaşabilmek için ingilizce dili kullanılır. Takıma katılmak kolay bir iş değildir,bunun için forum içi aktifliğiniz ve diğer üyelere elinizden geldiği kadarıyla yardım etmeniz gerekiyor. Yukarıda paylaştığım konudan "Başvuru Gereksinimleri" ne bakabilirsiniz.Her ekib'in kendine ait gereksinimleri/şartları bulunmaktadır,öncelikle o şartları karşılamanız gerekiyor. Takıma alım olduğu zaman forum'un ana sayfasında bulunan "Recruitment" kısmından haberdar olabilirsin. Şuan ki açık olan "Topluluk Moderatörü" ekibe alım başvurunun şartlarının Türkçesine buradan ulaşabilirsin: