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  1. I remember you from the early days. You moved on now, but I am silently cheering for your birthday. May you find your deserved peace and celebrate in joy, if you haven't already. 

  2. And another one from the archive! Captured in January 22nd, 2016 (I've been there in the early days of TruckersMP!), by the way no privacy infringement intented because this user moved on 



  3. Remembering one of my very first report videos in 2016!! How times changed (no privacy infringement intented, this user probably moved on or is a grown up now not needing to troll anymore)



  4. Randomly found this interesting video about the early days (80s) of tri-axle trailers, and how this simple design is still being applied to modern trailers (if not improved).. 


  5. Happy (belated) Birthday, hope you enjoyed your day! 

    1. 3749771


      Thank you for celebrating my birthday! 

  6. "They see me Rollin' " 🤣


  7. I will always remember you, Flying Yorkshireman..


    You used to be a common sight among the servers of TruckersMP, I wonder what happened to ya..? Cheers to you mate! Always a good laugh with ya. Until we meet again! 

  8. Wow, suddenly the half of the normal unrealistic and dangerous +200 km/h racers became law abiding truckers thanks to the automatic speed limit of the World of Trucks contract of the special Sweden event.. This is going to be a relaxing cruise for me as regular WoT contract driver for the coming month! Hopefully they'll launch these events on a regular base, so the servers become somewhat safer.. 


    Unfortunately doesn't the half of the drivers out there understand the stepping off the gas to let your somewhat faster colleague overtake though, leaving the overtaker stuck on either the middle or left lane.. 

  9. Dear TruckersMP Team,


    Please get rid of that "there are too many players in the queue". If I decide I can wait that long (I am a very patient man you see), I will. Don't tell me I'm not welcome at that server, because I don't want a speedlimit and I don't want truck only servers.. 

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    2. Mircea97


      Must, but it can't .. they decided to open 2 more servers, can't put in one server..  i would keep 2 servers, Eu 1 - without cars 3500 slots, Eu 2 5000 slots just like now..

    3. DrEGZo


      If the limit of all servers was decreased to 1600, and all servers were the same (regarding their rules), the problem would be solved.

    4. Funkenstein


      @DrEGZo Great suggestion! I can't agree more. Will solve the main lag problem (and perhaps the traffic problem) too! 


      @Mircea_CeL_BatraN The limit for #EU2 is set on 3500, not 5000! As soon as 270 players are in the queue, you can't join the server anymore no matter if you can wait that long or not (my point basically) 

  10. 3s and 8s to y'all folks out there temporarily back at the hauling shifts.. 

  11. 200 jobs completed on World of Trucks (including the latest Trade Connection of France completed), 3.000 ton of cargo in total... A nice end for my virtual trucking career.. Lot of good things experienced, also lot of bad things (such as trolls).. Met many awesome truckers who share this passion and stick to the ingame rules, to you all I say thank you for the wonderful memories! But for now, I need to live my life again. My future is waiting for me. No time for playing anymore. At least for 4 months... Farewell and adieu, my fair (European) truckers! We'll meet again. 

  12. World of Trucks, cool that you make challenges to complete (for me currently 7 out of 10 completed) but how can we participate if your service is that unreliable that it shuts off in the middle of a job caught among busy traffic? You can do better than that.. #Frustrated 

  13. They should get rid of that "there are too many players in the queue, please select an other server" - I have the patience to wait and have always been waiting before it was a big deal.. 

    1. Afrousel


      It only gives you this message when the server drop down list displays more than 200 players queuing. Keep spamming the refresh button on the right until it falls below 200 and you should be able to join instantly.

    2. Sala296


      I find myself just waiting until it lets me connect any way, so it might aswell just let me join the end of the queue since that is what I'm doing anyways haha

    3. Funkenstein


      Thanks for the tips, yeah I always wait a while too before the list goes down below 200 players in the queue.. But I remember the time where you had to wait with 600 others in the queue hence the patience part haha ;) You guys propably remember too by the way, as Veteran Truckers!

  14. My moment of fame in Best of Dashcam Europe #99 (5:29)


    1. marco6158


      I also sent them a clip two months ago. But I don't remember in which compilation it was

    2. Funkenstein


      Always nice if the clips got included :) Nothing too spectacular but if I may crash in the future I'll certainly send that in too haha ;) 

  15. So I've finally bought a dashcam, just how I need to record my ingame rides I also have to record real life journeys to prevent insurance fraud.. I had to learn it the hard way, with 5 years of no claim discount being lost as result.. And I immediately captured something (nothing too ordinary but it just proves your point to record your journeys)


  16. Hey are you on YouTube by any chance? I remembered a YouTube channel regarding cyclist's cam with the same name.. 

    1. ChicagoCyclist


      I am, Chicago Biker POV :)

    2. Funkenstein


      I knew it! I enjoy your videos but can't believe what a bad cyclist infrastructure has by sharing the road with drivers (in some situations), you Americans should take example of the Dutch and the accidents involving cyclists will drastically decline! ;) 

    3. ChicagoCyclist


      I'm glad you enjoy my videos! :) 


      And I envy your guys' cycling infrastructure, I really want to visit The Netherlands to experience biking in such a friendly country in regards to cycling. 

      Very dangerous here unfortunately :( 

  17. Calais - Duisburg route in a nutshell.. 


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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. Funkenstein


      Oh wow that's no respect for the Amish at all (he could've scared the horses with that speed causing them to go wild).. And they're supposed to be professional drivers and give the example! 

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      yup, you can see the horse move a little as he passes :unsure: thats the perfect show of absolutely no patience what so ever -_-

  18. Yesterday night I was cruising on US Route 395 between Fresno (California) and Tonopah (Arizona) when all of the sudden my relaxing cruise along the desert got interrupted by an unusual close falling star.. Was it a meteorite? A UFO, perhaps? Or just a glitch? 


  19. Definitely a shout out worth mentioning is to admin Truckers Australia (not sure if he's here on the forum or not) for actually taking the time to give a valid reason to decline/accept reports instead of shortcutting an authoritarian term to head straight to the next one! One of the most serious and respectable admins out here for as far as my experience goes! 

    1. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      Thank you for your kind words @Pomerov

  20. World of Trucks offline as usual.. Easy going folks. 

    1. Damnlag


      Thought I was the only one. :P

  21. Regarding your answer in my topic: a topic would've been a good thread to start a discussion regarding this issue, wouldn't it? By this we can discuss the actual rules, and make this clear for everyone once and for all. I started a topic on purpose, so everyone could make a statement as there's a lot of confusion at this point regarding the traffic rules and server rules. 


    But I will take your advice and contact the upper staff by mail, thanks for your reply. 

  22. What is World of Trucks an unreliable source to be independed of when you pick your contracts from there.. Does the host use Windows XP for the cloud? 





      windows 95 m8

    2. DerAmpelmann


      Chill and browse freight market ;) (after you have teleported to service or garage or done economy reset)

    3. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      I did a 1,450 mile journey was 15 miles from destination and lost connection 0% damage and all  I'm really upset makes me not want to do external again.... I was stupid rather than continuing the journey I was trying to reconnect which in turn took my load off me when I went back to driving..

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