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  1. Hey are you on YouTube by any chance? I remembered a YouTube channel regarding cyclist's cam with the same name.. 

    1. ChicagoCyclist


      I am, Chicago Biker POV :)

    2. Pomerov


      I knew it! I enjoy your videos but can't believe what a bad cyclist infrastructure has by sharing the road with drivers (in some situations), you Americans should take example of the Dutch and the accidents involving cyclists will drastically decline! ;) 

    3. ChicagoCyclist


      I'm glad you enjoy my videos! :) 


      And I envy your guys' cycling infrastructure, I really want to visit The Netherlands to experience biking in such a friendly country in regards to cycling. 

      Very dangerous here unfortunately :( 

  2. Title says it all. I've had to report a few people the past day and was wondering how long it takes for an admin to claim a report? All reports come with video for evidence, so I hope I made it easy for them. Thanks!
  3. How to send admins video of reckless driver?

    It does, they answered my question which I appreciate! Thank you
  4. I've started recording my drives and I've unfortunately already caught somebody driving on the opposite side of the road with an inappropriate tag next to their name. How do I send the cut video to the admins? I apologize if the answer if obvious, but I can't find it in the discussion list. Also, is there a way to find the ruling of the report? (to know if they've been temporarily banned or not?) Thanks!
  5. So I put a lot of the qualities on high since I am running a GTX 1060, but for some reason, even after dumbing down all of the qualities in the settings online, the multiplayer still stutters (like my truck is going fast and then slows down almost, then speeds up again). Anybody know the fix to this issue? Only happens in MP, SP is fine
  6. Game crashes whenever I visit upgrade shop?

    Unfortunately had to buy a new truck, that fixed the problem. Thank you guys!
  7. This has been happening both on MP and SP. I uninstalled 2/3 mods and the other mod, Next Traffic Density is not on, so that shouldn't be the problem. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Auto Updater Released

    It worked, thank you!
  9. Auto Updater Released

    Sounds good, will do. Thank you.
  10. Auto Updater Released

    Yes sir, just clicked that link (same download I've been using) and it's still doing it. For some reason, when I install it, the install goes super fast and closes out quickly before the green bar indicating that the installation is complete actually finishes. Same for the archives. Usually when I click save it to the archives, it doesn't show the progress bar; it just opens for a split second and closes on its own. Not sure why it does that.
  11. Auto Updater Released

    I've tried downloading the update multiple times and it's still not working. After installing the update and putting it in the archives, I try opening the ETS2MP via my desktop and it gives me the notification that I need to update it to, which I just did about 5 times. Not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. I restarted my laptop and still nothing.