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  1. The Flying Yorkshireman

    fatal error

    nope looks like no more ets in SP or MP lol i dont understand anythging uve said my pc know how u cud right on back ov a stamp n still have space , ive uninstalled & reiinstalled & STILL having fatal errors thanks everyone 4 help
  2. The Flying Yorkshireman

    fatal error

    i think im in rite area lol i keep getting fatal errors everytime i launch ets & ats SP & MP any ideas PLz
  3. The Flying Yorkshireman

    Emergency Roadworks

    great bit ov work u devs have done cut my time in traffic jam from 6 hours down to 1-2 hors WELL DONE Give ya selves a pat on ya backs lol
  4. The Flying Yorkshireman

    How many miles do you have on your truck?

    my first truck i started game with nearly 2&half million miles
  5. The Flying Yorkshireman

    How many miles do you have on your truck?

    1 million in just over 10 months ov driving it done 1& half million at mo still going strong lol i use it every day
  6. The Flying Yorkshireman

    Which DLC do you recommend?

    everyone u can afford they all great
  7. Great mod lad keep up the hard work u are doing
  8. The Flying Yorkshireman

    C-D Driving rules

    very good post lass its a shame most players carnt understand these road rules hopfully some will learn from it lool
  9. The Flying Yorkshireman

    We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    wtf u carnt fix ya truck with no trailer on but when u have a trailer on it dosent repair ya trailer how does that make sense lmao they shud ov just left well alone when they put that /fix in its like one giant step foward 110 steps back baffles the devs may have brains but got no common sense lol
  10. The Flying Yorkshireman

    Picture of the Month: November [Winners]

    Great pics lads Well done
  11. The Flying Yorkshireman

    New Scania S Series?

    already got one i prefer it 2 the old scania i like it alot
  12. The Flying Yorkshireman

    What is your favorite truck and any comments?

    daf 105
  13. The Flying Yorkshireman

    [SCS Blog] DAF Tuning Pack

    just volvos next loving the new dlc my dafs look the bomb love it