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  1. Spawn system

    Sometimes, it's impossible to avoid spawning on the road, just like in this case: https://plays.tv/s/LSyxI8pNvV5E But yeah, that's not the common case...
  2. What do players listen to?

    simulator1 or Spotify
  3. Question about some rules

    Violating traffic rules is no reportable offense. But if an accident happens, it’s the fault of the player who didn’t follow the traffic rules. And in this case it’s reportable. Banning everyone who ignores a red light would make no sense and is too much effort.
  4. Smalltalk

    Da hier schon lange nichts mehr passiert ist, habe ich mich entschlossen, aus aktuellem Anlass etwas Leben in die Bude zu bringen. Und zwar ist heute ein besonderer Tag Ich wünsche unserem des deutschsprachigen sowie des restlichen Forums einen Das Forum kann stolz darauf sein, dass es einen so engagierten und aktiven Moderator hat, der immer dafür sorgt, dass alles mit rechten Dingen zugeht und sich dafür einsetzt, die Rechtschreibung zurück an die Macht zu holen. Ich hoffe, du machst weiter so Alles Gute @Anriandor
  5. How to get TMP ID

    You mean like this?
  6. Suggestion name: as above... Suggestion description: For ATS, there should be the ability to take screenshots without stopping before Example images: Nope, didn't want to stop in the middle of the highway for taking some Why it should be added: Sooo... first of all, I am aware of the fact that there's already a suggestion similar to this one which was declined. Reason: But nevertheless, my suggestion is a biiiit different from this one, since it should only apply for ATS. So I hope it won't be immediately rejected - it's a new suggestion! I totally agree that this can be abused to freeze the game and cause a crash. And in ETS2, this would be a total disaster (just imagine what would happen at CD ) BUT There's nothing like CD on ATS. The map is usually empty like a desert. An abuse of this function will almost never happen, since it's not common that other players are driving behind you. I suggest an exception for ATS, since there are already some exceptions for ATS due to the missing chaos. Remember: You're not allowed to take doubles out of Scandinavia (would be a total disaster). But you are allowed to take triples out of Nevada - since it's not necessary to prohibit it because ATS is not as crowded as ETS2. Hence, this is a suggestion for another exception. And of course - this is not the only reason ATS has a great landscape and it would be cool if we were able to capture that without being forced to stop.
  7. Here's a little story that happened to me today:


    As mentioned in my previous status update, I was on a trip with Liondog.We went to the landslide on highway 1 and parked in front of it. As you may know, it's difficult to turn around there, hence I left my trailer a couple of miles behind me. I thought "No one else is here, so nobody cares if I park my trailer on the road instead at the rest area. 

    I was so wrong....

    We hang out on in front of the landslide some time like this...



    ... and suddenly I spotted a player behind us.

    I wanted to turn around and grab my trailer back as fast as possible, you know, some people like reporting others for things like that...

    And then I got a shock...

    It wasn't just one player, it was a whole convoy - and in the middle of it - @BAKERPK [PL] [ENG]

    That was so embarrassing :unsure: My first thought was - rip, ban incoming. But fortunately, I missunderstood the situation, and BAKERPK was kind and understanding, he even offered to teleport me to service since my double has sank into the ground :) Thank you bud, maybe we'll see some time again ingame :D 

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Looking at that screenshot now... hmm... you know... I think that's a sign! (Pun intended) :troll:

    2. DrEGZo
    3. DrEGZo
  8. Such a great day on ATS... thanks for the amazing trip @Liondog177 and @notrevolution <3

    And - finally - WoT Event accomplished (-:



    1. notrevolution


      Will be on again tonight for sure!

    2. Liondog177


      I loved it, it was a lot of fun!! Let's hope next time we don't get trailers messing haha. We need to go to Eureka as we can get over 1000mile jobs out of there.

  9. Do you also get bullied sometimes? :huh: This will help you: :D


    1. [ConSecGroup] Jacrispy

      [ConSecGroup] Jacrispy

      i am the bully...................................................................

  10. Friendship A strong heart and (unfortunately) money These are the things coming to my mind firstly.
  11. Mod Check

    You cannot use any mods in MP. The only way to change your game experience is save editing. Anything else doesn't work or is defined as hack.
  12. Air Horn

    Other players can only hear your airhorn, if you have an airhorn. But when you try to put a roof deflector on your truck, all horns get removed since they're not compatible. When you now press N, none of the other players will hear anything. But they can see that you press N (because they see the little horn icon next to your nickname). Well... I don't understand where the problem is... do you think this icon has to be removed or other players should hear you?