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      Game versions updated - It's time to downgrade!   08/16/17

      Once again a new version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have been released. If you wish to carry on playing TruckersMP, for the time being you will need to downgrade your game versions to   ETS2: "temporary_1_27 - 1.27.x for incompatible mods" ATS: "temporary_1_6 - 1.6.x for incompatible mods"   Use the following to learn how to downgrade:      Thanks!


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  1. My phone is bullying me... notification spam of status replies ont the forum

    1. KhaosHammer


      Notifications spam?


      I don't see what you mean....




      Oh wait. :troll:

    2. LSTVTC  Bradleyj307  C.E.O
  2. New game rules - again.


    Unfortunately, it was not clear which rules had changed and which ones not. So I had to read them all once again <_<


    I'm glad that some rules became clearer than before. The rule of "one full-lenght trailer" is there again (unfortunately :D


    The rules about doubles are similar to the previous ones. 


    What does configuration mean? Only the job configuration? Or is it the same like "any kind of save editing"?


    "Changing ... trailers is not allowed"

    So for the future, we are not longer allowed to click on the little cog and choose another trailer than default? That would mean, you CANNOT GET A TRIPLE IN MP, as you can only choose it by clicking on the cog. 

    And what about the weight and the painjob? And why aren't we allowed to change the kind of cargo? This has absolutely NO IMPACT on the gameplay. 

    Another point: If we can only take the job as offered, we cannot create a triple. You should know that they are quite rare and I would really appreciate it if I was allowed to get them by save editing.


    I probabely got something wrong as the rules are not 100% clear, but I hope @scarface0359 can correct me if I am wrong ^_^


    Now, the second sentence


    Ok, the explaination of "illegal in other countries" disappeared, that's nice.

    But there is a contradiction. Some jobs, mostly from the scania or volvo factory have a destination which is not in Scandinavia, by default.

    So you can be banned for accepting this job, even if you don't know nything about save editing.


    I'm just sad :( Doubles are not that dangerous. These reactions are excessive in my opinion. I can understand that these rules were made to keep the servers safe, but they are too strict. For example, the change minor things on doubles like the paintjob don't has a bad impact on anything. And even if you want to keep them away from CD (what I can understand), it's not necessary to prohibit doubles on the whole map except Scandinavia.



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    2. ScaniaFan89


      @Anriandor So i would be banned for changing them to blue to match my truck & add my number plate.....its a kick in the teeth but hell, unlike others i will bite the bullet

    3. [ICG] [23]ThunderSky

      [ICG] [23]ThunderSky

      I think we should just keep waiting and see what's gonna happen. Speaking with peoples or with admins ( that makes rules..) is just useless.

    4. DrEGZo



      Next up, a screenshot of a reply on a messenger such a Discord has no claim to validity whatsoever.

      @Anriandor I know, but this message was sent by scarface as an explaination of the rules. It is no rule itself, I know about this.

  3. [SCS Blog | GER] Doppelhänger

    ^ Du hast mich nicht verstanden. Wenn der Job in Hamburg startet, dann kann er keinen skandinavischen Paintjob haben. Deshalb hätte mich interessiert, was er stattdessen hatte.
  4. Anmeldung

    Halte für @ die Taste Alt gedrückt und tippe 6 4 auf dem Nummernpad (RECHTS!)
  5. [SCS Blog | GER] Doppelhänger

    @LSPD Gamer Meinst du jetzt irl? Wenn du ingame ein Double gesehen hast, der in Hamburg losgeht, von welcher Firma war der dann? Die Paintjobs gibt es ja nur für skandinavische Firmen...
  6. [SCS Blog | GER] Doppelhänger

    Der einzige Grund ist in meinen Augen wirklich, dass man keine Doubles in den Hauptverkehrszonen haben will. Das mit dem "die sind außerhalb von Skandinavien illegal" ist erstens falsch und zweitens nicht der wahre Grund. Sonst hätte man Triples auch außerhalb von Nevada verboten. Hat man aber nicht. Und warum nicht? Weil es im ATS nichts gibt, was mit CD vergleichbar wäre.
  7. #Double Trailers rule

    You could also prohibit modding in SP with this explaination. If someone is modding in SP and forgets to change the configuration before entering MP, he can get a punishment as well. You try to avoid this problem by prohibiting it on freeroam servers. But you can never avoid this as you can't prohibit it for SP. So this decision is ... kinda useless. Please correct me if I got something wrong.
  8. Welcome to hell

    Even my mobile phone is faster...

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    2. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Wo is die Kaffe?

      Iche möchte gerne hinne

    3. DrEGZo


      An der oberen Mittelelbe...

      Btw thanks for the follow ;-) 

    4. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Pas de probleme moi copain 

  9. [SCS Blog | GER] Doppelhänger

  10. [SCS Blog | GER] Doppelhänger

    ^ Das kann ich so wie es ist unterschreiben.
  11. [SCS Blog | GER] Doppelhänger

    Nein, das ist verboten. Wird man vermutlich für gebannt.
  12. [SCS Blog | GER] Doppelhänger

    Nein. Der Patch für den MP, welcher die 1.28 Version unterstützt, wird voraussichtlich in ein paar Tagen herausgebracht. Die aktuelle Launcher Version ist nicht mit der 1.28 Version kompatibel. Wer also schon das Update für 1.28 installiert hat, muss sein Spiel wieder downgraden, andernfalls kann er nicht im Multiplayer spielen.
  13. DLC

    Es wird unterstützt, aber wer das entsprechende DLC nicht selbst hat, kann auch bei anderen nichts sehen (bzw. man sieht nur die Platzhalter, die vom MP verwendet werden).
  14. DLC

    Das neue DAF Tuning DLC wird derzeit nicht unterstützt, da es (wie gesagt) neu ist und die Entwickler noch am Patch für 1.28 arbeiten. Alle anderen DLCs sollten tadellos funktionieren.
  15. I cannot see any sense in the new rules regarding doubles.



    Save editing is not permitted AT ALL on double trailers+.

    Not even changing the paintjob? Sorry, but I cannot understand this. This is content which is available in the default game without any save editing.



    In ETS2, they are only permitted in the Scandinavia DLC areas. This is due to real laws that make them illegal in essentially every other country.

    1. They are not illegal in every other country. I see them daily in Germany.
    2. I've been told that they are available in Hamburg (only heard, not seen). That would mean getting them there would be against the rules.
    3. If this rule was made to keep CD clean, I cannot understand why heavy cargo is allowed on CD. These trailers have the same lenght and even cause more traffic jams than doubles.

    I'm really disappointed. :angry: It would be nice if anyone could tell me the sense of the new rules.

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    2. DrEGZo


      Right, there is much useless traffic there. And I've never seen anybody with a car or no trailer who get punished for driving on this road since I started playing. I guess it would be too much effort to ban them all. And I'm not quite sure, but if I reported cars or trucks without a trailer for being on the Death Road, I'm sure I would get bad reputation for it.

      I thank you for giving me an explaination, but I'm still not convinced in every point. I will not contact feedback as they will give me an answer similar to yours.


      I just wanted to tell my opinion to this topic. I would be glad if the first rule was changed. And the second one... I understand that doubles are useless traffic at CD. So why do we need this additional rule? Useless traffic is already forbidden there. 

      Now I have to hope that SCS will enable doubles for more countries. Maybe this will make the rule abundant.

    3. sgpch1983


      You may want to flood scs in any why possible about this.. i did already. just write mail to pavel sabor (ceo of scs), twitter scs, post on there facebook.. make them listen and help them research the laws about doubles quicker. post in the scs forum, write in steam..


      maybe start a petition.. i will surely sign it!

    4. DrEGZo


      I'm not a kind of spammer / beggar ^_^