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  1. I understand this person belongs to you is one of your relatives or friends the perpetrator will search this subject with the officials video evidence is very clear you did not take any action

    1. MrHarv98


      Hello @zaed , 

      Firstly, let me get something clear and out right away, If any staff member's judgement is biased based on who they ban/kick from the community they wouldn't be in the team. Our project managers follow strict rules regarding that.

      Secondly, If you are banned for some reason, please make an appeal first and contact the admin/game mod about it and discuss it over there , one to one talk about the ban. I'm sure he would answer you. However, if you think he isn't responding to you in appeal or you are not satisfied with his answers, then make a feedback ticket and your ban case will be handled by upper staff.


      Thanks for understanding.


      Status is locked to prevent further discussion.

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