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  1. Happy B-Day mate. 

    Enjoy it!

    1. Callum.


      Thanks! :D

  2. I'm so excited to buy a TMP shower curtain xD
  3. SuperMouse


    Hi Brucey8, If you want to report a user with evidence the best place is https://truckersmp.com/reports This is where GM's will deal with the evidence and punish the user. SuperMouse
  4. Happy Birthday mate. I really hope you have an amazing day!



  5. If you only want to use the car for free roam then although you might not be able to use it in SP if you swap into a truck then enter SP then the car will remain as a car in your vehicles list next time you open MP. However, as they said above on MP I tend to use a second account that has excess money so dont need to worry about buying things,. I have a single player account that is like a 'career mode' You are able to keep the car, just not use it on SP. Hope that helps. SuperMouse
  6. Who's excited for Farm Sim 19?


    1. EHHVTC - Ollie

      EHHVTC - Ollie

      I mean, I would be if I had it KappaLUL

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  7. It appears that you have delivered the cargo late. This often is if you leave TMP come back in and finish the job because the server time is always running. Therefore when you come back in-game time has moved forward. Best thing is to finish a job in 1 go, therefore you cant really be late. However if you are late enough or cargo is damaged enough you will not earn anything for those deliveries. Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  8. If you have his username you can search his account, with the search bar on the website home screen. From there select his account that matches the username. Then in the URL take the number at the end. Mine would be 594750. This is their TMP ID which you can use with the evidence to make a report at https://truckersmp.com/reports Hope this helps, SuperMouse
  9. Thanks for the follow!

    1. Tutur99871




      No problem :)

  10. If you own the DLC then you are able to select the paint skin and you will see it fine. However, other users that does not have the Portuguese Paint Job DLC will see a stock paint colour and users that do have it will see it. Therefore some users will not be able to see it, but you will. Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  11. SuperMouse


    The TMP winter mod is only available when the Team release the mod. This is usually nearer winter. From then you will be able to use the winter. SuperMouse
  12. Suggestion Name: Improved PM System Suggestion Description: At the moment to send a PM you need to type /pm xxxx each time. If you send a pm and press y again it should leave the /pm xxxx left. Then if you want to message normal chat you press backspace once. From there you would have to type /pm xxxx again. Also PM messages should be highlighted more than at the moment, as in busy area you PM someone you are with but it can be easily missed with so many messages. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: When you are sending a pm, you are likely to be sending multiple as
  13. I think it's a good idea, as many people on busy roads when loads of messages are coming in at once, it shows you when someone has sent one straight to you.
  14. Your account has no pusinshment history. This means you were just kicked and all you have to do is restart you game to join online again. There is no punishments on your account Therefore you don't have to worry Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  15. AS you can see, police cars are for Game Moderators only, but If you want to apply the recruitment for Trial Moderators is open at the moment https://truckersmp.com/recruitment/apply/43 However you will need to get your forum posts up to at least 50 Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  16. This is a bug that is know by the team. Best way if on a controler/ wheel is to lift off the accelerater abd shift. If on a keyboard hold Ctrl and shift and you should be able to gear up. Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  17. https://truckersmp.com/status Above each server it tells you the location, making it better to try stick to the closest server to reduce lag. Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  18. At the moment 1.32 is only in early Open Beta which means that it won't be officially released for a while. SCS are looking at bugs and fixes at the moment and therefore TMP wouldand be moving to 1.23 anyway until released fully. Once it has been released fully, whenever that is, I'm sure the team will be working hard and quickly for MP to work on the latest version Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  19. My Account status has been on Not Activated since I started and have never had an issue. You should not have an issues with your status being not activated and to play do not need to be activated Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  20. You need go be careful because you arbt able to tell when someone else is in ghost mode so could look like you are hacking. Also you dobt know when you will spawn of you will caise a crash or not so personally I would not reccomend using it as itncould cause nore issues thab solving. Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  21. Hmm. What I would reccomend os to uninstall and reinstall TMP including deletong all local files. This wobt effect save games as thats in the game but should reset and problems causing the desync. Hope that helps, SuperMouse
  22. Have you tried leaving the city, because the game when in a city speed limits you to a slower pace than the highways, this could be it. It could also be because the car bug with first gear meaning your car is stuck in 1st gear. If in settings you try sequential or manual and try to shift up this may help you car speed. Hope that helps SuperMouse
  23. Uploading 10 max is likely so that there isant constantly thousands of reports to deal with, as 10 per person is hard for the admin team to deal with. Uploading so many would mean banns could be issued weeks after they are happening. Hopefully reports should be decided within a week so you can upload more. Hope that helps SuperMouse
  24. Special Cargo Trailers are not allowed in MP due to their size. If you try and take a job then you will be kicked from the server. However, Heavy Cargo DLC is allowed which allows for large cargo but without pilot vechials and extreme large trailers. Hope this helps, SuperMouse
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