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  1. Easily going to win this
  2. Looks cool tbh, I need t start playing ATS more often, any suggestions on where I should start?
  3. Looks sick tbh, probably going to be my next main vehicle.
  4. I have 44K miles on my Scania S, which is the only truck I actually use, its quite low as I have a fresh profile I created liek 2 - 3 months ago.
  5. It would depened on the signs at the intersections, the road markings, who has right of way etc, if there is abslutely no indication, its based off of courtesy and in that case I would creep up as 9/10 somene is going to try and shoot through it.
  6. I usually either listen to my spotify list which a bunch of different songs and genres, or I usually listen to TruckersFM, although I dont usually do that often, as I usually watch things liek Twitch, Disney+, Amazon Video+, atm I am currently watching Nmplol while exploring Iberia
  7. I tend to keep my truck simple, and not overaly done with lights, horns, etc. For me a simple, nice, clean looking truck is best.
  8. It would have to be the RED LEDs for the Scania not too much, but not too little, if only they were available in other colours.
  9. I've got exactly 978.4, no where near my top hour game though which is pretty much 5k hours
  10. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this update
  11. Bottom right and top right without a doubt lmao.
  12. Currently i only know HTML CSS Currently Learning JavaScript Discord.js
  13. updates looks sick my guys, maybe the devs can make a more appealing and intriguing index?
  14. VTC is a good way to help out the community and help grow, for example, all the virtual radios we know have, all the virtual companies we have that dedicate their time as a whole to the community, helping donate and keeping the servers up, without these companies TruckersMP wouldnt be where it is today, so having VTC's, and integrating VTC's to the community would bring many features and opportunities.
  15. would love to join you all, but ya know, download link doesn't work. At least its out though
  16. Nice job, some of these options i didn't actually know what they are used for etc :)
  17. Hey again, Sorry for not explaining that proparly, what i mean by your trailer weight was that, the heavier your trailer is, then the more horse power that is required to pull that trailer.
  18. Hey @trixicat, If you are carrying a trailer then that may be the cause depending on your trucks specs and depending on how heavy your cargo is.
  19. i have seen this a few times in highly dense area's like C-D, although never happened to me
  20. it is either your internet or the server is crashing/restarting + with all the players joining at the same time with hgh ping. Will have to give it time.
  21. @Kat_pw we need to update to the latest version and it still doesn't work.
  22. looking for help to run a vtc

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