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  1. No, it didnt get solved. Edit : Checked again and it works. Thanks for all.
  2. ok, so, I disabled my bit defender, and still nothing.. And when I tried to manually save the game, it suddenly closed..
  3. I am using bitdefender, and I did all from above, but still nothing changed... I remain where I was the fist time... I tried to run it as administrator.
  4. Hello Truckers. So i have a problem. When I'm in the game, for example, I am in Calais, and later I have done a delivery to Duisburg. And if I want to restart my game, i have to put my ID and password once again (even if I selected remember me, but not a problem) but when I enter the game, I can clearly see that nothing changed (that I am back in Calais and not in Duisburg, where i disconnected)
  5. Macea


    When I try to start the launcher, this error appears. When i try to search this path : C:/ProgramData/TruckersMP/core_ets2mp.dll , i dont find it "No results for C:/ProgramData/TruckersMP/core_ets2mp.dll". Please someone help me!
  6. Macea


  7. Macea


    I just enter in mp, and i load my save, but i don't have any trailer.. (i got a trailer in sg but i don't have it in mp)
  8. Macea


    Thanks, and i enter in the game, i get the trailer, and i go to non-colision zone and i save? and next i will have the 100t on mp?
  9. Macea


    I saw one guy who had a 60tons trailer and one with 80tons trailer, and i was like, how it's possible on mp? If it's possible, can you say me how? Thanks!
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