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  1. Thank you guys so much! Yes, they have. Thank you
  2. It's been awhile since I played. I keep getting this message: and I have this version installed: That's the only version I see close to what it requires. How do I solve this? Thanks
  3. koltl_


    Hello. You should have no problem reaching above 40 FPS with a 1060. But do keep in mind, depending on which you have, your processor could create a bottleneck where it will max out playing the game and resulting in the graphics card not being fully utilized. It also worth mentioning the area you're in where if there is a lot of players, FPS will drop. I hope this helps.
  4. Gives those cars more of a purpose to be in TMP. Also Skoda drivers might act more of a normal driver than most reckless people.
  5. I have undid a memory overclock after discovering issues with RAM. After this, I haven't ran into an issue yet. So if anyone encounters this issue and by chance you OCed your ram, try this
  6. Tried that and it didn't crash but I got a blue screen lol. Tried it again only in SP with Direct X 64 and it crashed
  7. I've been having this weird issue that is getting supper annoying. I would be in the game and it just freezes and get this popup, This happens on both singleplayer and multiplayer. Wish I could provide more detail but can't.
  8. Seems not to happen in single player. Just in TruckersMP
  9. Hopefully I am not late to the party. This issue has been now occurring to me for the past day or so. Every 5-15 seconds while playing, a small lag spike will happen which is not that much but when doing an external job with friends, you will lose distance. Sometimes when I play, the issue will not occur.
  10. Thank you. I will read up on that. Interesting. I discovered this thread very recently by Googling the issue and thought it was a older/dead thread but it looks to be very recent. I will keep my eye on it. Thank you!
  11. While playing multiplayer, I get short lag spikes every 5 or 15 so seconds in MP. I know sometimes when I play the game, it doesn't happen but other times when playing, it persists. I use instant replay by Geforce ShadowPlay (for obvious reasons) and turning that off seems to not make a difference. I figured it must be with autosaving but looking around at past threads on here, SCS and steam there seems to not one definitive solution. I don't mind the lag that much but when doing external contracts with friends and the lag spikes happening, each spikeI will get around 10km farther from them which adds up a lot. The game is on my SSD and I have good internet. Any tips to try to solve this? Thank you!
  12. He forgot to add, "and create 10x VMs" I am one of the current 250 people that voted fixnocooldown. I guess I'm a troll now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Interesting to see what the outcome is. I might mess with the API you provided. Thanks!
  14. Your solution doesn't make any sense, I'm sorry. I am guessing you never money cheated? Everyone is a billionaire dude. Completely agree. My reports get processed so the person can enjoy a 1-4 day ban. I remember one admin issuing 24 hour bans for serious things Wouldn't be a great solution. I get what you're saying ... but many people I've reported seemed to have no punishment history with a recent activation date. Yep, people buy the game on other Steam accounts (4.99 sale is a great time) to avoid their punishment on their main. So what's keeping the "troll" away from using a no damage script? I'm number 2, but what's wrong with a no damage mod compared to manually loading back into game? Some people are against the awesome mod for no logical reason
  15. This is becoming such an issue for absolutely no reason. Keep /fix available with no cool down. Better yet, allow independent no damage mods. None of this "it goes against simulation" crap. If you don't like it, don't use it. Don't get offended if I drive away just fine from getting rammed - unless YOU are the troll. This is just going to cause more chaos near popular service stations and just maybe less reports, as people don't want to get a permanent ban for not taking damage when someone rams them. I made my argument clear to many that sided with ALL your decisions against the no damage mod and they seem not to respond to me Fix is simple. Keep /fix, don't make it worse by doing an unnecessary poll which will happen. Or maybe revert everything?
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