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  1. We all saw this coming, congrats James! 🎉

  2. The community - People from all walks of life sharing a common passion for virtual trucking. The events - Most of the events are well planned by the staff members as well as players. The VTCs - Unites truckers from all over the world, doing deliveries and attending convoys together.
  3. Strad

    Happy birthday Chev! Have a good one 🎉

    1. Chev


      Thanks! ❤️

  4. Happy birthday! 🎉

  5. Strad

    Rd. Traffic

    Well I don't usually do WoT contracts in general, and for the couple jobs I've done in busy areas, something terrible always happens.
  6. Strad

    Rd. Traffic

    To summarize everything mentioned above: Currently there are still no AI traffic in TMP/Online, I believe it's because SCS software updates their AI system ever so often that it's difficult for the developers to implement such features onto multiplayer, maybe it will happen in the future? Certainly not for now and not anytime soon. As for areas with many players on ETS2, places like Duisburg, Calais, Dusseldorf and surrounding areas are usually packed on the Simulation 1 server, depending on timezones as well - I've seen a constant 500-600 players on the server in the
  7. Strad


    Anytime @SMRY, we're all here to help one another. Safe travels!
  8. Strad


    I highly recommend you to read up on this topic, it may help you with the issue you're having:
  9. Rules are rules, aren't they? They're implemented for a reason and players should follow them nonetheless. Sitting on a red while nobody's around shouldn't be something worth praising for, it should be expected since running reds aren't allowed Perhaps drivers don't feel the need to follow traffic rules since there's significantly lesser players on ATS than on ETS2, you're on a simulation game, it should be expected of you to take things seriously and realistically.
  10. Spark Logistics 🚛




  11. Thanks for the follow!

    1. Nightmaree.


      You're welcome ❤️

  12. Thanks for the follow!



      Your Welcome 

  13. Thanks for the great drive, @[L-LATAM](30) El Reja, O И I X and SΞИCUX 🚛❤️


    1. [L-LATAM](30) El Reja

      [L-LATAM](30) El Reja

      Great pic buddy! ❤️ 

    2. SΞИCUX


      Beautiful photo bro! 😍

    3. O И I X

      O И I X

      Beautiful photo 😊

  14. Just wanted to gather some thoughts and opinions on the Patreon's trailer that's just been released for all Patreons with in-game benefits. I think that it is so well-made and the colour scheme is perfect. Picture by @Strad.
  15. TruckersMP | Patreon's trailer 🚛


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    2. .Tim.


      Beautiful 😍

    3. [Demir] 'Denizlili.

      [Demir] 'Denizlili.

      Great Combination with the Paint Job!😍

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  16. Lovely short drive with @[L-LATAM](30) El Reja, @*Jimmy* and wilkko15 🥰



  17. Strad

    New trucks

    I would love to see some of the older generation trucks get added into ETS2 in future
  18. Good afternoon! Safe travels! 😁


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Good afternoon, Great photo and Volvo 🥰:wub:

  19. This is what happens when you installed the autumn mod wrongly 😂



    1. Titanic4


      That looks quite terrifying... It's literally autumn in hell 😂

    2. Strad


      @Titanic4 Would be quite the experience trucking in hell 😯

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