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  1. Good morning! 


  2. 😄 Thanks for the follow Ash

  3. This is an amazing guide! Thank you. Are you also able to demonstrate how to do a reverse parking on the first person camera as well? If you can, that would be amazing!
  4. Spotify, until you get the same advert begging you to buy premium
  5. I'm from the UK. I would love to visit other countries but wouldn't like to permanently move there. It would be too stressful for me.
  6. Name: Introduce quick reply feature in TMP chat. Description: A quick reply feature has already been introduced in the SCS Convoy multiplayer but not in TruckersMP. I understand that the convoy chat is absolutely not the same as the TMP chat. I am suggesting that TMP creates a new quick reply feature and integrate it in the current TMP chat. An overview of how this will function: 1. The user will press Q to open quick replies. 2. The user will then be able to select from the following options using 1-9 buttons: Social: Hello! I'm sorry. Thank you! Yes! No. Nice Truck! Nice Trailer! Goodbye! Driving: Please keep a distance. Stopping!!! Accident ahead Traffic ahead Roadworks ahead Convoy: I'm turning left! I'm turning right! I'm going straight! I'm stopping here. I'm stopping for fuel. 3. The message will be sent to the TMP chat. It will be translated for users who do not have the language set to English. Why should it be added: Communication in TMP is somewhat important. At the moment, the most reliable form of communication is through voice chat, which not everyone has access to. Text chat is another method of communication but poses a huge risk to drivers when chatting while driving. A quick reply feature will minimize the risk of accidents as you don't need to worry about having to type up some common sentences in the TMP universe. The translation feature as part of the quick reply feature will improve communication between drivers. Disclaimer: Quick replies cannot be edited in order to prevent users from being disrespectful to other drivers. A cooldown of about 20 seconds would be useful to prevent spam. "Rec ban" - which is probably the most used phrase in tmp shouldn't be added mainly because it doesn't really serve any useful purpose other than to intimidate users around them.
  7. Yep. The response is excellent, thank you @P h o e n i x. I'm happy for you to close it
  8. Convoy was great. The recap is bloody amazing. Excellent job to the people that helped out with the creation of the video.
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