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  1. Mercedes and IVEnault. Good night everyone!


    1. BL4CK$K1LL
    2. .Pedro.
    3. MarkON


      Great picture 🙂 

      I honestly haven't driven Mercedes for long time. I will use this truck on one of my next transport🚚



  2. There are loads of posts regarding the new SCS Convoy multiplayer and TruckersMP and I think there is one common answer that can relate to all of the posts made relating to this topic and any other SCS multiplayer topics: TruckersMP will not go. I highly doubt it will go anytime soon. SCS multiplayer can only support 8 players at a maximum. The new multiplayer is probably made more for friends to drive together. However, you can join any lobby (just like Among us). TruckersMP, as mentioned a million times, is an MMO and usually consists of a larger server. Please please please do not worry/mislead players about the new multiplayer dominating TruckersMP. The admins have also been working hard with moderating the game, it's not their fault. Trust the developers and hope for an update.
  3. Good afternoon from Calais!


  4. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

  5. Even if SCS has already released Convoy multiplayer, I don't think it would make a big difference to how many people are playing on TruckersMP. Some people may like this new convoy update but some people may not. I would say the convoy update is probably more suitable if you have friends to play with and would like to experience some AI traffic. Whereas, if you intend to drive on your own or in a large VTC convoy, TruckersMP may do better here due to its large community and large server sizes. However, you never know what SCS may do next regarding multiplayer. So I guess it's better waiting.
  6. Haha! Of course, there is some great scenery around the map, especially in DLC areas. It's hard to enjoy the scenery at speed. Little off-topic here but what areas around the map do you tend to drive at reduced speeds, whether that would be for scenery or because it is busy. Everyone is welcome to answer.
  7. I definitely agree here. Very good point. I like this point. I am not sure if people would agree to the point I am about to make but, I would also like to add that I feel driving in TMP could somewhat promote safe driving in real life. This is just a simulation and by players getting into an accident in the game, the increased liklihood of that player not committing that same mistake and even to not commit the mistake when driving in real life. Whether that be on a car, bus or truck, I feel TruckersMP can somewhat promote safe and responsible driving. It's a little difficult for me to explain this properly, but yeah... To drive in a more realistic manner in ETS2 and ATS somewhat makes the game quite fun too. However, sometimes in a long journey, people may just want to get to the destination since the drive is very long. But of course, it's safter driving abiding the speed limits.
  8. Thank you for the follow! 🙂

    Good morning!

    1. Xristrucking


      Yeah sure, I like your thoughts! Wonderful rest of your dayyyy ⛅

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      Thank you for the follow as well 😀

  10. Of course! A lot of areas in ATS are quite empty and so not much harm is done by overspeeding. The game is kinda underrated as well. I personally obey speed limits, although in the past I used to drive at the maximum speed including at the CD road. What kinda frustrates me is that many drivers end up causing an accident, or cutting through the opposite lane around bends which all comes down to lack of judgement. However, it is somewhat understandable it can get boring to just stick to the speed limits. Thank you all for the replies and votes.
  11. Thank you for following! 🙂

    Also, its been fun driving with you on the convoy.

    1. Fuaad


      Yeah! Thank you too! 

  12. Bruijn Logistics x Project Cargo Convoy


  13. Always good to keep within the limits on busy areas. It's a good idea to also follow it near curves. The amount of times I've seen oncoming traffic cutting to the opposite lane due to their speed is shocking. Do you think it's a bit dangerous speeding and why/why not?
  14. Yeah. It's quite easy to cause an accident by speeding excessively. I, myself have got myself in many accidents in the past primarily due to speeding and poor steering control. Having a bit of simulation in ETS2 or ATS is quite nice. Makes the game more realistic I guess that's the maximum speed? Sorry, I usually understand mph much better than km/h. As long as you have good steering control and of course judgement, I guess risks of accidents may be minimised. Thank you all for the replies. I would also be interested about whether drivers in ETS2 should or should not follow speed limits and why. There might be one answer but I'd be interested to see what you think of drivers following speed limits. Happy trucking!
  15. Thanks for the follow! 🙂

    1. [GökBörü] RedWolf [CZ]

      [GökBörü] RedWolf [CZ]

      You are welcome! 🙂 Thank you for your return and follwing me back dude 🙂

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