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  1. I have returned, but this update did not like me very much, but I imagine it is to stop so much crazy about C-D

  2. A few routes to say goodbye to this great year 2018 :D



    Happy New Year to all


    Hello friends!
    You are invited to a friend's route that will take place tomorrow 29/12/2018.
    time: 22h20 Arg -2h Colombia -3 Mexico.

    Time in Spain 3h00 am. 30/12/2018.
    Note: Here only Spanish is spoken

  4. It is very beautiful but as time goes by I find some flaws...but good update!
  5. An expansion dlc spain and new truck 850 power
  6. I always listen to my music, now a little bit of this radio
  7. the first day I bought it, I felt in a more violent C-D, but I do not regret acquiring it I learned, to swerve to avoid being hit or sent to fly
  8. In the real trucks also tend to do a little bowing, but do it always No!
  9. They are very realistic brakes I love, now with the upgrade of trucksbook even more.
  10. In my opinion, everything good also has a negative side, but I think you have to know that they always solve everything. I'm also not satisfied but my truck is a bit more unstable than normal why?
  11. I am very happy with this, I hope the next one comes with more 3D things.
  12. Actually, I think they are working on it. You have to have patience, but that painting is beautiful.
  13. very good idea, I am one of those who had left Ats, but you gave me another reason to return thanks
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