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  1. Welcome my friend, I hope you have so much fun!

  2. I think that option is for you don't move the scoreboard (Tab players), same for Adms.
  3. Hello @M4DZCZ welcome to TruckersMP Forum, Have Fun ! ;)

  4. Hello my friend, Welcome to the TruckersMP Forum, if you have any question you can ask me.

    Have Fun!

  5. Thanks for the follow ;)



      You're welcome ;) 

  6. Olá @Lord Stark Sua dúvida foi resolvida? Caso sim nos informe por favor. ~Nescau Cereal
  7. I don't use any mods, the basic game is great for me
  8. Thanks for the follow ;)

    1. [CESC]01Carltru  ^[ARG]^

      [CESC]01Carltru ^[ARG]^

      youre welcome  I hope you follow me too!

  9. Hello Truckers

     I want know where is the best place to take photo in Ets2.

    Show me please, if you want, post one screenshot.

    1. Pillow


      I personally like to take pictures wherever the sun is the most beautiful :P

      For example, take a look at the banner on my forum profile. That's one of my best pictures!

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