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  1. I have returned, but this update did not like me very much, but I imagine it is to stop so much crazy about C-D

  2. A few routes to say goodbye to this great year 2018 :D



    Happy New Year to all


    Hello friends!
    You are invited to a friend's route that will take place tomorrow 29/12/2018.
    time: 22h20 Arg -2h Colombia -3 Mexico.

    Time in Spain 3h00 am. 30/12/2018.
    Note: Here only Spanish is spoken

  4. Carltru

    The new update is more realistic

    It is very beautiful but as time goes by I find some flaws...but good update!
  5. That is believed the islands of Italy
  6. Carltru

    What's new in Update 1.34?

    An expansion dlc spain and new truck 850 power
  7. Carltru

    What radio do you most listen to on the ETS2 MP?

    I always listen to my music, now a little bit of this radio
  8. Carltru

    RiP C-D road

    the first day I bought it, I felt in a more violent C-D, but I do not regret acquiring it I learned, to swerve to avoid being hit or sent to fly
  9. Carltru

    The new update is more realistic

    In the real trucks also tend to do a little bowing, but do it always No!
  10. Carltru

    The new update is more realistic

    They are very realistic brakes I love, now with the upgrade of trucksbook even more.
  11. Carltru

    The new update is more realistic

    In my opinion, everything good also has a negative side, but I think you have to know that they always solve everything. I'm also not satisfied but my truck is a bit more unstable than normal why?
  12. Carltru

    The new update is more realistic

    I am very happy with this, I hope the next one comes with more 3D things.
  13. Carltru

    Paintscheme for Vovlo

    Actually, I think they are working on it. You have to have patience, but that painting is beautiful.
  14. Carltru

    ATS populated route (yes is possible)

    very good idea, I am one of those who had left Ats, but you gave me another reason to return thanks