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  1. Samsung vs Iphone

    Iphone 6. Nice phone, but now it's old.
  2. Do you guys record your drivings?

    With inadequate people, it's the only way to fight or simply revenge, but this is not allowed by the server rules.
  3. Happy brithday! ;)

  4. Hi guys, can you help me? How i can change my nickname?

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    2. LordeJerry


      click change nickname

    3. Titanic4


      Log out from the forums, then log back in - after that the forum name will be updated.

    4. RaphaelBanana


      @Titanic4  Oh, yeah, thank you. 

      @[ST-E] T.Rucker I knew that, thank you for answer.

  5. Position in queue: 855:(

  6. About Mileage of Trucks in ETS2

    2 years ago I typed 120.000 km, but i lost this profile. So now only 30.000 km.
  7. You just spam following everyone? anyways thanks for follow :)

    1. RaphaelBanana


      Almost everyone. :D Too many people here.

  8. Hi, как делишки?

    1. [???????] ResTed

      [???????] ResTed

      Отлично, спасибо )

  9. Thank you for your follow! :)

  10. Thanks for the follow! Much appreciated :) 

  11. Hi Raphael069,

    thanks for the follow :-)

  12. Good luck on your new post!

  13. Happy birhtday, good luck in the future:excl: