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  1. Montako Meitä on?

    No ei ny iha liikaa
  2. Thanks for the follow!


  3. Thanks for the follow! :)

  4. Thanks For The Follow! :)

  5. Thank you for the follow! 

  6. Scania 3 or 4 series. Or F-series Volvo.
  7. My opinion is Scania S.
  8. Pretty sure that it would not make any kind of change.
  9. How many miles do you have on your truck?

    My Scania S650 has about 180000km and then I have MAN TGX which has almost 800000km, but I've driven it by myself only once.
  10. What radio do you tune into your truck?

  11. How many hours have you played ETS2 in all?

    1234 hours atm on ETS2, about 650 on MP.
  12. Released

    I watched video from YT and it works now