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  1. I'm glad to have been voted Maus Of The Year 2020

    1. issam0707


      you mean, nub of the year :kappa:

    2. Flindix


      @issam0707 No, that was your category.

    3. Λ S L Λ N
  2. Let's see if I get 10 reactions on this very pointless status update. 
    I'm bored. I accept cheese donations.

  3. hello. im big fan <33

  4. Jay66 and Mayukh are my favorite players, when flipped over. :kappa:

    1. Flindix



    2. Mayukh


      Thanks for the prize ❤️

  5. Had a very pleasant with Rusty Cargo VTC today!
    Thanks for the great drive! Amsterdam to livorno :D
    Muito obrigado ❤️


    Photo Taken by: Rusty






    1. Alon_TMP


      Nice pictures of police cars and trucks ❤️

    2. Λ C Ξ    (Kaviya _ JTOSL
    3. TNT-LOG /  005 F-E-R-A
  6. [Chenxi VTC]*Edmund 🎄 Today at 01:59

    o delicious cheese

    o delicious cheese

    you help maus to have good sleep



  7. Photo of a surprise drive with FBTC (Familia Brazil Truck Club). A great brazilian VTC that they should be proud of. Among many other brazilian vtc's and convoy groups.


    1. Kauã Sanches - BR/SP

      Kauã Sanches - BR/SP

      Tamo junto Flindix!! HAHA, apareci no seu forum. HEHE

    2. Λ C Ξ    (Kaviya _ JTOSL
  8. A nice night drive from france to italy with a good buddy @Lucas Peterbilt :)


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    2. Lucas Peterbilt

      Lucas Peterbilt

      Ohwww, thanks man was a nice drive with you. I hope to see you on the roads again soon. :P

    3. Λ C Ξ    (Kaviya _ JTOSL
  9. Parked with @Moh_ and @Killua (for some reason tagging killua doesn't work)

  10. Noot noot!

    1. Penguin


      NOOT NOOT! <3 

  11. When you want to write some status update but you have nothing interesting to post :/

  12. Hello everyone!
    I'd like to thank you all for the kind messages and warm welcome.
    Special thanks to other GM's that helped me during my trial period, a very special thanks to my team leader! <3

    Hope to see you on the road :)


    1. Barba'


      congratulations my friend :D

  13. A cool drive with @Baldemar95 last week :) Maybe I should explore the baltic dlc area a little more.


    1. Alon_TMP


      No esta mal;)

    2. Baldemar TR

      Baldemar TR

      It was an most of awesome trip which I've ever join. Thank you so much again buddy. We should make again 

      You use it like a real truckers :mlg_doge:

    3. Adelina
  14. Old but gold. goaty and moh trying to park a caravan.


    1. Arradin


      Goat, cow and maus , how cute

    2. Computerpro


      I think you'll find I parked my caravan quickly and nicely, Moh on the other hand... :kappa:

    3. [MCG] Kien Giang
  15. More photos from Real Ops V6. Had lots of fun :)

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      great photos and event :wub:

  16. A short drive over ATS to Portland, Oregon :) All the different shades of yellow/orange though... :/

  17. Just a casual photo with a deer.


    1. Flindix


      oh forgot to unnecessarily ping @Cornedrue

  18. Nice picture with @Moh_ - The best asian cow of tmp. Also a nice drive in norway/denmark with @GGF MD @Computerpro @Abdielh @Arradin and JamesRob


  19. I have nothing interesting to say, but hello there :)
    Hopefully someone will reply with a funny joke.

    1. TimeTimes


      Hello there

      *Insert funny joke here*

  20. Hai cutes

    1. TimeTimes


      Hai *Dunno if i am cute, but still replying*

    2. [MCG] Kien Giang
  21. Hai guava.

    1. TimeTimes


      Well hello there (Sorry for late response, didn't have internet and couldn't respond to you)

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